contiki road trip

So my friend and I went to London to meet him and because the train we were going to get wasn’t running we arrived at 12:05. The queue that we had to line up in was about a kilometer long like seriously it was huge. We waited for over four hours before we got anywhere near meeting him. BUT WE MET HIM OMG. I was crying loads when we met him and he was like “Don’t cry. I’m no one special!” and I was like “lolno you’re amazing I love you so much.” AND THEN HE HUGGED ME. LIKE A PROPER HUG AND EVERYTHING, NOT JUST THE AWKWARD SIDE-HUG THEY DO WHEN THEY STAND FOR PHOTOS. HE HUGGED ME. And then I got two photos with him and omg I was crying so much.He signed a picture of a tree that my friend drew. Charlie McDonnell also signed the tree picture and WE GOT A PICTURE WITH HIM. The good thing is we were right near the end of the queue and not many people were there to see Jack (most of them were there to see Charlie) so we could actually talk to him properly and have like a proper conversation with him. But with Charlie we literally had to get a picture really quickly and leave because there were so many people so we couldn’t talk to him. But Jack hugged me. Jack Douglass. From jacksfilms. Hugged. Me. Jealous? You should be.