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  • someone: how are you
  • me, in my head: its been 6 weeks since the last episode of skam season 3 was released. 6 (six) whole weeks without any new content, not even the trailer. people have already giffed the entirety of the season. every single scene in all kinds of coloring and sizes. we have analyzed everything, from the look on someone’s face all the way to the amount of times they blink in a minute. the only thing keeping us alive are the memes.
  • me: im fine

I’ve been kind of quiet these past few days because I’m visiting with my sister

Today I finally hit the point where I talked incessantly about the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls franchise so much that she finally wants to watch it

My point being: It’s gonna be another quiet day on this blog

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch the first Equestria Girls movie for the fifth time, Rainbow Rocks for the fourth time, and Friendship Games for the third time. What a great way to recover from that Pleasant. Uplifting. Steven Universe content we experienced yesterday. Have a great afternoon

Super Cute Things™ from the black sails facebook chat:

  • JPK whispering “gomez” when luke said “selena g” fjsklafjksdlf
  • JPK admitting to napping in her corset on set and clara reminding her of the time she got grumpy when no one was there to take it off her after she was in it for a million hours O:) <333
  • luke @ tom: “your chest would look amazing [in a corset]”  tom: “would it? >:D” luke: “YEAH”
  • tom saying that his favorite thing about filming the whole show was tOBY STEPHENS MAKING HIM LAUGH :’’’) omg bless
  • hannah quoting the silverflint scene and telling luke “you can approach quietly now O:)” after someone comments “john silver got his leg back!!!”
  • hannah’s sad face after the question “how did you all feel when you heard this would be the final season?”
  • luke saying that if they did more seasons and had to up the ante any more than they already have “one of [them] wouldn’t have made it home.” and everyone going THAT WOULD’VE BEEN TOBY STEPHENS. TOBY STEPHENS.
  • that little moment between luke and clara when they’re talking about how massive and fully-functioning the set is and luke sighs wistfully and goes “our home :’(” and clara turns to him and goes [sadly] “YEAH :’(”
  • tom talking about how little they ate in order to look starving for season 3 and how during the scene between billy and silver in 3x03 where silver is freaking out he was thinking “……..omg…[luke]’s genuinely freaking out…..NO, SERIOUSLY, EAT YOUR RATIONS”
  • clara sending everyone a picture of her breakfast fjsdklfkjdslf :’’)
  • everyone continuing to be obsessed with jack rackham

Behind the scenes on the set of RAIN.

RAIN is an independent short film about Ororo Munroe. Dark and emotional, but ultimately uplifting and badass… RAIN finally delivers Storm as a complex independent character with her own story.

Created by and starring Maya Glick @mayastormx
Directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand
Produced by Matt Joyce
Score by Luqman Brown



Full film (23 minutes– stay til after the credits!):


Carrie Pilby Trailer

FFXV fandom accepts criticism.

FFXV fandom accepts criticism. But bashing the game, which hasn’t came out yet, based on a 3 seconds footage of a concept trailer (content which was never meant to be in the final game) of a prototype character and “on justice” for a dead game witch was a messy vaporware on development hell for more than 6 years is not criticizing, is yelling nonsense.


1st trailer for french animated feature film “Avril et le Monde Truqué” (The Rigged World) by comic-book artist Jacques Tardi and JeSuisBienContent studio (Persepolis). Directed by Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinci.