Standing Rock solidarity event closes major intersection in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Organizers inspired by plea from 12-year-old girl

More than 100 demonstrators carrying signs bearing slogans such as ‘Water is Life’  took over the intersection of Memorial Avenue and the Harbour Expressway in Thunder Bay, Ont. during the noon hour on Monday.

It was partly a celebration of Sunday’s announcement by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deny permission for the contentious Dakota Access Pipeline to pass under a reservoir of the Missouri River after months of protests near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

It was also the answer to a plea, posted on Youtube, by Autumn Pelletier, a 12-year-old Indigenous girl who asked people to shut down highways across North America for one hour on December 10 to show a commitment to protecting water from contamination.

“As Indigenous people it’s important to carry out the call, especially if it’s coming from a youth,” said Cheryl Suggashie, one of the organizers of the event in Thunder Bay. “It’s kind of like a ceremony, a prayer.”

Suggashie said she’s concerned about whether the pipeline decision in the United States will hold and about recent pipeline approvals in Canada.

“I know chiefs are butting heads and that it’ll bring jobs but there’s going to be no Earth if it’s going to be destroyed like that,” she said. “I don’t know how you can not see the future.”

It’s significant that women are taking a leadership role in protecting the environment, she said.

“That’s how our ancestors used to do things before European contact,” Suggashie said. “It was the women who were the backbone everywhere across Turtle Island, but we’re stuck in this patriarchy.”

tangled-headphone-cord  asked:

I've seen chain-keeping undisputaly condemned as cruel, but is it not only bad when it's paired with neglect? What if water and shelter are always available, with a meal once a day, if the dog gets daily 1-2 hr walks whenever possible, supervised off-chain playtime and doesn't refuse to come when its owner is holding the chain to put it on, and after being free for extended time just goes to lie in places that are easily accessible with the chain?

This is a pretty contentious topic, and the answer you get will vary by culture (a debate on this just popped up in a dog Facebook group today, actually).

Chaining dogs tends to cause aggression and frustration issues because of the ability to see and move towards things but never be able to approach them. That’s the biggest issue I know of, aside from the fact that in the US people who chain dogs tend to neglect them (because it’s a cultural thing to not care in areas where it’s commonly accepted).

That doesn’t mean it’s always bad. Sometimes chaining is a viable solution for containment when fencing isn’t available or is too expensive. I know people in the wolfdog community who feed dogs on chains because it’s easier to tie them out than try to separate them all at feeding time and it’s fine. Sometimes chaining dogs - like guard dogs in other countries - does increase aggression, but that’s also part of what those dogs need to do their job (and be kept and fed because they do it).

In the situation you described, I would say it is possible for that to be an okay and maybe good situation. I’d want to see a bungee on the tie out to buffer the shock on the dog if they try to chase a rabbit, and I’d want there to be visual barriers between the dog and other people/animals as to help prevent reactivity. I’m not sure I would like it even then, because I’m from a culture where it isn’t okay, but I could see it being a pretty decent existence for the dog in cases specific to your description.

Avevamo i cuori legati
Come tessuti intrecciati
Poi siamo cresciuti,cambiati
Finiti strappati
Oggi sconosciuti
O conoscenti passati
Siamo stati contenti
O non accontentati ¿?¿?

What's Up With All These "Bad Attitude" Vocabulary Words?

In the above WordPhoto, there are ten words that indicate anger, discontent, a tendency to argue or fight, i.e., a bad attitude. (You might appreciate these words when you have to learn them for the SAT.) Here are the words:

  1. contentious
  2. peevish
  3. polemical
  4. captious
  5. churlish
  6. pugnacious
  7. bellicose
  8. vindictive
  9. truculent
  10. incorrigible
Marijuana Toxicity in Pets.

This shouldn’t be a contentious issue, but in my newbie days blogging as a vet student, I once plainly stated that marijuana is considered toxic to dogs, and you shouldn’t give it to your pets. 

Surprisingly, I was promptly inundated with comments and messages from various cannabis enthusiasts calling me all sorts of things along a conservative right wing agenda (ha!) for daring to say that nobody should be deliberately trying to get their dog or cat stoned. These people also accused me of having a bias against cannabis for calling it ‘toxic’. Though it is the dose that makes the poison, marijuana is considered toxic to dogs and cats. So is chocolate, and panadol (acetaminophen) is highly toxic to cats, but nobody accused me of being politically opposed to those substances. 

Marijuana is toxic to dogs and cats. The veterinarian treating your pet, however, doesn’t give a damn how the animal became exposed to it, and only wants to treat your pet. That includes inducing vomiting if the drug was eaten. Yes, despite marijuana’s touted anti-nausea effects we can still make intoxicated pets vomit, it only renders apomorphine less effective. We have other ways. 

We’re also very interested in whether the pet ingested any chocolate to go along with that mull. As a profession with have no interest in your personal liberties, only the welfare and treatment of that pet. It may be that whatever your pet has eaten alongside or subsequent to the marijuana toxicity could be a bigger problem than the marijuana itself, because frankly they will eat lots of stupid things. Don’t lie to your vets. 

Animals progressing to tremors and seizures from marijuana will require hospitalization and sedation. This is potentially as serious as chocolate toxicity. 

“But wait!” you may cry. “Isn’t cannabis good for seizures?”

Well, that’s complicated. Marijuana is what pharmacologists may refer to as a ‘dirty drug’. That means it contains lots of different compounds which all do different things. Cannabidiol compounds appear to be responsible for the anti-seizure effect, and there are more than a hundred variants of those. The combination of cannabidiols and THC in the particular strain that the pet accidentally got into will vary, because there’s no labeling or really any quality control. It varies from plant to plant, from strain to strain, and even the conditions the plant was grown in. This makes marijuana plants currently useless in veterinary medicine, as we can’t prescribe accurate doses, and it’s still firmly on the toxic list, next to chocolate. 

Affected animals, in addition to tremors, seizures, urinary incontinence and vomiting, often display behavior changes which could be attributed to paranoia, anxiety or possibly even hallucination. 

Herein we find my primary problem with people that deliberately try to get their pets stoned. Some do it because it’s funny. Some do it because they think the pet ‘likes it’ when really the pet probably just likes being near people. Animals do not have a concept of ‘future’ like we do, and they attribute consequences to only very recent actions. It takes a fair amount of thinking to realize that what you’ve just eaten, or inhaled, it causing all these strange sensations in your brain. Pets don’t understand this, and become distressed. They also can’t consent to this. 

Think of dogs and cats as having approximately the same mental capacity as a 2 year old child. You wouldn’t deliberately attempt to get the child stoned, nor should you inflict it upon a pet. If for no other reason, you simply cannot explain to the pet what’s going on, or why you’ve done it to them. 

There is no good reason to give your pets marijuana. Whether you think it’s funny, whether you think the pet wants it, or whether you read on some forum that it’s good for treating ‘X’, the effects are to unpredictable. The side effects are too risky, and the distress you can cause your pet who doesn’t understand what’s going on is simply going to be cruel. 

There are a whole bunch of things in this world that are fine for humans, but not our pets: alcohol, chocolate, coffee, onions and certain medications. Add marijuana to that list. 


there are about thirty three thousand urban foxes in bristol. though the population remains stable, some argue for a cull, viewing them as dangerous. ecologists, however, counter that killing the foxes would be pointless as they are territorial (with a territory of about thirty hectares on average), and when you kill one another simply claims the territory. 

notes photogrpaher sam hobson, “using a flash with nocturnal wildlife is a contentious issue, especially out in the wild …where many animals are not used to artificial light and a flash can cause temporary blindness. but urban foxes …are used to artificial light, so a low powered, indirect camera flash is no different to the sudden reflection of a car headlight. i introduced it very slowly, observing their reactions at every step.”
"We're All Africans" Says Meryl Streep Defending Lack Of Diversity On All-White Berlin Jury
The three-time Academy award winner dismissed concerns of an all-white panel at the Berlin Film Festival, saying, "After all we're all from Africa originally."
By Tasneem Nashrulla

Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep is the latest actor to comment on a lack of diversity in the movie industry, a contentious debate that has led several celebrities to boycott the Oscars this year.

Heading an all-white jury at the Berlin Film Festival, Streep dismissed questions about the lack of diversity on the panel, saying, “We’re all Africans really.”

The seven-member jury includes German actor Lars Eidinger, British film critic Nick James, French photographer Brigitte Lacombe, British actor Clive Owen, Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher and Polish director Malgorzata Szumowska, The Associated Press reported.

Streep said she was committed to equality and inclusion “of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions.”

“There should be inclusion, and this jury is evidence that at least women are included and in fact dominate this jury, and that’s an unusual situation in bodies of people who make decisions,” Streep told reporters. “So I think the Berlinale is ahead of the game.”

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L'adolcescenza è strana. Ti illude. Ti fa pensare di non amare nessuno, o di amare qualcuno che tu non vuoi amare. O pensi che mai e poi mai l'amore arriverà. Ci illudiamo che è già tutto è finito, che siamo senza speranze. Perché pensiamo che in quest'età già possiamo trovare l'amore della nostra vita. Ma invece no; in quest'età troveremo degli amori passeggeri, ci sarà la passione, il cambiamento. Ma non l'amore, quello vero, no. Perché, anche se pensiamo di essere pronti, non lo siamo, non sappiamo cos'è l'amore, quindi smettiamola di stare male per chi ci ha lasciato pensando che potesse durare a vita. L'amore arriverà per ognuno di noi. E in quel momento non t'importerà se sarà maschio o femmina, se sarai gay o lasbica, o semplicemente etero. L'amore arriverà, sotto forma di qualsiasi essere umano. Ma non ora, non a quest'età. Bisogna aspettare. Ora si confondono i sentimenti, tra bene e amore. Adesso non è nulla chiaro. Poi ci sarà quel momento che arriverà una persona che sconvolgerà la nostra vita. E sarà bello come la prima volta, emozionante, inaspettato e soprattutto bellissimo. Perché ognuno vive il proprio “Felici e Contenti”.
—  innamoratadiunpiccoloangelo