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Bungou Stray Dogs Ideal OVA Spoilers

So first, my Japanese isn’t quite good enough for an anime/manga series like BSD because we know that this requires a higher level of Japanese. So I reread the manga translation by beloved @dazaiscans after watching to fully understand.

So the whole OVA basically goes after manga chapter 40 with a few minor differences. And that’s what I’ll only be pointing out here. If you prefer the whole story, you can just read the manga itself since it’s the same. 

Some have also been asking if it’s already uploaded somewhere, I’m not sure about that but I heard that it might get posted this weekend. The one I have is what I bought as I happen to be in Japan currently.

So you may want to wait for the video itself or if you don’t mind, spoilers are under the cut!

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Razer & Aya kiss

Because it should have happened… I kind of needed this in my life, and though it’s not the best edit there is, I’m happy with the result. They’re my OTP and I recently watched Blue HopePrisoner of Sinestro and Loss. This image is the aftermath, I just had to do something with the feels :P