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V-Day Contest Raffle Confirmation

Alright, everything has been officially closed now for this contest, and I have contacted judges, so we are agonizing through picking out the best of your awesome pics. I don’t have an exact deadline that I’ll be able to post results and give the OK for you to finally post your art on your pages, but I promise we’ll try to get it done as soon as possible. Before I draw the winners for the participation prize raffle, however, I want to be absolutely sure everyone confirms their prize choices and has the opportunity to correct me if I screwed up. Because this was a lot to sort through, and I very well could have. I actually found one entrant I forgot to put on the confirmed list when double-checking this, so it can happen.

Here is the link to the official prize drawing spreadsheet, with all of your choices. All aliases should be in alphabetical order; apologies if I didn’t choose your preferred alias when typing this.

There are some people who never got back to me telling me what they were interested in, so if you didn’t mention any exclusions, I just included you for all. There were also a few who never told me what they wanted their bonus chance to go to, after submitting multiple entries. In that case, I did not mark down a bonus chance. So if you need to make any corrections, speak now, or we will be drawing for each prize as currently noted. This should give all participants a better idea of what the odds are at winning a particular prize as well, if you do the math based on the number of chances you have for an item.

I’d like to put Friday as the deadline for any changes, so please comment here, note me at dA, or email me back if there is a problem with your selections. Thanks all!

✨ Smosh Throwback Month: Mari Takahashi ✨

Top 5 Fun Facts:

1) Her fondest memory of kindergarten days was when she sat together with another kid on the same toiletbowl to take a pee because she was so urgent and couldn’t hold it.

2) A character in the game “Otaku Taco Truck” is named after her.

3) Mari enjoys rock climbing and has been known to climb several times up a slope without a harness.

4) She has a travel buddy, a monkey by the name of Silvio. She enjoys bringing back souvenirs made from dead animal carcasses.

5) Mari is a confirmed contestant for “Survivor Season 33: Millenials VS Gen X” which airs in September.

What other facts do you think are interesting?

✨ Courtney Top 5 Facts coming tomorrow ✨