contex of white supremacy

corrupted-delinquents  asked:

Your recent post on 21 harsh truths white people don't want to hear, is actually so very, completely false and as much as people don't want to hear it, that is racism. I'd really like to know how you grew up to think this?

The compensatory narcissistic gang of humans who classify themself as white people who are scientifically African mutated albinos cut off from humanity in the cold weathers of the Caucasus Mountains for 20 thousand years has devolved to live on this planet in one climate zone trapped in caves so by default practicing caveman pathology where everything white people see or touch instantly becomes their’s white people have become anti-human in all that they do for the last seven thousand years just labeling yourself white is a long lasting act of racism that is the leading origin of anti human behavior and a dissociation of reality dealing with translucent pink recessive skin that is obviously inferior to the radically evolved melanin enriched skin possessed by the greater majority of humans white people did not really evolved living in the Sun this causes a chasm of compensatory narcissism against all people of color white people are the chief poisoner’s of the planet! They hate everything and everybody and prove it on a day to day basis the racist man and racist woman have a diabolical plan to subjugate the known universe along with everything and everyone who presides inside the universe this is not the rambling on of a confused militant, but intensely critical survey of facts the observed opinion of a overtly and brutally oppressed people who at one time had stewardship over this planet for tens of thousands of years in fact the only human organism out of place not in line with the the ecosystem of the universe are the ostentatious crippled humans who classify their self as white people and hate mother nature for they are allergic to the main source of energy in the universe on this planet which is the Sun so what do white people do create pollution to block out the Suns rays now they are comfortable in all three climate zones of the earth all the things that racist white People endeavor to do is to make up for their crippling mutation of depigmentation. For example if a human loses their site they develop a heightened sense of hearing so along that pathology if a human loses their protection from the Sun and its many seasons which is the loss of their dark color their melanin white people have achieve a heightened sense of compensatory racial narcissism to supplement what is obviously missing

and that is what brings me to the conclusion of 21 things white people don’t want to know

externaleternal  asked:

One reason why white people may not "want to hear" those things is because a lot of them are simply untrue. Is it possible that not every white person in the world is out to destroy black people? Or that white people can fight FOR another person's human rights, regardless of their race? I find everything on your blog incredibly enlightening. But i feel like the demonizing that occurs in the "21 things" post propagates radical forms of violence and fuels the flames of racism?

Let me first start by clarifying if you’re human and you refer to yourself or label yourself as the non-human unincorporated color of “white” you are a white supremacist! in your deeds and actions in fact the conscript of race is a overt act of racism by default a drunken kindergartner could figure that out with no formal problem solving training the only people that benefit from being part of a race is the racists themselves not by any unknown or uncertain terms by practical logic are you not being a white racist Supremacist! Right now certainly with the pathology you use to communicate with me in this very conversation I believe you are practicing racism by opposing facts of the white terrorist engagements with people of color also by you doing the less you possibly can to stop the demise white supremacy doesn’t make you any less of a potent racist by imposing you’re perceived dominates in you’re statement against black peoples defensive-pathology I will go on to also say: the people who classify themselves as white people culturally operates as a acetic cancer slowly killing humanity and if you were to ask the opinion of cancer I am certain it will match your statements distinctively rite a long with your opinion all parasites have the same narratives and pathology which is compensatory narcissism lacking empathy and compassion toward the victims of parasitic / racist aggressions To label yourself white is be a racist by default