My beautiful corn snake finally got the upgrade she has deserved for so long! She now gets a tub with four times the floor space than her last home!

I have had Aya for about three years, and she has been in the same 30- gallon tank for all that time, with only about 3 feet of floor space. It really made me feel like a bad snake mom, and I started checking out what other people have done for snake set ups. Based on that research, I got a Christmas tree storage tub for her. It has lots of drilled holes for ventilation, and I drilled in some dowel rods to give her a climbing structure. It is currently heated with just a UTH with a thermostat, but I am exploring the idea of getting a radiant heat panel, and trying to rig up a light. 

Welcome home!

Aya seems to love it, and she has been exploring her new home non-stop! She especially loves having lots of deep bedding, as she seems to think corn snakes are a fossorial species. I want to get more plants, and offer her an additional humid hide at some point. 

I also wanted to tag @amazingpetenclosures. I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from their blog, and their followers might have more tips for me as well!