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Cover Letter Template PDF

FYI everyone I did up a two-page cover letter template for job applicants. Page one explains the content, page two is an example. 

Sorry it’s in PDF form but that’s a little more stable and a little less likely to show up in random google text string searches. 

Certainly there are many, many ways to write a cover letter; this is just one of them. The bona-fides that accompany this template are that the format and structure have actually received commentary from hiring managers – I’ve had at least two tell me I made it into the first round of phone screens based on the quality of my cover letter. 

The Ultimate Planner For A Muslim Student: 2017-2018

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

We pray this reaches you in the best of health and imaan.

Alhamdulillah, we’re super excited to introduce our brand new design and layout for the Ultimate Planner For A Muslim Student 2017-2018!

This year, we went all out, and not only revamped our design, but added a whole load of extra material to help boost productivity! 

Let’s take a closer look insha’Allah:

Firstly, we have THREE brand new cover designs to choose from! Starting from the top right and ending bottom right:

1. Ice Splash

2. Vintage Calm

3. Tropical Summer

We apologise if we now have you craving ice-cream!

Next, we have our oh-so-important contents page! A minimal view of what you can expect when you turn those pages!

Our signature ‘Duas for Studying’ page! This super important page has been placed at the very front of the planner, for both ease of accessibility and a means of a reminder. We’re only successful with Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala’s help!

We always have a long list of dua’s for what we desire in this world: A* in exams, lots of money, big houses, a brand new car… but have we ever made du’a for that which is everlasting? Surely the one who looks after his akhira, and fixes his hereafter, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will grant him the dunya (world) along side it.

Whether it’s a reminder of Eid, or when Ramadan begins, or even exam dates - we have you covered! Never forget an important date again.

This right here, is how we build productive lifestyles. A lifelong habit, a lifelong dream, begins with small steps. But it’s not enough to just have goals. We must note down the steps needed to achieve them, and give them a deadline so we remain focused. Our planner helps you to do just that. 

And then our ‘Ideal Day’ page. We all dream of having super productive mornings, and early evenings. Writing down a routine helps us to keep track, and make sure we’re not wasting one of our most precious blessings - Time.

Our planner begins from August 2017 and ends in July 2018. That’s 52 productivity/study tips, one every single week to keep you motivated and going! 

Track your Qur’an recitation and memorisation daily with our trackers. You’ll never lose what page you were last on or the last Surah you memorised.  I once read somewhere; Give time to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will give you time!

And that’s it guys for the sneak peek! We have lots more packed in our planners this year including:

- Study tips

- Reminder/Due Today/To Do lists daily

- Homework and Assignment daily tracker

- Duas of the week to memorise on a weekly basis

- Habit tracker: Build 3 new habits, or break bad habits every month!

And MUCH more! We have images of 12 beautiful Masjids from around the world and a monthly quote for us to reflect and ponder upon.

Alhamdulillah, this planner is now available for Pre-Order! All orders will be despatched September 1st. FREE UK DELIVERY.

Contact details are  given below.

Please Like/Share/Reblog and get ready for an upcoming giveaway sometime during the summer.

More details will be posted soon so watch this space!

Stock is limited so hurry and pre-order yours now before they’re all sold out!

Please remember us, our families and the whole ummah in your duas and a humble request that you make du’a, may Allah accept this from us. Aameen

Fi Amanillah.

Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

- Acquiring Knowledge

For orders/enquiries:

Message us on tumblr or


twitter: @acqknowledge

instagram: @acqknowledge




just another muse/network page in two different formats. the first one is simple and clean, the second version has filters. it’s a fun little page I think! enjoy.

version 1.0 page features.

  • 90 px muse image
  • muse name links to a tag/bio/whatever
  • auto scroll on info/description section
  • best viewed & formatted for chrome browsers

                                                PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD

version 2.0 page features.

  • 90 px muse image
  • muse name links to a tag/bio/whatever
  • filters in sidebar (instructions for use are in the code.)
  • auto scroll on info/description section
  • best viewed & formatted for chrome browsers

                                               PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD

terms of use.

  • do not remove credit.
  • do not use as a base.
  • do not redistribute/repost theme.
  • likes/reblogs appreciated.
  • enjoy!

                                                               & MORE CODES


YouTube’s LGBTQ restriction isn’t censorship. It’s laziness.

  • There’s an aphorism called Hanlon’s razor, and it goes like this: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
  • In the case of this weekend’s YouTube censorship controversy, it wasn’t malice that caused YouTube to block videos with LGBTQ content — it was pure laziness.
  • YouTube’s “Restricted Mode” is a simple setting switch that works “like a parental control,” according to the site.
  • YouTubers began to notice that videos by LGBTQ bloggers suddenly disappeared when Restricted Mode was turned on, leading them to believe that LGBTQ content was being holistically labeled as explicit content not suited for young people.
  • So is YouTube censoring LGBTQ content? Not exactly.
  • YouTube’s Restricted Mode makes some decisions automatically, informed by masses of users clicking the “report” button.
  • If enough people click “report,” the item is marked as explicit. “We use community flagging, age restrictions and other signals to identify and filter out potentially inappropriate content,” reads YouTube’s page on Restricted Mode.
  • This problem isn’t about direct censorship or a group of moderators making intentionally political decisions in secrecy. The problem is outsourcing decision-making to the crowd instead of defining clear standards enforced by individuals. The problem is an algorithm. The problem is laziness. Read more (3/20/17 9:12 PM)

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cryptologic-linguist  asked:

Sup home skillet!( new nickname if you're okay with it!) I noticed you had really epic notes and that you said you had a masterpost for them but I can't find it, could you shoot me the link to it? Thanks!

Hi! Thanks :) I actually…. haven’t made that masterpost yet (because I am an epic procrastinator; its been a year, I know orz) 

Usually my final exam notes would look like this: 

above: usually a booklet with a contents page, coloured tabs, each section w a different heading scheme colour. Handwritten comments added after practicing past exams  

As to how I took notes during uni, my method was very similar to that outlined by  @strive-for-da-best​ (see links below), cept I used microsoft word 

BUT I AIN’T GONNA LEAVE YOU HANGING, so here’s a bunch of other posts I’ve made which tangentially address my note taking method + some advice from other studyblrs: 

(spot the number of times I’ve said something to the effect of “i’ll write up a post re: my note taking method lol fml)

/quietly retreats/ 

C1/C2 German Grammar Books

Here’s 3 books I can recommend for those who are sadistic love German grammar so much they want to be tortured by it  be really challenged by it. I’ve included pdf links (via drive)to two of the books and an amazon link to the latter as I can’t find a .pdf. The contents page has also been included as an image.

1. C-Grammatik by Anna Buscha

This what I’m currently going through at the moment and it perhaps the simplest and most aesthetically appealing of all the books. It goes quite in-depth with areas concerning verbs and tenses, and the section on different types of sentences is quite challenging (TIL about Partizipsätze for example). There are also lots of funky section on Verbindungen so like Verb-Noun combinations, Verb-Preposition combos, Adjective-Case combos etc. etc. I recommend this one to start off with :)

Image of contents:
PDF Book Link: HERE
PDF Answers Link: HERE

2. Übungsgrammatik für die Oberstufe by Karin Hall

This is the most extensive of the books and the most recent, so if you can afford it then I highly recommend it - but also the link has a book preview and it allows you to view about 100 pages at least?! It’s an incredibly high amount tbh. This one tends to be more focused on sentence structures, moods and voices, and will be more difficult than C-Grammatik.

Image of contents:
Amazon Link:

3. Übungsgrammatik für die Mittelstufe by Friedrich Clamer

Although “Ober” is higher than “Mittel”, this is made by a different publisher who didn’t have that distinction and this is thus the highest level by them. This is hardcore mode - the first 30 pages or so are pretty easy, but then you’re plunged into the “Nominalisierung” and “Verbalisierung” as well as the Past Konjunktiv mit Passiv mit Modalverben. This is focused almost entirely upon sentence structure and how sentences can be expressed differently and it’s very heavy-going. But give it a try, you’ll “enjoy” it :-)

Image of contents:
PDF Book Link: HERE
PDF Answers Link: HERE

*Bonus: Deutsche Grammatik by Elke Hentschel*

This isn’t really a grammar-learning book per se, but it’s a glossary of all grammar terms really with examples in German (and often English). You should give it a read through if you’re super interested it.

Link: HERE

I hope you all enjoy one of the books at least! If anyone seriously makes it through all of 3. without crying at least 20 times I will be surprised. 

If any of the links break just let deutsian know thx :-)


Meet [A.I.] Astella.EX 

I know I promised to release a theme, but well, this one has been under wraps for almost a year now, so it’s about time I got to polishing it up and finishing it! Tada, yukoki’s new blog theme!

I still love the celestial theme (and background!) from the previous theme, so many of its elements still remain… BUT! Instead of that sleek sliding transition, now we have one that is… Based like a typical RPG store huehue. Astella is my OC (Yes the graphics are original) and she’ll be your navigator through my blog :>


  1. Master container-style navigation window that opens automatically
  2. Visit many different pages – FAQ, Resources, Codes, Blog posts – All without refreshing any pages!
  3. Blog content in full screen for maximum visibility
  4. A hella lot of cool transitions!!! (I’m serious, visit and play around hehe)
  5. qt pie astella who’s modelled after me

When I first joined the studyblr community, I was taken aback with the amount of studyblrs posting photos of their planner and their bullet journal spreads. I’ve only known and been in the fandom side of Tumblr for years, so I found it really cool that there are others who share the same appreciation for keeping things organized and staying productive.

I began to post my own planner spreads and since then, I would receive a lot of messages every day about planners/bullet journals and how to set them up. I decided to create this series to give you an overview of the art of using a planner or a bullet journal (right on time for the new year!) and address if not all, most, of your questions. Hopefully, as we progress through the series, you’ll find that keeping track of your tasks and staying organized isn’t as hard and tiring as it seems!

In this first part of the Plan and Play series, I’ll be covering the basics of planners, bullet journals, and planning in general. So let’s start: a planner and a bullet journal, what’s the difference?

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mysoultoknow  asked:

I went to Netflix, scrolled to the bottom. Clicked the help center link and it showed a link for requests. I'm not seeing to many posts about this so thought I would run it by you for others to see. Btw, I put Eyewitness in all 3 listings. lol

Yes, this is Netflix’s content request page for when you want to request special programming from the network. We are spreading this like wildfire on Twitter but you are right, it should be emphasized as much as possible! Thank you for reaching out!


You can do this as many times as you want so please take the extra minute to do it every time you feel a pang of pain missing Eyewitness. Fandoms resurrect shows, fandoms move them, fandoms shape them. Eyewitness is ours and we have a voice to decide its future! 

Let’s Keep Fighting!

If an artist comes on to your show and performs a song, you pay them (by them I mean their label/publishing/etc I always get confused about the backend stuff). 

You pay them extra if you want to put that performance online afterwards. 

Generally you pay X dollars to have it up for Y months. Then, when Y months is up, you have to pull it from your site (youtube/apps/web/etc, wherever you have paid to put their content on your show’s page, where you are making money).

‘Dionysus Loves You!’ is the name of a zine about trans characters in the riordanverse, and it’s looking for submissions!

Dionysus is the patron god of all intersex and transgender individuals so who better to name this zine after! it’s an often overlooked fact about him but not in any way less important. this is why we’re doing a zine including your PJO/HOO trans headcanons, to highlight the importance of headcanons in fandom next to canon. you can have headcanons about any of the campers, gods, or even mortal parents.. the list goes on, don’t be shy!

your submission doesn’t have to revolve around the transness of the characters, it can be them hanging with friends, fishing, fighting, going on a date, shopping, flying… anything..! being trans is not a tragedy so let’s keep this zine upbeat and a lovely experience to all participating and reading alike. 💖 but let’s keep it SFW!

we’re looking for 1 to 5 pages of content per contributor (5 in case you’re doing a comic for example!). just illustrations are also extremely very very welcome. this will be a free digital release with no profits, just for fun, so keep that in mind. both b&w and color submissions are welcome. dimensions should be that of an A5 (1748 pixels x 2480 pixels) at 300DPI.

the current planned deadline is april 10th, you can email your entries to!

feel free to message me for any questions or specifications. i’ll update this post if anything changes or there’s new information! thank you! 💖

A Real Father

Request: Hey boo, if it’s not too much trouble and/or when you have time do you think you could do a Steve x Reader where the reader is a single mom to a young kid and basically sees Steve as their dad and when their biological dad tries to come around Steve is NOT HAVING IT? I could see Steve shutting that shit down for real… Thanks for your consideration! Xoxoxo @overlordred

A/N: “Sorry this went on a little longer than I intended.”

You sat on the sofa braiding your daughter’s hair while you watched a movie. She was content flipping through the pages of her picture book. She spent the entire day running around the park with Steve and she was tired but trying to fight it. As you combed through a section she broke the mutual quiet with a soft question.

“Is Daddy coming over later?” her voice was small and light as if she had been thinking the question for a very long time to no avail and now was trying to downplay her interest.

“I don’t know, he said he had some work stuff to do, but you spent all day with him.”

“Yeah, I want to spend even more time!” she exclaimed and you laughed a little.

“Why is that, Kira?”

“Because he’s lots of fun.”

“Steve is lots of fun, huh?”

“You guys are getting married, right?”

“Yeah, next year,” you answered.

“Will we move in with him then?”

“Yeah, we’ll be closer to your school,” you answered. She was quiet again, satisfied with the answers to her questions. Steve was a great a guy but he was not Kira’s biological father. You met him a while ago, back when you were pregnant with Kira and going through hell with her actual  father. The two of you met through Sam. He came by your place asking for somewhere to stay when his apartment was obliterated by some villain. He came with Captain America. You were quick to become friends with Steve, and after Kira was born and your previous relationship was all the way over, you let him take you out for a few dates. That proved to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. He was always respectful towards you and your baby, never keeping you out too late and even planning dates that Kira could come along on. Steve Rogers wasn’t hard to fall in love with by any means.

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I need you to stop doing that because it’s really adorable

Request: do you think you could do 51 with peter from the newest list??

51 from the prompt list plss?thank you sm!!💓💓

Summary: You and Peter are sat in the cafeteria at school studying for a test and he catches your eye making it difficult to concentrate.

****A/N: I haven’t posted anything in a while. Things are happening at home. So I know this is short but it’s all I’ve got right now.****

I need you to stop doing that because it’s really adorable and I’m trying to concentrate 

Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

You read over the contents of the pages in front of you and wrote down information over and over again to ensure that you’ll be able to recall it when the test comes. You had been doing this for the past half hour with Peter sitting ahead of you, studying with his own method. You both had free period before the test and you had agreed to not waste any spare time by not getting in some last minute studying. 

The cafeteria was abnormally quiet and empty allowing you to hear your own pencil on paper, and the crisp rustling of Peters notes. He was mumbling the written words as he read over them without his knowledge of it. When you first discovered that he did this when concentrated on his work, you thought it was strange and slightly annoying, but since then it’s grown on you, now you hardly ever notice it. 

A thick silence blanketed the room as Peters mumbling had evaded. He suddenly gasped and let out a not so subtle sneeze, startling both you and both. His head bobbed down and back up with his outburst, and his chocolaty eyes grew. You couldn’t help but smile and let out a soft laugh at his abrupt disorientation. Your smile was deadly contagious and it found it’s way onto Peters lips, infecting his features. 

“Bless you,” you excused him, and he gave you a nod and thanks in return.

He buried his nose back in to his work and soon enough his mumbling followed. Instead of copying his actions and going back to your notes, your irises remained on him. You watched as the corner of his eyes would crinkle depending on his interest and concentration. The slight crows feet that frame his eyes carry traces of laughter and deep grins that are burned deep into your memory. His eyebrows creased slightly with puzzlement but soon relaxed to their normal position. 

He brought his right hand up and softly pinched his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger, rolling them over it. You felt warm and happy taking him in and his actions and quirks that may go unnoticed to most people, were the whole world to you.

I need you to stop doing that because it’s really adorable, and I’m trying to concentrate,” you let slip, crossing your arms over your chest.

Peter tore his eyes off the many pages on the table and gave you a confused stare, “Wha-what do you mean?” he wondered innocently, “Did I do something wrong?” 

You smiled at him, “No, you’re just being you,”

He shook his head and sighed, “You’re weird,” 

“You choose to put up with me,”

“It’s well worth it, love.”