contibuting to the fandom


Hate-asks, reposting and stealing art is something that was always unfortunately a part of voltage fandom.

Using someone to get attention either by reposting original posts or stealing one’s work might raise the number of your notes, but it will only be temporary.

Once the original artist-blogger finds out the truth, you are done for it and even if s/he doesn’t you can’t keep your followers by making posts with content that has been already posted by someone else.

Besides that, it is not right to use someone for your own good. Original authors/artists spend a lot of their time to contibute to the fandom, it is only right to respect their work .

Also, about sending hate-asks.

There is a clear line between hate and harsh judgement. Believe me , all bloggers appreciate any form of feedback or judgment but here is the thing; you give feedback about a post not about the person behind the screen. That means that everyone has their own way of seeing things and express themselves and this is something you can not demand to change or to stop.

So, the question is what can you do to “become famous” in the fandom , if that’s what you desire.

First of all, any blog can get followers just by reblogging nice posts and using the right tags. Even if you don’t have any original ideas you can still get “attention” by writing your opinion when you reblog a post. After all, fandoms are about interacting with people with the same interests. Try talking with more people and eventually you will come up with something original to post.

Another way to become known in the fandom is to make head cannons or fanfics.

You may read something you think it is well written and you want to post something like that. Go for it , but keep in mind not to steal the idea you just read. Do some research on the internet to get new ideas which they will be your base.
Here are some things that maybe they will inspire you:

  • classic music
  • quotes
  • events/main stories of the game you are playing
  • movies/books/anime/etc
  • artworks

Finally, you can upload photo edits or original drawings.

If you are good at drawing you can either make some digital art or by hand and posts it here. If not , then you can edit pictures from the game you are playing. Although be careful to follow the  user agreement  you made with voltage when you downloaded that app. It is really important to be legal.

There are many things you can do to get more followers than harming others to do so.

If you keep receiving hate-asks, please end it by blocking the user instead of creating a drama (even if it is not your fault.)

from the first time i saw magemg‘s yokai au, i wanted to draw it because it’s such a well thought AU and i simply love it, i love the designs, the art and the story

so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGE!! thank you so much for creating this AU, drawing the comic and contibuting so much to the kouao fandom ;u; 


I like to think he’s collapsed in the hall outside Korra’s room.  He has always seemed like the type to only cry in secret.  This took way longer than I’m willing to admit.