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There are a few followers that frequently top my Tumblr active list and people I see commenting and faving quite often. So to thank you for all your support I’ll be picking one of you soon to get a Thankyou gift  ;) if you think it’s gonna be you you might want to put a little wish list below Lolololol or what series you are most keen on that you’ve seen me do. It’s not too late to be a part of this, just be active this month Kk? :D


First of all, thank you all for the incredible support and love! I wouldn’t be drawing as much if it weren’t for you!

Secondly!! In order to get to 500 followers I thought maybe I could have a contest of sorts- where you all have the chance of winning a FREE digital commission with a motive of your choosing (but Stranger Things-themed of course, since this is a ST blog).

So how do you do this?
• First of all- you have to be a follower of this blog to participate. I will make sure of this before picking a winner.
• Reblog this post to spread the message!

And that’s it! Easy, huh?

Once I hit 500 the names of those who reblogged this post will be written down and a winner will be drawn. Maybe even a second and third place, if many participate.

Good luck! (Hopefully enough people will want to do this, so I don’t have to cancel it ahaha…)

While I’m talking- I actually did clean out the inbox.
So, send in short tales based on your favorite SCP articles or tales! They must fit inside a single ask. I wish you luck.
Prize: You get posted, congrats! Also if I really like it I might doodle something based on it or get Piefish to doodle something if for some reason you’re into that. (ily Piefish)
Really excited to see what we get! Try to stay off anon so you can be properly credited. Entries will be tagged by me as #shortstackscontest.
EDIT: Please name or link the SCP/Tale you’re going off of! - EC

delinquents in hogwarts

again, i’m trash so feel free to add to this

  • wells jaha, undefeated wizards chess champion™
  • raven and monty trying to figure out how to make muggle technology work at hogwarts
  • monty ate a pine cone. because it told him too. no really. 
  • it’s the quidditch world cup and bellamy is supporting the philippines, monty is supporting south korea, raven is supporting mexico… (you see where i’m going with this)
  • bellamy “whatever the hell we want” blake walking through the corridors like he owns them - until he sees a first year fall over and drops everything to take them to the hospital wing
  • clarke supporting ravenclaw in quidditch whenever slytherin aren’t playing because “i’d pick you first” 
  • octavia is a hatstall between gryffindor and hufflepuff and bellamy blake, gryffindor prefect, is having a staring contest with the sorting hat 
  • raven reyes found in possession of a flying car. teachers are so impressed she doesn’t get expelled
  • murphy “accidentally” setting things on fire in classrooms 
  • no one wants to be paired up with octavia blake in duelling club out of sheer terror 
  • hide and seek in the grounds goes on for hours because apparently jasper and monty are just that good, until it’s revealed they’ve been getting high in greenhouse three the entire time. 
  • jasper can never remember the gryffindor password, so takes to following bellamy to and from classes so he can get his books 
  • firewhisky drinking game led by slytherin head girl clarke griffin 
  • carefully chaperoned by hufflepuff best friend wells jaha 
  • if you ever see jasper jordan coming out of zonko’s joke shop - run
  • if you ever see raven reyes coming out of dr filibuster’s fireworks shop - run faster
  • if you ever see jasper jordan coming out of florean fortescue’s ice cream parlour - just let him have this okay?
  • house points are a fucking serious matter alright “dammit murphy, tuck in your shirt, if we lose to ravenclaw again this year i’ll transfigure you into a turnip” 
  • there’s nothing left on the trolley on the hogwarts express because jordan and green have the munchies again 
  • nathan “great thief” miller always arriving to parties with food he managed to procure from the kitchens 
  • raven and monty purposefully going in and out of the ravenclaw common room because they love the riddles 
  • nathan and bryan planting corn outside the greenhouses 
  • harper’s cute hesitation when she asks monty to the yule ball 
  • monty also spiked the pumpkin juice, obviously 
  • ah, the patronuses, octavia’s is a butterfly, clarke’s is a horse, raven - you get one guess. 

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GeekyCon is pulling out all the stops and bring a new generation the magic of the classic Harry Potter midnight book release events! Join hosts from PotterCast and MuggleCast for costume contests, House sorting, Wizard Rock, Quidditch and much more Potter fun as we count down to Harry Potter and The Cursed Child!

Costume Contest

“I’m here to enter the costume contest,” Cat Noir announced with a cheeky grin.

The woman sitting in front of him looked less impressed than he’d expected, “Name?”

“Cat Noir,” he grinned, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“Yes, sir, I see the costume,” she responded with a disgruntled sigh, “I need your name. Your…” She grimaced, as though she’d said the line more times today than she’d like to admit, “Your secret identity.”

His grin faded a little, “No, you don’t understand. I’m the real Cat Noir.”

“Okay. Fine. I’ll just put you down as Real Cat Noir #16.” She handed him a number and waved him away, too tired to argue.

He accepted it, pressing the sticker to his chest with a shrug. At least he knew his fans were devoted. And outnumbered, he realized as he glanced around to see nearly four Ladybug costumes for each Cat Noir costume. Well, he couldn’t argue with their taste, he thought with a small smile. He’d considered a Ladybug costume himself, but in the end, he couldn’t resist the allure of wandering around as Cat Noir for an entire day with no akuma to fight.

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when you realize ultra talented queens were eliminated for the sake of derrick’s journey toward gluing her brows down


Latest story event in Love Scramble had an idol contest of sorts, naturally they dressed our beloved Samurai in fabulously ridiculous stage outfits. 

WHY KOJURO WHY? I DONT MIND UNBUTTONED SHIRT AT ALL BUT ELVIS REALLY? You know who would look really hot in that garb? KENSHIN!

Also, Masamune with the K-pop boyband garb, pfffttt, I’m sorry my lord.

And surprise surprise, the freaky clown host introduces a new band called SHINOBI *squeaaaaallllssss* Of course it’s Saizo and Hanzo!! (Hanzoooo!!!)

and they got to wear their ninja garb! So unfair! But hey, we got to see Hanzo’s tanuki mask (because he serves Ieyasu?) hahahahha. 

skarmorysilver  asked:

I've sketched my first entry for the ATOM kaiju contest - a sort of remake of Kal/Slashkal/Kalmorg/whatever that sabertooth was called - and I got around to thinking: Was Kal removed in the first place because there wasn't a way you could make him work with ATOM's aesthetic, or for a different reason? The design I've cranked out is still a sabertooth, but I wonder if it would be appropriate for ATOM to squeeze a bit of werebeast in there - in no small part inspired by Cat People (1942).

It’s was one part “this feels out of place” and one part “this feels boring.”  I definitely want a sabre tooth cat - I’m actually pretty fond of cats in general, if not nearly to the extent I love reptiles and bugs - but I just never found a way for it to work.

Making a werebeast kaiju would be difficult to fit in with ATOM, but if you can give it a scifi spin it might work.  There’s a fun movie from the makers of The Giant Claw that had a radioactive werewolf, so you’ve got some precedent there.  Plus Cat People is one of my favorite old horror movies.

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Prompt: “You fit so perfectly in my arms.”

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: Minor NSFW

“What?” You lifted your head from where it was resting on Bucky’s chest, lifting yourself up slightly by your arms. He was staring at you, different emotions flickering across his face, the intensity was rather flustering actually even if you were naked atop him and nothing should have flustered you after that.


“Why are you looking at me like that…?” The warm arm around your waist, stroked up and down your back as he looked at you, latching his blue eyes onto yours in a staring contest of sorts. His metal arm was resting beneath his neck, acting as a pillow.

“Like what?” His eyes flit about over your face for a second, watching the confusion on your face, and the way your eyes rolled at him and the way you looked held against him. 

“Like that“ You poked him in the chest, biting your lip slightly, hoping he’d tell you…after all Bucky, while getting a lot better, was still quite secretive and nervous about sharing things at times and sometimes it took a while to get him to speak. 

“Because…You fit so perfectly in my arms and I love you…” You shifted your head to the side, biting your lip unable to contain the smile that crossed your lips.

“I love you too, James.” and you did, problems, nightmares, secretive nature and all, because he was a good man…and it was worth all the struggles.

anonymous asked:

Forever salty that Mob Psycho didn't win best animation even though I was expecting it. This actually makes me like the anime less because people have been putting it on this pedestal. I'm actually really glad I watched it while it was airing because if I watched it now, seeing how many awards it won and how many people gushed about it, I probably would've been horribly disappointed.

Choice awards are always just a popularity contest, it’s just sort of frustrating that an anime that REALLY deserved to win didn’t because it just happened to be in the same category as YOI ;;;; Like I’ll even accept it winning best OP, and best ED, but best animation???????? Really????????? Idk. So much time and love and effort was put into MP100′s animation it’s so unique and different and creative and fun and it was so respectful to One’s art style which has been ridiculed again and again and again it CELEBRATED the art that people have been putting down for years studio Bones EMBRACED that unique and interesting art style and it was BEAUTIFUL like I’ve never seen an anime like it and I wish that animation was being recognized I guess. 

anonymous asked:

As someone who works in the social part of a marketing company I can tell you 100% fan interest is monitored and monetized. I still remember looking at a colleague my age in a meeting when the 59 year old white dude running the account we were handling talked about doing a "shipping contest." My job has sort of ruined fandoms for me because I know that most of the shit you see online is some 60 year olds idea on how to make money.


I’m just happy that a big franchise like Star Wars is planned in advance, so online activity isn’t likely to affect what story LF chooses to tell. 

Here is my entry for @destieldrabblesdaily‘s 30K Fanfic Contest: Personal Space. Also sort of my headcanon of how that particular discussion went down and why Cas - for all his alarming honesty and blunt talk - never told Dean how he really feels.

[The beautiful gif is by @constiellation: if you want to scream into the void a bit, you can go and look at the whole set here.]

“Danny Salzman says it’s okay,” Cas says, appearing out of thin air, and Dean almost has a heart attack and fucking dies.

“Who the fuck is Danny Salzman?” he asks, putting down the razor, and thank God he hadn’t started shaving yet.

“He is -” Dean looks at Cas through the mirror, sees him blink at the room, sees the usual constipated expression around his eyes, because, yeah, it’s like Cas’ always doing this - trying to work out something extremely difficult or something - like he thinks human life is confusing as fuck, even this dingy motel room, and especially Dean, who slept in his clothes and isn’t down for any kind of weirdness, not today. “- was, I should say, a prophet.”

“Wait. So there’s prophets now?”

Cas only looks at him, and Dean shakes his head, a bit of shaving cream falling neatly smack in the middle of the old-fashioned sink.

“And, what - you killed him?”

Dean doesn’t know, or care, who Danny Salzman is and what prophets have to do with anything - there’s enough shit on his plate as it is - but he hasn’t missed the past tense. And he would like to think Cas wouldn’t kill anyone, but, yeah.

“He died in 1986,” Cas says, managing to sound almost offended. “And he was an anthropologist, and assistant curator at the Smithsonian.”

There was a So there at the end of that sentence, Dean’s sure of it.


“So what was he right about?” he asks, because it’s way too early to figure out how Cas’ mind works and Jesus, he promised he’d meet Bobby in Louisiana six fucking hours from now.

He picks up his razor again, squints at the mirror.

“Personal space,” Cas says from behind him, and, whatever, the little shit’s definitely waited until Dean had started shaving, and now he’s bleeding and -

“What the fuck are you going on about?” he says, more and more bad-tempered.

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I’ve seen people have fandom and literature families and figured I would try out a mythology family depending on how many people enter! (which I’m hoping a lot of people will)


  • must be following this mythical goddess
  • reblog this post to spread it in case others want to join (the more the merrier)

  • Send me an ask with your name, god/goddess, what mythology they are from, and what they rule over, and back ups, just in case it’s taken (Greek gods are very popular)


  • Literally any god or goddess from any mythology (Greek, Roman, Aztec, Chinese, Japanese, etc)
  • It would be super cool to have it varied!

I will eventually (when I have time and figure it out) make a promo page and will link everyone and if you need it linked to a sideblog, just let me know! I’ve had this blog for ages and really want to meet people who enjoy mythology as much as I do and make more mutuals!