I made these skinny jeans quite a long time ago. At the time they had an issue when putting on tattoos the sim would wear them instead of underwear. I tried to fix it, but nothing I did worked. So today I decided I would re make the collection. I have made them in the 4 original colours they came in and I also added in some new choices too.

These jeans are non-default and a standalone creation

I have fixed the tattoo issue.

Found in Everyday categories.

Comes in 23 colours.

Custom thumbnail included.

Download at Simista


250 Followers Gift: Brandy Melville Shirts (Puresims Recolor)

  • Standalone
  • Contains 11 designs
  • Mesh by puresims (required)
  • If you use my recolors, please give me credit! 

I have finally finished making these. I always loved the Sims 3 Brandy Melville tanks and there weren’t any for the Sims 4. So, I made it. It looked easy…until I kept accidentally clicking the close button, the fonts would mess up, etc. I can’t imagine how meshing would be, so credit to anyone who can. Anyway, thank you puresims for the shirt! ♥ I hope you guys love it as much as I do!



I was so inspired by a photo I saw of something like this, I decided to try my hand at object creation. The result is this bathtub garden. I think this goes really nice in cottage type gardens.

This object is non-default and standalone.

Comes in 16 colours, well there are 8 bathtub colours but I also added a choice of either a pink flower version or a blue.

Found in Decorations/Misc.

Custom thumbnail included.

Download at Simista


EXO - 150729 SMTown The Stage fourth official teaser - (Additional link: [1]) - [ENG SUB]

Credit: blingdinosaur.