i don’t care what anyone tells you; if you live your life like it’s a competition with those around you, you’re just going to end up disappointed. there are no “winners” and “losers” in life, only those that are content with where they are at, and those who are not. 

“Two and a half years ago, I really struggled with contentment. I thought if my circumstances were different, I’d be happier and life would be better…little did I know God had me right where He wanted me. I was antsy and tried to control my situation. And after a long battle of life not changing even though my circumstances were changing I learned - it’s all about perspective. I need to be content no matter what my circumstances in order to learn and grow. So I stayed. I stayed until I learned what I was supposed to learn and then the next door opened. I don’t think this is a one size fits all idea but it changed my life.” - Eryn Eddy of So Worth Loving

We walk on frosted ground praising chrysanthemums bordering fields; sit on the edge of the woods waiting for the moon to rise. Not having to be alone is happiness; we do not talk of failure or success.

Chia Tao  (779–843)