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I wanted to draw group art, but I didn’t finished it (because I’m lazy :D). Maybe I’ll finish it to 3000 followers.
Well… Old contest, which was last autumn, was failed. I hope that this time everything will be better.
Also, background samples:
1st place will be look like this (yeah, I know, that’s bad samble, but I forgot, where I uploaded something better), and 2nd… Hmm, maybe something like this.

Sorry for mistakes in text, I’m just very tired today.


Both by SweetHellgirl

The first image is the cover to the 44 page Doujinshi this artist made starring Rouge, and the second image is to not only announce it’s completion but also a contest where you can win a copy. Since she can’t sell them she figured she’d give them away via contest, she’s a cool artist.

This blog has recently gotten over 120 followers, so you know what that means?? Contest Time!

Three sets of Prizes will be given out and a total of 6 winners will be chosen via RNG

1st place (one winner): Gets a Colored Drawing of one of their OCs (or whatever character they want)

2nd place (Two winners) Get Lineart of their OCs

And 3rd place (three winners): Will get Sai Sketches (kinda like the one above)

The rules for this contest are as follows:

  • Must be following inkweaverblog to enter
  • Likes and Reblogs count as entries
  • Only two reblogs will count
  • Don’t unfollow if you don’t win

This contest will end Sometime late September (around the 26th)

Thank you all for helping to reach this milestone!

Short Fiction Contest

Contest: Flash 500 Short Story Competition

Criteria: 1,000 - 3,000 words | “we accept all genres, including those written by or for children” | English language only | previously unpublished only | international 

Prizes: First Place - £500 | Second Place - £200 | Third Place - £100

Entry Fees: £7 for one; £12 for two; £16 for three; £20 for four

Entrance: online payment, entrance is email only -

Deadline: February 28, 2016

More Information



You have two months to partecipate in the contest! The theme will give a lot of space for your fantasy (or at least more than my last contests)

You can send me the entries by Submit, you can do as many as you want, the effort will surely be valued! The more, the merrier for you.

The theme is:
“Draw a character/s in the clothes of an other/s” a sort of Cosplay Contest.
they can be both canon characters or original ocs. 

Like in the image above, they’re Alexander dressed as Blue Spy from tf2 and my oc Ellie dressed as Red Scout.

To have more chance to win I can give some general suggestion:

Fandom suggested:
Amnesia: the dark descent, Steven Universe, Portal2, Attack on Titan, Dragonlance, Harry Potter, Don’t starve, Outlast (and dlc), tf2.

Characters suggested:
Alexander von Brennenburg, my oc Ellie, and any of the fandoms above.

What I will value:
the effort that you put on the drawing (if it’s colored, the pose and the amount of characters in it. Complexity is optional.)
the idea, so be original ^v^

And now the exciting part!! THE PRIZES!
there will be 5 winners this time C: (each one will win a doodle, like the example image above and spam for their pages)
>1° place: a colored fullbody drawing, a colored portrait and a doodle
>2° place: a fullbody drawing, a colored portrait and a doodle
>3° place: a colored portrait and a doodle
>4° place: a portrait and a doodle
>5° place: a doodle

If there will be enough entries, I’ll do a post to show all of them!

That’s it! the deadline is the 31 of October.
I hope the all of you will have a lot of fun!
Please, remember to Share and Reblog, to give everyone the opportunity to partecipate uvu


Poetry Contest

Contest: The Lyric College Poetry Contest

Criteria: entrant must be an undergraduate enrolled full time in an American or Canadian college or university | previously unpublished only | 39 lines or less | English language only | up to 3 poems per entrant 

Prizes: First Place - $500; publication in the Winter issue of The Lyric | Second Place - $100; publication in the Winter issue of The Lyric

Entry Fees: none

Entrance: snail mail or email - 

Deadline: December 1, 2015

More Information


Because you guys have been super awesome lately and because I have these two custom made pieces that I don’t have a use for i’m starting my first giveaway. 


  • OBVIOUSLY YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME TO WIN!  colorsandvibrationns

Custom made hemp necklace and custom blown glass spoon with color changing glass! (the ones in the picture…duh.) 

Winner will be selected September 28th! Asks must be open to claim your prize. If you don’t respond in 1 week another winner will be selected! Do NOT remove the text and GOOD LUCK


So awesome! 
I Love Sukunas Performance and Narukami! <3

Contest Time! Design a Prosthetic Leg

Heyo, for those who saw my poll or have just in general talked to me lately you already knew this was coming, for those who haven’t, well, the title should give you the gist of what’s happening, lol. I’m running a art contest (well, a design contest, really, as the art isn’t the main point of it.)

We have my new char Kotone who due to an unfortunate event in her past is in fact an amputee. She doesn’t let that stop her from being the fierce badass little cookie she is, though! And as such, she needs herself an equally badass prosthetic leg to keep her going strong!

So that’s where you come in, my lovely friends and people reading this. The contest is to simply design a prosthetic leg for Kotone, based off her fashion sense and appearance. Linked below is art I have finished of her. You can choose to either draw the leg directly on the art as a sort of base, OR draw your own art, whichever you would like to do. As I"m judging based on how well the design fits her the art isn’t necessarily the #1 thing I’ll be looking at.

I’ll put the rest under a cut in case you aren’t interested! If you are please continue reading <3

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It’s time ! 

The 50 Disney Nail Arts are on the blog and so, here is the form to answer (clic on the link)

You can use it until the 15/09/2015 at 22:00 p.m. (GMT +2)

I want to thank you for followoing me. It’s a great pleasure to share all these photos and ideas with you. I hope it will last long : je vous adore !