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*long post* Reasons for Akumatization

Reasons for Akumatization, and the underlying logic.
1. Stormy Weather- losing a contest (losing by a landslide; it is hurtful enough to lose, but to lose because she gave everything she got and no one cared, is far worse.)
• The final catalyst, however, was Alec’s insensitivity to her disappointment.
2. The Bubbler- Injustice (and frustration because those who were behind it were not punished for such injustice).
• This is usually experienced by minorities.
3. Mr. Pigeon- not?? feeding pigeons? (legit that’s it boy I wish I had his problems)
4. Timebreaker- destruction of an heirloom (failed responsibility and an unwillingness to blame herself)
5. Copycat- Jealousy (fear that the girl of his dreams found someone better)
6. Pharaoh- an unsympathetic father (an unwillingness to grow up into a world that seems too small without new discoveries and magic)
7. Lady Wifi- injustice (manipulation of the system by those with conventional power)
• And secondarily, a lack of someone who understands. Directly prior to being akumatized, Alya attempts to call Marinette, which attempt fails and goes to voicemail. Perhaps if she’d been able to contact her friend, it would have been harder to akumatize her.
8. Evillustrator- embarrassment in front of his crush (disruption of his secret dreams of glory and love, and mockery for ever having harbored them; a commentary on the mockery artists face every day for daring to believe in and create magic).
9. Rogercop- injustice (manipulation of the system by those with conventional power)
10. Dark Cupid- rejection in love (the girl of his dreams was not what he had thought she would be)
11. Horrificator- anxiety (desire to make others understand what she feels every day)
• As someone with anxiety, I can tell you that this is indeed something we think about a lot. People never seem to understand that we can’t just ‘stop being scared’, that it doesn’t work like that. One of my biggest wishes in life would be for someone to invent a process by which those without mental illnesses could temporarily experience the effects of mental illnesses. I believe it would greatly raise awareness of what mentally ill people learn to live with.
12. Darkblade- losing an election (manipulation of the system by those with conventional power).
• I’m sensing a theme here, and it’s spelled B-o-u-r-g-e-o-i-s-e.
13. The Mime- theft of a rightful possession (along with being framed, a man is not given a chance to clear his own name.)
14. Kung Food- losing an important contest (for reasons which were due to sabotage, not lack of skill. Injustice.)
15. The Gamer- losing an important contest (having a confirmation made to a deep-set sense of inferiority)
• This show addresses so many psychological issues okay reason #25675 why I love it
16. Animan- anger at Kim (a mocker who refused to listen to facts and wOULDN’T SHUT UP)
• Not developed as deeply but still equally valid.
17. Vanisher- being betrayed (having a deep sense of inferiority confirmed)
• Chloe created this, sustained it, and finally pushed it over the edge. Constant betrayal by a best friend one can’t escape is enough to drive anyone mad.
• I also find it intriguing that we didn’t get to hear what Hawkmoth said to convince her. She always gets overshadowed and made to look hollow by Chloe- it is ironic that she was the one given the privilege of having her most secret source of pain kept secret.
17. Antibug- being ignored (for once she actually had the correct information, but no one ever bothers to listen to her, not even her hero)
• Ironically, Chloe and Sabrina suffer from the same psychological problem, but they deal with it in extremely different ways. Sabrina shrinks inwards, Chloe pushes everyone away.
18. The Puppeteer- being denied something she wanted (not only a doll, but the attention of her mother, the loss of which colors her view, making every little wrong she experiences seem vastly more unfair and terrible).
• I thought this one was going to be less deep since she’s a child, but NO.
19. Reflekta- being left out of a photo (was given hope of finally being noticed by somebody, and then had it ripped away-that’s enough to make anyone dangerous).
20. Guitar Villain- being insulted on TV (having his years of work stomped upon and ruined by a young upstart with none of the good qualities of the man he’s attempting to ‘replace’)
• Best explained by a quote from the show itself…. “Not only is that person a fake, he’s a terrible fake.”
21. Pixelator: being denied a photo with his favorite star (although denying someone the pursuit of their obsession is healthy for them, they do not always see it that way).
• I think this is the only time that someone got akumatized because the RIGHT thing was done to them.
22. Simon Says: being insulted (and cheated of an opportunity to better himself in life and show what he was made of)
• Not only was he denied the chance to ‘show off’ his talent to thousands of people, but his appearance on the show could theoretically have gotten him a job or two.
23. Princess Fragrance: being mocked for being affectionate (she loved a famous boy not only for his looks, but for who he was inside; her love was mocked and prevented by a girl who only wanted him for his fame).
• The most pure and unusual kind of celebrity crush, vs. the most common.
24. Volpina: her lies were exposed (a girl who felt a dearth in her life tried to make up for it by creating a perfect life for herself and passing it off as her real one).
• At first glance, this makes Ladybug seem like a jerk. But there is a name for what Lila was doing. It’s called maladaptive daydreaming, and is a symptom of multiple mental disorders.
25. Stoneheart: being mocked by Kim (he already feels hopeless to pursue his love, but this was salt in the wound)
26. Stoneheart: being mocked AND the girl he loves being afraid of him (he feared that she would never love him for who he was anyway, but it only makes it far worse to know that he scares her.)
• He loves her immensely and wants her to be safe, but the very person he is would unsettle her every day, so he would be hurting her in the very way he wants to protect her from. A sad and beautiful paradox.

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can you please post a list of all the confirmed and contested dual citizens in parliament? i'm doing a speech at school abt it but i can't find a list of everyone, just loads of articles about specific people. thank you!


Scott Ludlam (New Zealand) - Greens

Larissa Waters (Canada) - Greens

Barnaby Joyce (New Zealand) - The Nationals

Matt Canavan (Italy) - The Liberals


Malcolm Roberts (suspected British) - One Nation

Fiona Nash (suspected British) - The Nationals

Later Discredited:

Julia Banks (briefly suspected to be Greek but was quickly confirmed to be sole Australian citizen) - The Liberals

✨ Smosh Throwback Month: Mari Takahashi ✨

Top 5 Fun Facts:

1) Her fondest memory of kindergarten days was when she sat together with another kid on the same toiletbowl to take a pee because she was so urgent and couldn’t hold it.

2) A character in the game “Otaku Taco Truck” is named after her.

3) Mari enjoys rock climbing and has been known to climb several times up a slope without a harness.

4) She has a travel buddy, a monkey by the name of Silvio. She enjoys bringing back souvenirs made from dead animal carcasses.

5) Mari is a confirmed contestant for “Survivor Season 33: Millenials VS Gen X” which airs in September.

What other facts do you think are interesting?

✨ Courtney Top 5 Facts coming tomorrow ✨


I’m also wondering if these pikas are like Furfrous with their styling options, or if it’s a unique individual Pikachu that you get in game.
Either way

(Edit: ALL PIKACHUS COMPLETE! Which one is your favorite?)

Mega Metagross and more from CoroCoro

Steven Stone wouldn’t leave steel behind and he is bringing in Meta Metagross who looks bad ass. We get an implication some that Pokemon that weren’t in Honen now are.  Also we got a look at some gym leaders that are turnings designs all be it rather blurry. I waited to see more pages and to get actual translations so I could actually talk about things. However, it seems while things are leaking the full set of information won’t be out before I post this. When CoroCoro leaks Pokemon company is pretty fast to release the stuff in the west as well so expect HQ stuff with in a week or two. 

We have a nice look at the amazing new pokedex. I’m pretty sure the women we can’t see all of above is Madam Pikachu.  They also confirm, if you can see on the very left side that Poke Amie is returning to the game. I hope it reveals some new features in the mode since the three mini games eventually got boring. Still i’m happy to see it return, really for me their is no going back from Poke Amie  due to how beloved it is. I know i’ll feel odd if I lose the option to get that special bound with the pokemon the mode allows. 

Brawly’s redesign looks pretty cool, I can’t wait to get a close up of the other gym leaders new looks. 

So Pokemon contests are confirmed to return in the game. These new pikachu outfits are some how related to that. Also these apparently will stay on the pikachu for Pokeamie. 

I’m going to go out on a limb and due some speculation for these outfits. We have 5 outfits and we have 5 contest stats. Hard Rock pikachu is cool, wrestling Pikachu is tough, professor Pikachu is smart, Idol Pikachu is cute and Madam Pikachu is beauty. If I had to take a guess these are awards for mastering that kind of Pokemon contest, you are given a pikachu that always has that outfit be it battle or any other mode. These pikachus will likely have a special move tied to each of them that is very useful for that kind of contest.  That is my prediction but I may as well through out some random other theories as well. It could be that you could buy cloths for Pokemon in this game, it could be that you could buy cloths for just pikachu in this game, it could be that these are outfits rewarded for beating a basic level and you already have to have a pikachu, it could be that i’m just stupid. Anyway I am pretty sure I’m right but you never know this is gamefreak. 

So I don’t have much more to say other then screw Japan because they have a Shiny Jarachi event coming out on August first. They are also getting the pokeball pattern Vivillon. I hope we get both of these Pokemon in the west or else people will just save manipulate them into existence. 


You can also take photos of your precious Pokémon. When the camera icon is displayed, you can take a picture of your favorite moment during a contest. If you talk to the young man near the reception desk who says it’s his job to prepare the Contest Hall, he can even set it up so you can take pictures of your Pokémon, capturing the world around you in the background! Try to take the ultimate shot with your Pokémon!


The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums and this batch showcases more information about the upcoming game Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This image furthers yesterdays and showcases more about Pokémon Contests. It shows the in-game images of the Contest Hall, details how Feebas’s evolution is based on contests, and confirms that you can Mega Evolve during the contests, which boosts the Excite Meter & Appeal in the Contests, but can only be done when the Excite Meter is full.

Source: Serebii


What Is a Pokémon Contest Spectacular?

There are five kinds of contests that you can choose to enter: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness. Your Pokémon will be judged on its appeal based on one of those five conditions. Choose a contest condition in which your Pokémon excels, and enter it in one of the corresponding contests!

Each kind of contest is split into four ranks. From bottom to top, they are Normal Rank, Super Rank, Hyper Rank, and Master Rank. You will begin in Normal Rank, and if you win, you will be able to challenge the next rank: Super Rank. Keep winning your way through the ranks while aiming for the top in Master Rank!

Imagine dating Loki, and when you mention to your family (the older generation having immigrated from Scandinavia) you’d like to introduce him to them, your 90-something-year-old great aunt claims to have been in a relationship with him when she was your age. Weirded out by this revelation you confront Loki, but he can neither confirm or deny it, since she has a very common first and maiden name and not even he has perfect recall.

As the day comes where he meets your family, your great aunt gets upset and starts pelting him with her purse, calling him a fraud.  When you finally get between them, she grabs your arm  “This man is not the real Loki!”

As it turns out, she was in a relationship with King Loki, who had challenged Thor in contests as opposed to this Loki.


SO I decided to creep around the fresh blog for any new info and here’s some of the things i found:

-we’ll see some more well-known and lesser-known places

-”nature-lover” characters

-”diva” characters

-currently animating episode 18 as of May 12

-18 pairs of contestants(now confirmed)

-more jock characters but not how we’d expected (idk what this means)

-references to other shows

-the show will start in Toronto, Canada

-26 total locations

-will go to South American locations, possibly Brazil

-no confessionals

-the youngest teams are still high school/college level(there could still be kids, just not a kids TEAM)

-there will be a pair of music fans(no singers though)

-siblings team

-there will be team placings(like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

-goth team

-the characters don’t ever have exact ages

-returning td characters could be paired w/new contestants(probably having a previous relation w/them, like friend/family) 

-new theme song, but still only 20 seconds

-all the VAs for the characters have been casted
Comic-Con: Nickelodeon Reveals Big Plans (Exclusive)

Expect a big presence from Nickelodeon at this year’s Comic-Con. The Viacom-owned kids network will debut an expansive booth that will spiral down from the floor to the ceiling of the convention center, with collaged images from its slate of shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, Invader Zim and The Ren & Stimpy Show, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reveals.

Here are the Korra related bits:

“Nickelodeon will panel a slew of series throughout the weekend, including Legend of Korra: Book Three (Friday, July 25 at 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m., Ballroom 20)”

They also mentioned autographs and the Tumblr art contest and confirms that Janet Varney will be there (so it’s safe to say she’s on the panel):

“Other special integrations are a voice-over booth where visitors can record their own scene from a Nickelodeon animated show, an animated GIF booth, a Tumblr fan art contest (the 10-15 winning pieces will be showcased at the main booth), autograph signings with stars such as Tom Kenny, Sean Astin and Janet Varney and character appearances.”

Other than that, the article doesn’t say anything specific about what to expect at the Legend of Korra panel.


SCANDAL; GiGS April 2016 Issue - SCANDAL’s Guitar & Bass Design Contest - Interview, Poster & more

Up till now, we’ve heard plenty about these four’s thoughts with regards to song production, but we haven’t forgotten about the various things regarding to equipment. It’s not just about the sound or technicality, but the design as well. With help from Fender this time around, this contest is confirmed to be held!! The members will pick one (design) to be made into an actual Fender guitar. But firstly, let’s hear their thoughts on instrumental design.

―― When selecting your instrument, surely its outlook and design is of great importance?

MAMI: “It’s hugely important. If I’m not into its outlook, I think that I probably won’t be able to fall in love with my own instrument thereafter. Above even its sound, first of all, it’s its outlook that is what gets me wanting to hold it in my hand, and I then fall in love with the guitar or bass. If you aren’t in love with your instrument, then I think that it’s impossible to want to play it, to do lives or to want to create certain sounds with it.”

―― When selecting your instrument nowadays, what sort of points do you look out for in its design?

HARUNA: “It’s exactly 4 years ago that we’ve cinched our Budokan live, but it’s the guitar that we made, just in the right timing to display for the first time on that very stage. Wanting to make a guitar that’ll stand out even for those further back in the audience seats was what got me started. I asked to use things like larme and detailed beads, since when I moved on stage, I wanted the light to hit (the guitar) and that it’ll reflect and sparkle. In any case, its outlook comes first. But because I’m so individualistic, I can’t help but also think about the balance between the song that it’ll be used on and my own outfits (laughs).”

TOMOMI: “When I first started on instruments, I went searching for a bass at musical instrument stores but on the contrary, I got afraid, because there were indeed a lot of "The real deal!”; Bass guitars that give off an aura of weight. That is but of course for things that’re the real deal (laughs). And so, if I were to create my own model, I’ve decided that I want it to pop and have an approachable design. I’ll create it for those who’ll be starting on the bass guitar from now on in mind, a good bass to be used for the 1st time. Since I’ve also already used a red jazz bass, I wished for something with great contrast. I’ve got one with a blue body and yellow lines on it, but so long it’s a Mustang with lines on it, I’ll be into that (laughs). It’s sort of somehow became a personal theme of mine, that I’ve got to include the strips.“

MAMI: "For the first Strat that I bought, I stuck stickers all over it messily. That was also cute and received good feedback, so I think I’ll like it to become a point for guitars. Since my very first Strat had a white base, anything would do, but when it became black, I was wondering to myself on what I should do with it. I wanted it to be a little exquisite on its apperance, so after thinking, it’s this design. I got Fender’s body paint expert company to do it, and they were able to faithfully reproduce the design I had in mind.”

―― For RINA who has also played the guitar on ‘Oyasumi’, have it crossed you mind to create an original design guitar like the other 3 in the near future?

RINA: “No no, there’s a lot to be feared in that (laughs). Since I’m a drummer, I’m pretty satisfied just with using guitars that are already out in the market. The one I found and used was a completely white-bodied Telecaster, which was what I had in mind, so I’m really into it. But to have original design guitars or bass guitars are a special priviledge to pros, I think. To have my own original design, it should be one that encompasses all of me.”

The members also spoke about some of the things they’ll look out for in the future guitar design entries for the contest. Mami says that to have 'trick art’ type of design would help it stand out instantly during lives, Haruna is looking out for ethnic designs and Tomomi is a fan of skater-type fashion, so she thinks designs with such graphics could be cool.

This is the end for my GiGS April 2016 issue article translations.

Next magazine → Go!Go!GUITAR April 2016 Issue

Photos and translation by fyscandalband. As I’ll only translate what piques my interest, this is only a part of the interview and not a full translation. For more translated interviews, click HERE.