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favourite rap monster photoshoots

this boy is model material AF and if you aren’t convinced then prepare to wack yourself on the head after reading this post. to those who well and truly already know this, enjoy this post to your hearts content. :)

1. GQ Korea Magazine (2015)

i would do chem just for him

ummm ya boi was sporting some hella hot-nerd + skaterboi looks pls appreciate

2. Nylon Magazine (2015)

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Wooyoung “ I am planning to concentrate on my personal music studies. I hope that many people wait for my return" 

~Oh our Wooyoungie is studying hard right now. No wonder he’s being quiet while his other members doing their own personal activities. I wish him all the best in his study and hopefully we -HOTTEST- can see Wooyoung graduation ceremony soon. Yippie ^0^ 

And yes he’ll be making another solo album after that. I can’t wait but whatever it is I just hope that Wooyoungie is happy in what he’s doing. Also, wait patiently for his next solo album. Jang Wooyoung Hwaiting!!! :)