Announcing Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Fanart Contest!

Hungry dinner party attendees! We are hereby hosting a fanart contest as a part of our Poe Party campaign. Draw your favorite author that’s been revealed, what you think might be going down at the party, your own version of the logo–whatever your creative brain desires!

The Shipwrecked team will be judging the entries based on how well they capture the essence of the Poe Party, not on artistic merit, so artists of all skill levels may apply!

Be sure and include the kickstarter link in your post and tag it #poeparty to be eligible for consideration. Entries are due Friday, February 19th at midnight PST, and a winner will be chosen by the following Monday. The winner will receive a signed character poster of their choice from the campaign!

Happy drawing, and be sure to bring your appetite…for murder!

Here’s your chance to be at the event of the season. Enter your e-mail and be in the running to win tickets to A Pop Party, hosted by the Young Friends and presented by Neiman Marcus  on February 27. The winner will gain after-hours entry to the “International Pop” exhibition, enjoy musical entertainment, dancing, and more. Click here to enter.

Cover Illustration for Newsweek, 25 April 1966, by Roy Lichtenstein whose study can be seen in the exhibition.

6,000 Follower Contest!


I had a lot of fun doing it for my 5,000 followers that I really want to do it for my 6,000 followers


  • Needs to be a Percy Jackson one-shot.
  • Pretty much, anything goes, but NO SMUT!
  • Instead of saying what ships I do like, I’ll explain what I don’t want.
    1. Rachel with anyone!
    2. Octavian with anyone.
  • Props for making my heartstrings tug in the good or bad way.
  • Contest ends February 20, 2016

All submissions must be submitted in my submission by 11:59pm EST on February 20th. 

Please submit in my submission box labeled: Submit Contest Entries Here!

Winners (3) and special recognition (1 or 2) will have their submissions posted! The winners will be recommend my followers to follow you and reblog your work.

Also, @justagirlinabookworld, @itsvalentinesdaymotherfucker, @emilythebraun419 can not submit stuff since it’s only fair that they won the last contest. They may, however, participate in the next one. 

Good luck!

I’m gonna do my contest idea so like/reblog this post and follow my blog and if you win I’ll make a character of your choosing follow mine around and we can do missions and stuff, I’ll also post screenshots of us doing stuff yay!!

Since I know this wont get a lot of reception I’m going to give it until March 21st to see if more than 3 people reblog this!
Witches Contest Mood Board
Let's all make a bunch of poetry and art about witches, yes? Yes! Send us something dark and strange, made of blood and moon and cauldron and flame. Finish by midnight on March 31, 2016. Contest open to ages 14-23. (If you're older, check out general submissions and our calls for subs--anyone 14+ welcome!)

We’ve partnered with @entertainmentweekly to have a #CloneClub member design the Orphan Black season 4 poster art in the aptly named Orphan Black Season 4 Fan Art Poster Contest! On top of a grand prize of $10,000 and a private screening of the season premiere hosted in your town, you can also expect to see your art on a billboard in Times Square! 

Submit your art at by Monday February 15th at 11:59 p.m. ET. Click here for full rules and details.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends on 2/15/16. Open to legal residents of the 50 US & DC who are 18 years of age or older.


Hey - just taking a moment to help Vivid get the word out about this contest they’re holding.  They’re giving away 500 Dreamkeepers books to the winners, and participating is just about as easy as pie. Given the quality of the art, the storytelling and the books themselves, it’s more than worth the effort required.
Here are the rules.

Dave and Liz (of Vivid) are independent creators and publishers who are incredibly dedicated to this comic of theirs…and it shows.  If you aren’t familiar with Dreamkeepers already, well, this is one way to find out about it and earn a free copy of Book 1.

#AcroRocks 3 day Instagram #contest today-Sunday for the Little Rock Elemental Immersion with @chrisloebsack and @amyiacro March 19th-23rd at @barefootstudiolr

What rocks about acro? Let us know and get creative!

Follow and Tag Hosts:

Use Tags #AcroRocks and #LRAYimmersion

First place: 50% off early bird price +t-shirt
Second place: 25% off early bird price + t-shirt
Third place: Pair of Namaste Britches + t-shirt

#AcroRocks for us because it allows to drop the limitations we create for ourselves, for our lives! It helps us to see that anything is possible!

When we came to this practice, Susie had fallen into a rut. Working a job day in and out that didn’t bring true happiness or joy, not taking care of her personal needs. Each day she looked for something to fulfill her… Starbucks, shopping, alcohol, food, spending money, nothing worked!

6 years in, our relationship had grown stagnant, no excitement, no play, just living in a daily grind. Not taking the time to enjoy each other.

#AcroYoga changed all of that! We attended our first class and were amazed by the simplest pose, bird. At first, Susie doubted herself, she knew this would be impossible. She believed she wasn’t strong enough, powerful enough, couldn’t push those limits. Boy, was she wrong!

We became excited about the practice. Excited about a new type of interaction with each other. True play, true joy! We looked forward to classes as our special time together. Time to get outside of our comfort zone, make new friends, try something new. We were high on adrenaline, inversions, laughter! Everything changed.
We began to see that we could change our lives and live out any crazy dream we have, no matter how impossible it seems at first! We didn’t have to live the typical 9-5 depressed lives anymore! We put in effort and believed in ourselves!

This has continued, for 4+ years now, #acro has pushed us to continue to be better people! And now we have the opportunity to share that with so many people!! Come join us in Little Rock, AR for 5 days of this amazing practice! And break away from your limitations! (at Houston, Texas)

I finally finished #mealprepping yesterday! I forgot to post the photo of my #mealpreparation so here it is! 🙌

These #healthymeals are good for the next #6days and will stay perfectly #fresh in the refrigerator! The #portioncontrol containers may seem small, but they whole a lot of #goodfood so you never go hungry! 😉

Breakfast: One of the packets from the Barista Combo #shakeology box (either #chocolate #cafelatte or #vanilla ) blended with/without #banana and either #maplealmondbutter or #chocolatehazelnutbutter and #silkalmondmilk
Mid-morning Snack: Apple Banana Muffin with a #yogigreentea
Lunch: Turkey Meatballs with a Veggie Stir Fry
Afternoon Snack: Either a Blueberry Vanilla Chia Pudding Parfait or a Fruit and Veggie Salad ( #jicama #strawberries and #mango drizzled with #coconutoil and a little cilantro) with a #yogitea
Dinner: Turkey Chili topped with 1 tsp of crumbled feta cheese
Dessert: Flourless Chocolate Chickpea Brownies and #nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt Parfait
Extra Snacks (not pictured): Quest Protein bars, baby carrots and Skinny Pop popcorn

#21dayfix #fixate #beachbodychallenge #beachbody #healthyeating #mealprep #newyearnewhabits #contest


Hello, friends! This is my updated commission info post, now with fancy graphics for the pricing of my work. I’ve stepped up my game after a successful month of full time commission work and have added an extra slot, but am still just scraping by. 

So here’s what I propose:

If this post hits 500 notes by the end of February, I will choose one person who reblogged at random to receive FREE FULL COLOR FULL BODY COMMISSION. That’s a commission worth $150 dollars for free.

You can see more examples of my work HERE and check my commission status HERE~!

Thank you for your continued support and I appreciate your help in sharing this with your friends and mutuals <3


Love is in the air at Natsume leading up to Valentine’s Day and we’re spreading that love all over the place.  We’ve already kicked off our contest for Harvest Moon on Facebook and are doing RT to wins on Twitter, and now it’s Tumblr’s chance to win some sweet Virtual Console games!

All you have to do is be following me, like and reblog for a chance to win!

How to Enter:
*Follow my tumblr (ceecee-natsume)
*One entry for a like OR reblog; Three entries for a like AND reblog.  Maximum of one share and/or reblog, three entries maximum per user; re-sharing over and over is just spam!

That’s it! We’ll choose two winners who will each receive a pair of digital codes for the US eShop of the following:
1 x Legend of the River King GBC
1 x Legend of the River King 2 GBC

Rules and Things:
a) Contest is open starting NOW, February 10th and will run until February 14th at 11:59pm PST and is open to US & Canadian residents over 16, except where prohibited by law.
b) Winners will be contacted via Tumblr ask/message (so it has to be on to win!)  One winner per household.
c) Prizes will be awarded as-is; no substitutes will be offered. No delivery estimate is guaranteed.
d) All contest decisions are at the discretion of Natsume, Inc., and are final.
e) Employees of Natsume, their partners and their families, are not eligible for a prize.


1200 Followers contest! 

“Sorry, I’m more experienced with headshots than full body, that’s why getting headshots” 

1: 2 Winners for a headshot colored and shaded with blurry background (Because don’t know how to background yet xD)

2: 2 Winners for headshot colored, no shaded, simple color background

3:(Because 3) 3 Winners for headshot lineart

Hey, wanna participate on this contest?

Sure it’s easy, just reblog if you reblog with a ref of the OC you want here it would be easier, a like will count too ^^ 

Please on the moment of the contest ends if any ref is missing winners can submit ref if I don’t have it.

Contest will end 28 of February

Hey #CloneClub. We’ve partnered with @entertainmentweekly to hold an Orphan Black Season 4 Fan Art Poster Contest and so far everything that’s been submitted has been incredible, surprising nobody. #CloneClub is super creative, it’s part of what makes the Orphan Black community so great. 

Mushy stuff aside, we just wanted to casually mention some new info regarding the contest. On top of a grand prize of $10,000 and a private screening of the season premiere hosted in your town, you can also expect to see your art on a billboard in Times Square! TIMES. SQUARE. That’s literally huge. That’s big enough for season 2 Rachel to stare at through one of her many windows. 

You still have time to submit your art at by Monday February 15th at 11:59 p.m. ET. Click here for full rules and details.

Good luck #CloneClub, and make sure to post and tag your art with #OrphanBlackPoster if you want to maybe see it pop up on the blog.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends on 2/15/16. Open to legal residents of the 50 US & DC who are 18 years of age or older.

The Most Beautiful Seiyuu Contest FINAL TOP 15 -Suzuki Tatsuhisa♥

  • *”Like” to vote. (you can vote once to each seiyuu)
  • **Reblog to support your seiyuu and to make others vote for him too. [reblog does not count as a vote].