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I'm writing a long-ish short story that has a plot and subplot. What are some good ways of ordering the scenes so it's not just plot/subplot/plot/subplot? Thank you.

Does P/S/P/S not work? Depending on the length of the story, it might not even be obvious. More on that in a minute. 

The plot deserves the limelight, so add extra plot scenes, then punctuate them with a subplot scene. P/S/P/P/S for example. 

Once you reach the proper flow, your readers will get into it, too, and they’re not going to map out the meta-order of the scenes unless you’re in a writing class discussing the structure of the short story. 

Plotting a novel or a screenplay is a lot more structured, mostly because the length requires that the story be laid out on a framework that’s both logical and psychologically satisfying. And there’s more than one way to do that even. If what you’re really getting yourself into is a novella, you’re going to have to pay more attention to novel/screenplay structure. 

But for a short story, work for flow of the story you need to tell. Just tell it. Just write it. When you’re done, you can let it sit and then go back and get all meta on yourself. Beta readers can help, too. 

Warning: I was doing some internet searches for advice on short story structure not too long ago and honestly, I found a shit ton of shitty advice out there. Worse than any search I’ve ever done for this blog. I’m considering doing a critique of what I found, although I won’t be calling out any one site or author (or content mill???). 

- Mod Aliya

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Mille.. I wont be able to go to the MX concert cause i'll be on holiday.. Ive been crying so much.. As my honorary mother you have to go for me pls, if youre gonna be able to hi touch with them then pls tell us how it was to see our angels up close.. Love you and all your content Mille ❤️

i will go and try my best to get some vvip tickets and hi-touch event haha hopefully i dont do smth awkward

That thing where years ago justin bieber was literally inescapable online and IRL and he was one of the fucking megastars of the world and youtube was just a justin bieber inspired content mill, and now he’s still famous but the last thing i have heard or seen about him in months, maybe a year, is that photoset of him saying he has conjuctivitis, I don’t like that. Makes me feel queasy

heya guys. i got accepted into one of the writer’s content mills, so i’m gonna see if i can’t start earning a little bit of cash. i’m also gonna remind you guys that my writing blog is over at @galahadwrit and i’ve adjusted prices because no one was nibbling on that rope.

it’s cheaper!

and gr8.

i’m gonna be trying to focus on a science-based chapbook and see if i can’t get that thing published somewhere.

anyway. i’m gonna be posting my commissions page again, and it would be FABULOUS if you guys could reblog it.

thank ya’ll.

I’m probably as done as the rest of the world is with that record. I think it came and it went. And not to discredit it, it was a good moment, it was cool for what it was.  But at the end of the day it was one of those sort of fleeting Twitter frenzies. My thing is I like lasting power. I want you to still be listening to this album in the summer or next year. I want this to stay in your car, stay on your mind. [“Control”] is not even about the music, it wasn’t even about the content of it. It just seemed to be about all the bullshit and now everybody’s over it. Nobody plays it.
—  Drake on “Control” and “Charged Up” and “Back To Back” and “Wanna Know.” These dudes aren’t making songs they’re generating content.

any work i can do online that doesn’t require me to give away personal information?

even fucking content mills all require pictures of my photo id and shit like that, and looking for individual writing gigs has given me nothing

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I literally miss liv and roblivion sm. Like Rob and Liv relationship grew so organically it was beautiful I just hope they can get back to that eventually (after she's kicked him in the balls again ofc) Aaron, Liv and Rob need to all be at the Mill together asap it's taking years off my life lol

anon i feel u 😩😩😩🍷 we spent all this time waiting for the mill and the roblivion content of dreams for them to fuck us over and taint the mill forever and not even show us them burning the bed or liv choosing weird decorations or anyone making fun of the stupid staircase 😩😩😭 give us the mill content we all deserve in the second half of this year of hell 👌✨

Snapchat is doing a daily news show with NBC


Something you’ll never see on Snapchat’s daily news show with NBC: anchors sitting behind desks wearing suits and ties.

Starting Wednesday, NBC News will produce the show, which is called “Stay Tuned,” twice a day for Snapchat’s 166 million users. Each edition will cover the biggest news stories of the day and be a crisp two to three minutes in length.

As the first daily video series to air on Snapchat, “Stay Tuned” is the latest development in parent Snap Inc.’s nascent efforts to become a destination for exclusive shows. The company hopes to air up to three shows per day by the end of the year.

“Stay Tuned” also represents an increased focus for Snap on the specific genre of news, according to the company’s head of original content, Sean Mills.

“Our ambition is very much that when something happens in the world or there’s a news event, that our audience would turn to Snapchat increasingly to get that news,“ Mills told Business Insider during a recent interview. 

Reinventing the news for Snapchat

("Stay Tuned” hosts Gadi Schwartz and Savannah Sellers.NBC)

Since the beginning of 2015, Snapchat’s Discover section has been home to a hand-picked and ever-expanding list of publishers, from The Washington Post to The Daily Mail. These outlets show often-repurposed stories and videos in their channels that are tailored for Snapchat’s vertical video format and swipe-heavy interface.

A team of in-house editors at Snapchat also pulls together videos and photos willingly submitted by users for stories around breaking news events like elections and terrorist attacks. These so-called “Our Stories” live next to stories from outside publishers in Snapchat’s Discover section.

With “Stay Tuned,” NBC News will get prime real estate in the newer “Shows” section of Snapchat, which has already been home to other NBC-owned shows like “The Voice” and E! News’ “The Rundown.” NBCUniversal invested a whopping $500 million in Snap’s initial public offering.

Interest in doing a news show on Snapchat came after NBC reporters used the app to cover the 2016 US presidential election, according to NBC head of digital Nick Ascheim. The network’s staffers started sharing videos from their personal accounts that would occasionally be picked up in one of Snapchat’s Our Stories and get “unbelievable amounts of traffic,” he said.

“We wanted to do a news program that really felt like news as opposed to dumbing down for a different audience,“ Ascheim told BI. "And that was very much in line with what Snap wanted.”

A big part of Snapchat’s draw for content partners and advertisers is its highly engaged, young audience. The average Snapchat user opens the app 18 times per day and 75% of daily show viewers are between the ages of 13 and 24, according to the company.

For NBC, that represents an opportunity to reach a highly sought-after demographic. A dedicated team of 30 NBC reporters and editors will produce the show and air breaking news updates throughout the day if a big enough story breaks.

“It’s an audience that we want to reach and we want to understand better,” Ascheim said.


A source of inspiration for both partners was “Good Luck America,” a politics show produced by Snap and hosted by the company’s head of news and former CNN reporter, Peter Hamby. Since the 2016 presidential election, the show’s viewership has grown by 53% in its second season and now averages over 5 million unique viewers per episode.

And while Snapchat’s Discover section has been criticized for often looking like the digital equivalent of the tabloid rack at a grocery store, “Good Luck America” episodes cover issues like immigration, gun violence, and the decline of American manufacturing.

“The truth is that when we talk about Snapchat being a camera company, we talk about it being a lense into the world,” said Snap original content chief Sean Mills. “We feel a sense of responsibility that lense applies into all facets of peoples’ lives. When we first did news coverage, I think it was a surprise to a lot of us. Now it’s become very expected.”

Snap’s partnership with NBC on “Stay Tuned” is an indefinite commitment, according to Mills. NBC will sell ads for the show and Snap will take a share of the revenue. Snap’s internal production team will continue to help NBC develop the show and work on best practices for shooting and editing.

“We’re not thinking about it in terms of seasons,“ he said.

Developing a sense of trust


Snap’s decision to go head-first into news comes as Facebook is preparing to unveil its own slate of original shows. Serious news coverage is one area that Facebook is shying away from with its first slate of shows, according to people familiar with the matter.

And while Facebook has been heavily criticized for its role in spreading fake news and misinformation in recent months, Snap has managed to largely avoid the issue. When asked why, Mills credited the company’s approach of only working with select publishers.

"We’ve always been a bit more of a closed platform when it comes to content and content partnerships,” he said. “That has allowed us to really, I think, control and maintain the credibility and the trust of our audience. That’s kept us out of some of the difficulties that other platforms have when they’re open and there’s less of a sense of trust in the information that comes over.”

NOW WATCH: RICH GREENFIELD: There is just one way for Snapchat to survive Facebook

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nativeamericannews/nativeamericanencyclopedia is a content mill.

The nativeamericannews tumblr is a bot that pulls articles from various news sites every couple of hours. Every day or so, it pulls random pages from

The tumblr is actually the “news section” of nativeamericanencyclopedia, which is full of a lot of misinformation. It contains completely made up ideas like the “Native American Zodiac,” encourages people to get appropriative tattoos, and posts pictures of Iroquois False Faces on a ripped off article clearly stating that they are not supposed to be publicly shown. These are just the things I have seen on a cursory glance through the pages; I’m sure there are plenty more issues.

Nativeamericanencyclopedia claims it is Native owned and operated and is a freely editable wiki ( You cannot actually edit the pages. They are pulled verbatim from other sources such as Wikipedia,,,, and

They also own and, which are also content mills. The careers site has a bunch of generic career articles ripped off of other sites and a small listing of casino jobs.

It seems feministwerewolf realized that it was a content mill a few months ago and found the name of the guy who owns the site.

Let’s stop supporting it.


Important dialogs that “foreshadow” Robin wouldn’t love Regina in her darkest (Evil Queen), mirroring Hook with Emma (Dark Swan), had he lived to confront her. And Regina was never his first choice, always the “second” chance. It was never meant to be True Love. * Two scenes from here were “deleted,” as they usually delete “too spoilery” content.


i was only trying to get  h o m e

a rundown: where i’m at right now
  • Am I a human girl, or am I a needlessly complicated piece of AI that was invented solely to refresh every few minutes? Modern science has no answers.
  • @thatlowvice has informed me that a tumblr post I made a billion years ago has now been included in a listicle by Buzzfeed! You guys I did it, I am officially grist for the churning capitalist internet mill of ‘content’. 
  • Fifteen Tumblr Posts About Why It’s A Little Weird That We, Buzzfeed, Are Making Money Off The Jokes Of People We Never Even Contacted For Permission. 
  • To be clear, my main emotion here is amusement, but can we admit that’s a weird business model? I don’t even want a portion of the, like, twenty cents of related ad revenue, but as somebody who does creative work, who would absolutely love to support myself that way, and who is ABSOLUTELY PETRIFIED of soliciting money for the things I make—I find it weird that somebody at a company someplace can do one screengrab and profit off our goofy internet jokes about babies. It’s weird, that’s all. It’s weird.
  • Idk, maybe I’m just a little keyed up because I’m like a third done with writing the first season of my hypothetical sci fi fiction podcast and I keep thinking how much more feasible this project would be if I did have a budget, or if I was more comfortable asking for help. But that is its own whole rabbit hole of emotions, and probably its own whole post or series of posts.
  • Today a friend patiently explained to me that evidence suggests a number of pro-Trump twitter accounts are actually twitterbots created by Russians, and that swaying the results of an election by manipulating social media to fraudulently stir up mob mentalities is an actual strategy that has worked in the past.
  • The dystopian future is already here; why was I not warned, I wanted much cooler boots for the end of the world.
  • That said, if anyone on twitter ever really annoys you, maybe you can comfort yourself by whispering at the screen, ‘whatever dude you’re probably a robot.’
  • Is 2011’s The Eagle a real actual movie that got made or am I simply imagining Jamie Bell’s clenched jaw and intense oaths of loyalty barely audible over that simmering eye contact? Is it all just a fever dream I keep having over and over again?
  • Your real friends are the people you trust enough that you’ll let them paint your nails even though you’re both sloppy drunk on gin and tonics.
  • If I can’t have the battered oversized-yet-somehow practical black leather boots that I feel like I was promised for this dystopia, at least I’ve got sparkly toenails now.
  • On the bright side, someday this U.S. election cycle will be an endless well of “OUTRAGEOUS history factoids you won’t believe!” In a century, the future equivalent of will harvest our headlines like sweet sweet succulent fruit.
  • …Man, you know what I haven’t done in a few minutes? I haven’t refreshed What if the polls have been slightly adjusted or something? This could be the fluctuation that makes a difference!
  • It probably sounds like I’m kidding, but just in the time it took to write this post, I’ve checked it three times.
  • …Four.