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The reason why I love Achilles is that he has so much balance to him. This is a man who is poised on the knife’s edge, volatile and proud, but also dedicated and honorable, loving and kind, and so desperate that it tastes like bloody iron in your mouth. He came from a mother who only cared about his accomplishments, a distant father constantly wary of his son. A young boy of 16 thrown into a war he didn’t understand or care about. A boy who grew into a man surrounded by blood, who lost his innocence the first night on Trojan ground, who was in charge of 2500 men and bucked under the tight grip of his obstinate commander, who stood up for what he believed was right, who championed single combat and valued xénia above almost all else.

A boy who staked his entire life, all the years he had to live, all the children and family and long decades with Patroclus, on this one war, this one soap-bubble fragile chance to shine like a god. This boy who, to the end, was unsure about his choice, who was ready to return home with Patroclus and his men, to live in obscurity and fade away rather than live another day of blood. This boy who had decades to come to terms with the fact that he would die, that Patroclus would live on without him, that he would never see the other side of thirty, only to have it ripped away from him as Agamemnon stole the physical embodiment of his achievement, of his honor, of all the work he had put in, everything he had given up. To have it ripped away from him again as Patroclus died first, blindsiding him completely.
This man who grieved and loved so strongly that his rage decimated the Trojan ranks, that he choked rivers with blood because the world had to hurt as much as he did, who fought gods and won, who had to be killed by the Gods because his hurt was so strong it could rip apart Fate itself. This man who wasn’t afraid of kings or gods, who spoke out the will of the people, who cared for his prizes and matched wits with Odysseus. This shining golden mortal who teetered over the edge of more than one precipice and forcibly pulled himself back from it. This man who took his revenge on his enemy and it wasn’t enough, was never enough, because Hector could only die once and that was nothing compared to the hollowed out ripping Achilles felt inside him at Patroclus’ death, at the fear Patroclus must have felt, trapped in Achilles’ armor, at the pain and the blood and the terror, and he dragged Hector around and around and around and it still wasn’t enough. This hollowed out man filled with pain who still listened to a father when Agamemnon would not. This man who went out and fought Amazons after, but hoped to die. Who fought warlords after, but hoped to die. This mechanical broken god’s puppet who had to be killed by Apollo because, even shattered, he was invincible. This man whose last wish was that his bones be mixed with those of the man he avenged, the man he loved more than life itself, more than his godhood or his immortality, Patroclus, who removed all rational thought from his head.
This man who made a bargain with Fate and shocked the very skies themselves with how he upheld it. This man who traded his years for immortality and who has still lived through stories to this day.


Mcgenji comic why not!

So a little context because I’m aware it’s very subtle: Mccree is still in the process to accept he lost his good arm, it takes place while he was recovered enought to leave the infirmary but his protestic arm wasn’t ready. The issue is, once that he left, he knew all curious eyes would be turning at him and his injury, that for sure wouldn´t help his mental recovery. Genji helped him by simply walking around for the first time without his visor. Nobody mentioned or made questions about Mccree, they were busy looking the real disfigured face of the assassin cyborg. In short, Genji made this small sacrifice to help Mccree to have his first day outside the infirmary a bit less uncomfortable.

This was suppose to be only one illustration but I got excited! It was made for the winner of the kind-of-challenge i’ve made two days ago, @lesbiananders! Actually they asked for “Mccree apprecianting Genji without his visor” I’ve took the freedom to change a bit, to give some balance in the paring dynamic once that it mostly represents Mccree supporting Genji, it’s good to show the other way around sometimes.


“I promise you, nothing will come between us.”


I don’t really know how relationships work. Jace is the only boyfriend I’ve ever had, and I’m told our relationship has not gone along traditional lines. But I guess that’s what a relationship seems like to me: that no matter what else is going on, you’re happiest when you’re together.

                 The Voicemail of Magnus Bane - The Bane Chronicles

We’re at the point now that the very existence of opposing experiences is now treated as an act of aggression

Like it can be brought up in the most gentle, inclusive and aware context possible and y'all will still lose your fucking minds and attack if someone dares to bring up a personal experience at odds with your own

Which almost universally results in folks attacking the oppressed or the positive and thinking that they’re being morally just in doing so

“Love’s Acolyte,” by Elsa Gidlow. Written in 1919 for Estelle Cox, originally published in On a Grey Thread (1923), and reprinted in both Sapphic Songs: Eighteen to Eighty (1982) and (above) Elsa, I Come with My Songs (1985).

“Women say to me now that they become lesbians as a ‘political’ act. In the mood and context of today’s awareness, I hear and feel the meaning behind that statement. I was committed to the goal, but not able to see love as a weapon of war … My feeling for women is a need more profound and deep than the social, ranging from the compellingly physical to and through the nourishment of the aesthetic to the transcendingly spiritual.” – Gidlow, 1985.

Love is a hurricane~

“A group is influenced by the waves of the times. After all, if people swarm together, it will bring birth to an unstoppable force… That is actually one big part of the theme. ” One Piece Animation Logbook
(I’m using this quote out of context, and I am aware of that, it just made me think of Sanji, Nami and love.)

I can’t wait for Oda to prove to us just how unstoppable this force is. As a SaNami shipper I can’t help but feel like this arc might give us things we’ve never dared to think about before. Not saying it will happen, but it’s certainly starting to feel like a possibility. With the focus on Nami and now her possible “sisterhood“ with Lola, and even the possible repeat of what we got in Thriller Bark this is definitely a great time for the Sanji x Nami shippers.

It’s interesting to see what Oda has planned for Nami as each new little moment could add up to something bigger. I must say that even though I am a shipper and is very biased, the things Oda has decided to show us with Nami in relation to Sanji are much more than I expected. I could say things have been different since Zou, but really as a shipper it feels like much further back than that. The way Oda keeps using Sanji and Nami to give focus to each other’s stories is something that has been happening for a long time, and particularly since after the timeskip.

It’s nothing that proves anything, but the focus on Nami in regards to Sanji’s situation is indeed very facinating. I’m very curious to see what Oda is up to, and if there indeed will be a reverse Thriller Bark situation. It wouldn’t surpirse me at all the way things are going. But in the meantime I’m sure we’ll at least get more of these small moments that Oda has blessed us with since Nami desperatly set out to get Sanji back.

I’m just really happy and excited about the what could possibly happen which is why  there has been so much SaNami in my blog. I am doing a lot of Sanji-centric or otherwise “non-shippy” posts as well (they just take a long time to make), but like I said, the excitment of being a SaNami shipper in this current arc is kind of hard to ignore. Thanks for reading, even though this post is kind of random.


                                                             I  k n o w  who I am. 

glorifying periods and vaginas to empower women in a feminism awareness context is not only exclusive of trans women but also strengthens an already dysphoric and unbreakable bond that trans boys and non binary folks have with their bodies. associating genitalia with social gender and calling yourself a feminist for doing it is one of the most overlooked examples of internalized transphobia I see so basically, stop?