continental colors

#1875: “No one knows who designed the first American flag. The so-called Stars and Stripes, first displayed on June 14, 1777, is believed by some to have been an early military banner carried into battle during the American revolution. The notion that it was designed by Betsy Ross has no historical basis.”


This was previously discussed in #783.

The first flag in 1776 was the ”Continental Colors” and intended to be a naval ensign. With this flag, American sailors could distinguish their ships from British ones.

The true first flag of the United States of America:

Continental vs. English Knitting

Continental knitting holds the yarn in the left hand. It makes working the basic knit stitch go so much faster! Purling and complicated stitches can be more difficult to learn though.

English knitting holds the yarn in the right hand. Knitting is slowed by the ”throwing” of the yarn, but complicated stitches are easier to manage. 

Learning both, however, is important for two main reasons. First, switching your technique prevents repetative motion injuries for your hands and arms. Second, when you do stranded colorwork, you can hold one strand in each hand, which prevents you from having to drop one color in order to work the second color. It makes fair isle knitting so much easier!