context leather

“shit my professors said” starters

feel free to alter these to fit your needs!

“I hope you’re having a great two month period of consumerism and drunkenness.”
“But I won’t get into that.”
“Fuck, I got the car, what do I do with it?”
“Goddamnit, have some compassion, fuck face.”
“Because fucking America, douchebag!”
“Sorry, I said douchebag.”
“The human imagination unfettered can generate nearly anything.”
“Where’s Jesus?!”
”Gonorrhea was worth it.”
“They grew up thinking Father Knows Best is the pinnacle of 3 to 4,000 years of Western civilization.”
“If I’m so angry, what am I afraid of?”
“That sounds like a weird question.”
“I want things to remain the same and never change and Dad should have never left.”
“You are not enough. Sorry.”
“He’s a ‘penis person’.”
“She’s a– I’m not gonna say it.”
“The thing that is closest to us can be the most remote.”
“We are all Donald Duck.”
“People hate me.”
“All change is scary– even good change.”
“The greatest principle of indeterminacy is our capacity to ask questions.”
“They wear a striking amount of out of context leather.”
“You may celebrate Kwanzaa, and you may celebrate Festivus.”
“There is such a thing as too much (name).”
“I’m a total hypocrite don’t do what I do do what I say.”
“It was the most amicable, grown up break up we’ve ever had.”
“He’s single ladies. Not now, but when you graduate.”
“He came back chain smoking and chain drinking. He came back and never was the same again.”
“(name) never does any bad things.”
“Oh I do a ton of bad things. I just don’t care.”
“You can’t get away with that here though.”
“What was the word I used? Ass.”