Volume 59

Today it was revealed to us the Contents Page of Volume 59 and the Gruvia panel was just beautiful. 

Look at this beauty:

Sexy!Juvia + Sexy!Gray + Chains = Epicness and very erotic thoughts!

But do you know what made my heart melt? The page with the boys.

Look at those stupid happy faces!!! In this picture they are not powerful mages, they are not demons or slayers, they are not complicated. They are two best friends, young adults, who are just having a good time together and being free.

Knowing what they went through, knowing about their fight and seeing this image it only strengthens the fact that they were throwing punches, yes, but their friendship had always been strong to go through it.

And then the second thing that made me VERY happy: look who’s with them:

Yes, their girls. Anyone could’ve been there, any member of Fairy Tail could’ve been there or no one at all and it would still make sense. For all we knew he could’ve put Erza there just because.

Instead, Mashima chooses to put the girls there and to be honest this is frankly what a double date with them would look like.

To me this is a bit what Mashima is trying to show at the same time he highlights how important the girls are.

I can almost see Juvia’s and Lucy’s knowing smiles and soft gazes with how happy the boys are. 💕

Even though I really liked the Gruvia nakedness, those silly happy smiles stole the thunder for me. ❤️

Madlen Carla Shoes

You cannot change the mesh, but feel free to recolour it as long as you add original link in the description.

If you can’t see this creation in CAS, please update your game.
If you’re experiencing thumbnail problem, update your game (latest patch should solve the problem).

Hope you’ll like it!


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🎉🎆 Early Christmas Spirits 🎄🎋

I have decided that I will do an official Christmas lookbook a little later into December (probably after I get over MAMA). Thank you to all custom content creators. Enjoy!

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Outfit #4

Outfit #5

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Just wanted to talk about this underappreciated scene.

I think the morning scene of Viktor looking at his ring by the ocean is a really significant one, and provides a deeper insight into his psyche.

First off, we have Viktor contemplating his ring. He seems almost… pensive. But why? 

It can’t be that he doesn’t want to be with Yuuri. As other posts have pointed out, it’s likely that Viktor had also intended to give a ring to Yuuri, and he had prepared his ring ahead of Yuuri’s little display at the church.

Then… Why does he seem so unsure?

He finally smiles a little, but immediately loses his smile when Yurio kicks him. Even so, the look on his face is one of indulgent exasperation at his friend / son / little brother. He’s not angry, he’s just like, “Now, why is Yurio mad at me again?”

Viktor is no longer amused. 

It is obvious that this hit a chord in him. He looks somber, somewhat nettled, even a little shocked and, dare I say it, worried or scared. 

Crap, Viktor’s hand is actually shaking.  Calm, laid-back, nothing-can-ruffle-my-feathers Viktor is actually so worked up, he’s shaking.

If this isn’t the face of a man who is barely suppressing his rage, I don’t know what is.

So, this is how I see it. Viktor has been neglecting other parts of his life except his skating for the past 20 years. Even Chris once said, that Viktor lived for a life on the ice. After centering his life around skating for most of his life, I do not believe for a moment that he has not wondered.

If you take skating away from him, is he worthless?

That’s why, when Yurio said that Viktor Nikiforov had died… It was like Yurio was vocalizing his deepest insecurities and fears. THEN, when Yurio insulted Yuuri, the one whom he had uprooted his entire life and identity for… It was as though Yurio had rejected his entire being. That’s why he was so pissed off. It was an anger born from fear.


When he stares out at the ocean that reminds him so much of his and Yuuri’s home, the anger, the doubt, the insecurity fade clean away from Viktor’s face. He looks wry, but content.

Change IS scary, and it’s also highly possible that Viktor had to sacrifice the rest of his career (one year out of competition + his age = difficult to get back into competition). 

But, I think this is the moment that blows away any doubt in Viktor’s mind that he was glad that he took that crazy leap of faith, to chase his heart and become Yuuri’s coach / lover. 

Yuuri wasn’t the only one transformed by love in their time together. 

Viktor was, too.

Meyoki’s “Why Why” Outfit Recoloured

Meyoki came out with this dress/outfit a few days ago and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s just so gorgeous & cute - So naturally, I had to have it in my own palette! I hope you like it :)

Let me know if there are any problems.

Please read my TOU before downloading! You can find it here

All credit goes to @meyokisims for the mesh

● Standalone

● You NEED the Mesh by @meyokisims​ - You can get it HERE

● Custom Thumbnail

● 28 Swatches

Download: Simfileshare
Vintage Glamour Decor Separated
Visit the post for more.

I’ve got a few more things coming. There is some makeup clutter I’m in the process of recoloring and I still need to separate the beds for this pack. I’m about halfway through a walk-in closet set as well. I’ve been ill the last 2 weeks so I’ve been in bed a lot but I’ll get them up as I get time. Enjoy!


SKAM 1:04 

anonymous asked:

i love voltron but all this discourse about shiro's age and shal///din stuff makes me feel that CANON shiro is a bad guy even though i know he's just a tired space dude. it's harder to like shiro because of it even though i know that shiro is actually a really sweet man idk

I feel the same way!!! Like I was rewatching Voltron the other day and I was like woah… Shiro’s actually a pretty cool character.