She whips and whirls back and forth, seamlessly pouring drinks and carrying on a conversation like clockwork. The green racer-back exposes the little black music notes crawling across the back of her shoulder, her tan accentuated under the bar light. She smiles every time she looks in my direction, almost wincing anytime anyone else orders a drink. She’s got all eyes on her, older guys hoping for her attention by offering big tips, younger girls annoyed that their boyfriends seem to stare. And me of course, tracing the rim of a pub glass as I wait for her return. It doesn’t take long.

“Alright, so I thought about it.” She grins, before looking around, and when prying eyes have disappeared, she takes a sip from my glass. “I’m pretty sure I’d be good at it. I think I could rob at least twenty banks.”

The barfly sitting two seats down looks up from her phone and raises an eyebrow, completely unamused by the direction our conversation has taken, letting her eyes roll far enough that I genuinely think they might get stuck. We both stifle laughter, trying to stay deadly serious.

“Twenty? Twenty’s a big number. I’d be pretty impressed honestly.” She grabs at my now empty glass as the words slip from my mouth, smirking as she walks over to the tap, returning like a squall with a fresh glass and a retort.

“Is this an audition?”

“Might be.” I smile back.  She doesn’t get the chance to answer, instead reluctantly being tasked with making a Cosmo, a drink that seems more than a little out of place in a bar like this. She turns a steel tumbler and a pub glass into a makeshift cocktail mixer and I can’t help but be impressed. She even manages to smile as she serves the drink, even as she returns, laughing that anyone could drink something so pink.

The conversation carries off and on in between orders for hours, but it seems to pass by in a manner of minutes. It almost shocks me when the lights come up and I realize I’m the only one left not on the payroll. She looks almost hurt to tell me that I’ll have to go outside while they count up the till, but asks me to wait for her.

Within ten minutes she meets me out on the patio, collapsing into me with an unexpected hug that manages to cut through the early December chill. She lingers, and the I’m not sure how to feel, holding someone else in the cold.

“I’d escape to somewhere warm. Definitely an island.” She says into my neck, bringing the conversation full circle, “Fuck. You smell amazing.” I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of blushing out in the cold, but I can feel my cheeks begin to flush. She pulls back finally, smiling up at me in the most disarming way.

“So Tuesday, right?” I ask, shrugging the compliment off, like always, as I fish the keys out of my pocket. She nods, the smile turning into a smirk that I realize I’m starting to find familiar. I smile back, turning on my boot heel and walking toward the opposite end of the parking lot to begin the journey home.

“It’s a date."  She yells across the distance as my fingers fumble with the handle of the car door.

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Mama! I don´t now how to feels about Touken anymore!, look ! is so canon, but so damage ! How to cope? do I read fanfiction?

Yes nonny, read fanfiction, watch fan arts/amvs, you can even draw and write content yourself :o that’s the best thing you can do while waiting for touken moments in the manga

Everyone romanticizes the thought of creating OCs and original content but when you come down to it the truth is that no one else tends to give a fuck about all your hard work and love you put into these characters and your fan art/fics will get hundreds more notes than anything original you create. And that’s really shitty. Support artists and writers, friends, you never know when someone’s original characters and content could become your favourite new thing.

Does anyone else get really caught up on the small details in their writing? Like you can be really good at writing situations and feelings and characters, but you get to a point when you’re writing something small like what they’re making for dinner and before you know it, you’re googling recipes with tomatoes because you think the scene won’t be convincing unless you know the cooking time and temp??

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Watch Your Symptoms
Part 2: Character Levels
Part 3: Developing Crowd Characters
Part 4: Developing Tertiary Characters
Part 5: Developing Secondary Characters
Part 6: Developing Primary Characters
Part 7: Developing Characters Using Questions
Part 8: Developing Characters Using Little Details
Part 9: Diverting Archetypes
Part 10: Avoiding the Self
Part 11: Building Realism
Part 12: The Truth About Character Flaws
Part 13: What To Do When Your Character Falls Flat
Part 14: Using Your World

(a note from Pear: this table of contents is currently up-to-date. should I decide to return to this series, later posts will be added to this table of contents. all posts original to this blog may be found under the posts by pear tag.)

I hope next competition everybody rushes over to hug Yuuri, and we will have an increasingly jealous Viktor hissing in the background and possibly correcting everybody so he has an excuse to hug Yuuri in between hugs again.

“Stop it! You are taking too long!”

“You are hugging him too tight.”

“You are not hugging him tight enough.”


“If that hands goes lower I will break all your fingers…” (◕◡◕)

Looking for a content writing job?

Hi, everyone!

Many of you know that I work as a freelance writer and project manager for my company, which hires writers on a regular basis. Basically, we write articles for a living. It’s been my sole source of income for over a year and a half, so it IS an actual job, and I mainly hire fandom people because they’re the best writers around and also we can all scream on twitter at each other whenever we have deadlines coming up. One of my most prolific writers sadly just left to go to graduate school full-time, so I’m looking for new talent!

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Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll set you up with all the information you need and a quick trial! Email me at and we can chat.

This is the company I work for, btw, in case you want to do research on it (that’s my photo at the bottom in black & white!!). I’m not promising it’s like, Fortune 500 pay or anything??? but if you write a lot you can make a very steady living, and i personally love working from home, so it works for me.

24 полезных сервиса для пишущих людей
  • Istio — проверит орфографию, посчитает количество знаков, ключи, плотность и другие seo-показатели.
  • Readability — оценит читабельность текста. Именно здесь вы узнаете, будет ваш текст понятен простому обывателю или нет.
  • 8nog — посчитает знаки и удалит двойные пробелы.
  • Typograf — простой и удобный типограф, который сделает красивые кавычки и превратит дефисы в тире.
  • Glvrd — поможет отшлифовать текст в информационном стиле. Подходит для рекламы, новостей, инструкций, писем и коммерческих предложений. Не подходит для стихов и художественной прозы.
  • Test-the-text — еще один ресурс для проверки текста в информационном стиле.
  • Zenpen — минималистичный онлайн-редактор (когда не хочется загружать Google Docs и Word).
  • Спеллер — проверяет орфографию в русском, украинском и английском тексте.
  • Вебмастер — сообщает «Яндексу» о вашем новом оригинальном тексте.
  • Вордстат — помогает подобрать ключевые слова.
  • Translit — переведет текст в транслит и обратно.
  • Topwriter — сравнивает два текста между собой (полезно для рерайтеров).
  • Speechpad — перевод аудио в текст (не идеально, но интервью расшифровать можно).
  • Findcopy — проверка уникальности текста (результат проверки можно получить в виде ссылки).
  • Synonymizer — поможет подобрать синоним.
  • Wordassociations — сервис подбора словесных ассоциаций.
  • Text — проверка текста на антиплагиат.
  • Оrfogrammka — веб-сервис проверки правописания.
  • Quittance — отыс­ки­ва­ет в тек­сте подозрительные ме­ста на пред­мет од­ной из са­мых рас­про­стра­нен­ных сти­ли­сти­че­ских по­греш­но­стей: рас­по­ло­жен­ных близ­ко по тек­сту фо­не­ти­че­ски и мор­фо­ло­ги­че­ски сход­ных слов (так на­зы­ва­е­мая неча­ян­ная тав­то­ло­гия).
  • ВААЛ — может пригодиться поэтам и ораторам, чтобы проанализировать подсознательное воздействие текста своего выступления. Оценивает текст любого жанра по многим параметрам. В свободное обращение выпущена версия программы ВААЛ-мини.
  • Poem Parser — благодаря программе вы сможете узнать, каким стихотворным размером вы написали очередной шедевр, а также не ошибиться с длиной рифмующихся строк.
  • TextReferent — автоматическое реферирование английских текстов. Обработав текст и проанализировав частоту появления в нем отдельных слов, программа вычленяет из него основные для понимания смысла фразы. Демоверсия бесплатна для скачивания и работает только с английским языком.
  • Neogranka/Stihi — позволяет выбрать рифму, подходящую под ударение нужного слова, а также может заняться корректировкой стихотворного размера.
  • Stihi — более актуальный и ежедневно обновляемый онлайн-подборщик рифм. Но с его рифмами нужно быть осторожным, так как за основу словаря берутся стихи пользователей сайта.

“Oh, Merlin.” Arthur said quietly. “What did I tell you about crying? No man is worth your tears, not even me.” He sat down beside his friend and rested his hand on Merlin’s arm, touching his skin without any pressure. He didn’t necessarily want to reach through him again. Arthur just wished he could let him know that he was there. Then Merlin could get the potion from Gaius that they’d used too see Uther. And if Merlin could see him… if he could just see him, maybe then he would stop feeling like a part of his soul was missing.

me? still bitter about getting civil war instead of cap 3? absolutely