context twisted into this thing

honestly i’m so fuckin Here For The Discourse because i’m sick of everybody saying “omg everybody leave each other alone” like No these fuckin people who spread so much insanely harmful misinformation and refuse to admit they’re wrong need to be addressed by the fucking cast/crew directly because if there isn’t an official source to tell them the fuck off they’re not going to Ever Stop. I’m sad Josh had to get so much hate, but I’m really fucking happy that he was brave enough to take the antis head-on. all these kids do is fucking twist words and take things out of context so they can bully people in their quest for moral superiority. they don’t care about anyone, they just say they do so they have something noble to hide behind. there are no good intentions in knowingly spreading ignorance. fuck off, antis. nobody wants you here when you clearly don’t like the show’s creators or the rest of the fandom. there’s no reason for you to stay. your trolling is in vain. stop watching the show and fuck right off.

anonymous asked:

are you watching tonight? your live tweets are among the only ones I trust since SCers love prematurely celebrating and twist things out of context

I sure am

“So Farkle’s dad is famous enough to be in the news. I think it’d make a pretty interesting episode if Farkle and one (or more) of his friends become targetted by the media, like photographed and featured in an article completely out of context? It’d show kids how the media can twist things. Though tbh I’m not sure how realistic it is or just how influential/well known his dad actually is for this to be a possibility.”

It’s so fucking sad how people are constantly trying to bring Demi Lovato down. Media is always trying to create drama and people are just helping. In interviews words can be taken out of context or twisted. And even if she said those things, I think she meant ‘unrealistic’ ideal body created by our society that skinny = perfect, goals (people are being praised for being skinny) and fat is being used as an insult… Skinny shaming is disgusting I totally agree with that, but you have to agree our beauty standards in our society are often to one body type… Demi is such a strong and honest person. Yes, sometimes she says things that can be taken as ‘problematic’, but let’s remember that she is a)  dealing with mental illness, b) just a human being that has opinions, makes mistakes, has feelings… Stop hating for no reason. Ok bye

I’ve talked about it before, but like… tumblr’s obsession with punishment seriously creeps me out. It’s like that friend who does something shitty to you and provokes an emotional response where you do or say something that wasn’t so nice, but really nowhere near as bad as what they did, and then they obsess over punishing you for it. They stalk you and try to ruin your reputation and try to get you in trouble in any way they can. They accuse you of things and comb through your words for any little thing to take out of context and twist to make people cut you off. They constantly talk about you and love to tell people what a “bad person” you are and what you did while refusing to take responsibility for their own shitty actions. They do things to harm your work, your personal life, your school life, because they believe that what you did means you don’t deserve anything good. They hope that you don’t ever get work, you hope that they run out of money, they hope that you get in a car accident. They get happy when they check up on your social media sites and see that you’re having a bad day.

Auuugh, creepy!