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Shattered || CLOSED


Terre had never been a morning person. He couldn’t remember a single time or place where he was happy to get up before 8 AM– But with Jay struggling the way he was and his own sleep hindering head aches, he figured breakfast in bed was the way to go. So the fox busied himself with making french toast and sausage while sipping an extra strong cup of coffee (caffeine was supposed to help with migraines, right?), humming and swaying his hips as he did so. 

“You have to eat all of it!” he said as he toted a large tray of food into the bedroom, “I spent a half hour slaving over a hot stove, so even if it isn’t any good, you better pretend~” Terre sent a prideful grin in Jay’s direction as he padded across the carpet, humming tiredly under his breath. Just as he was getting close to the bed, the fox froze. A clap of pain bolted up his spine and drummed against his head, his hands immediately abandoning the tray to fly to his temples. 

S-Shit!” he hissed, nearly doubling over. Everything was sent to the floor– The food, the drinks, and few of the dishes managed to shatter upon their sudden impact. “Oh god, Jay I’m so sorry–” he pushed out as he tried to blink away the spots in his vision and swallow back the pain. Dropping to the floor, he quickly started to gather everything up. “I’ll- I’ll clean up a-and I’ll try agai– Fuck!” In his mad rush to tidy up his mess, he’d gripped too hard on a piece of the broken glass he’d gathered and it’d sliced into his palm. “Ouch.” he muttered as he set everything down to peer over his injured hand. 

From his kneeling position, Terre moved back to sit as his eyes fixated on the blood that welled in his palm and slowly trickled down the side of his arm. From behind him, a tail flicked back and forth contently in an almost hypnotized manner.

“….” The fox laughed quietly. His eyes flicked up to the other, his gaze broken– One green and one the yellow and black that manifested in his shift. “Jayden.. Do you love me?”