What's Up With All These "Bad Attitude" Vocabulary Words?

In the above WordPhoto, there are ten words that indicate anger, discontent, a tendency to argue or fight, i.e., a bad attitude. (You might appreciate these words when you have to learn them for the SAT.) Here are the words:

  1. contentious
  2. peevish
  3. polemical
  4. captious
  5. churlish
  6. pugnacious
  7. bellicose
  8. vindictive
  9. truculent
  10. incorrigible

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Revive skateboards? Most people I know think they're not a "real" skate company, whatever that means.

all i know is it sprouted out of YouTube channels popular w kids bc they provide an accessible version of skating - which i get, bc starting skating was intimidating in 94 & w the level now being so insane… i can only imagine what it’s like for kids - no wonder penny boards & longboarding are so popular - people wanna roll!

so that’s why these guys have such a big audience & what better way to literally capitalize on that then to monetize that shit. so i’m not hating, dudes are clearly shrewd businessmen

that doesn’t mean they have good style or i care to watch what they’re doing tho. i’m curious if kids will grow out of that stuff as they get better & are more able to dig the “real” skate industry

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Fuck that noise about 'big shoe'. There is no way that it's good for skating. Skater owned only. it's because of stupid guys like him that we have skater owned shoe companies falling apart. Fuck your Nike Sweatshop shoes.

believe me bro, if you’ve been here you know i rep #supportskaterowned hard. i’ve never tried any of those shoes but i have wondered if maybe the conditions in their sweatshops are better than in the skater owned sweatshops - bc smaller companies can’t afford to pay more & people are paying attn to the corpos re work conditions etc & since the skater owned co’s don’t seem eager to tell us any of their production details i really don’t know what to think anymore

ps without big shoe we wouldn’t have Polar, Hélas, Call Me 917, etc - which is why it’s not black & white
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GUILT TRIPPING!? Omg, I’m so sorry; that’s terrible.

My mother is the master of guilt trips, with a particular emphasis on the martyr act, the “what I want doesn’t matter” act

which has totally backfired on her now that my sister and I are smart enough to see through her emotional bullshit and both just say “okay, we’ll just do what we want!”