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The Dragon of the North has come to Conquer!!!!

Nioh - Dragon of the North


Battlefront 2 Master Post

Alright so this is my master post I was wanting to make where I talk about battlefront 2, I attended the swco2017 battlefront 2 panel and was shown the “exclusive” content video after the main stream was cut to all the online audiences so I’m going to talk about that and basically everything else we current know about battlefront  

So first off the game is set to release nov. 17th 2017, the game can be played earlier by 1. purchasing the Elite trooper edition (79.99) which will allow you a 3 day early access to the game (nov. 14th) and or 2. by being apart of of ea access which is exclusive to x box one and origin on pc which will let you start playing on (nov. 9th).   

NO SEASON PASS (what could this mean?)  

Battlefront 2 (ea) will feature a single player campaign as well as up to 40 player multiplayer. It will spread across all eras including prequel, original, and sequel trilogies. Space battles have been confirmed as well as offline co-op for console editions. Classes are making a debut in this as one of the changes from their earlier installment in their battlefront games (2015) as well as a weapon modification system and abilities customization options.  

Prequel content 

So lets get right into the mix shall we? like most of you here I assume your biggest worry was the prequel content right? Clone wars was a huge part of my enjoyment for the other battlefront games from the 2000′s and my childhood in general; so the announcement of prequels being included in this immediately spiked my interest!    

(picture below is a scene from the trailer where it shows maul and yoda about to face off)

Even after seeing this though (which is the only prequel content shown in the trailer :’/ ) I was skeptical about the appearance of the clones, ideas worked around in my head about nasty ol’ EA making a hero only mode which feature prequel characters and while that would still be a step up from not having them in the game at all it really pissed me off because I want the clones dammit and those stupid little battle droids too. So after the stream cut off at swco2017 EA’s panel for battlefront 2 they told us to turn off our phones and that they would be showing us something exclusive to us. Basically a video of the dev team and their journey making the game riddled with secrets and bits of concept art and more information about the game. They also showed a slide show before this with bits and pieces of art for the games and both of those mixed with information I’ve gathered on my own will be presented now in this post. 

So back to the clones, are they making it into the game? YES THEY WILL! 

(picture above is a piece of concept art featuring clones some sporting jetbacks fighting a battle on the water planet of Kamino) 

Yes the clones will be apart of this game thank the maker! I was a little upset that no actually footage of them is shown or any actually close up art or models for them was shown but considering the games launch is still pretty far off I understand and will be patient.   

(picture below features a battle droid from the separatists side) 

However we did get a look at a game model for a battle droid! Which I am pleased to say looks very nice indeed. 

Okay so what about planets? Well Kamino is the only one we have a visual for sadly, however in the description for the “elite” version of the game available for pre order on it is revealed that Theed will be playable as well (will we see the gungans???). 

Phase 1 clones are the only ones shown via art so no information about if we will see phase 2 clones is available right now that I know of unfortunately. But I for one am very excited at the prospect of clones in my battlefront game once again after 12 years. 

Original and Sequel trilogy content 

Lets take a look at some of the other eras, both the original and the sequel trilogy will have maps and troopers and verticals available for play in both multiplayer and single player (it was not discussed if any prequel content would make it into the single player but we will get into that later)  

(picture above shows kylo ren leading a group of first order troopers into battle on star killer base) 

TFA & TLJ content will be available in the game little is talked about what TLJ content will be shown in game beside the pre order bonus of bonus outfits for rey and kylo and some unique abilities and skins for the falcon and a TFO fighter? 

Maybe we will see Maz’s castle as a playable map? who knows. 

As far as the original trilogy content goes for multiplayer. We have Hoth confirmed, Yavin 4, Endor, Tatooine, and the main character (iden) of the single players home world Vardos 

(pictured about the new planet Vardos) 

Also something to be excited about even tho we are in fact seeing some reappearing planets from the earlier installment (2015) is that there are new details about the planets yet unexplored by DICE. Such as being able to ride the taun tauns! this might not sound like much but I loved riding them in the old 2005 installment of battlefront so this pleases me very much. 

(pictured rebel soldier riding tauntaun into a snow trooper)  

The scout trooper and tie pilot will be available as skins (or classes?)  I assume as both of them are shown in the trailer. 

(pictured above Iden and the inferno sqaud on endor in tie fighter like apparel) 

Okay so we got the OT, PT, & ST all taken care of as far as content so what else can we expect from this game that is new? 

Whats new?

Well new ground vehicles have been confirmed yet again via amazon description   

So we have tanks, what can be expected from this some of those glorious tanks from Battlefront 2 (2005) maybe? Only the future can tell.

We have an assortment of new weapons like the A280-CFE blaster rifle (used by mr cassian andor in rogue one) 

We have the return of the class system tho not as large as the 2005′s roster. Battlefront 2 (ea) will have 4 different classes with different play styles featured in their game specialist, heavy, officer, and assault. From my assumption assault will be the regular trooper type (battle droids, clone trooper, storm trooper etc.) and specialist will be things like scout troopers, bothans, assassin droids. Heavy troopers will consist of wookiees, droidekas, tfa heavy trooper and last but not least the officer class seems pretty self explanatory. 

(pictured from left to right specialist, heavy, officer, assault)  

Abilities and Customization 

One of the other new things that will be in this new installment is abilities. This will be the answer to the power up icons found as pick ups in the last game. 

The only ability that I have heard about is reys mind trick and kylo’s “force freeze” so we will have to wait and hear more about them.


As far as heroes go we will definitely be seeing Rey, Kylo, Darth Maul, Yoda, and Han Solo as been confirmed as well.  

(pictured below is rey running through a jungle or forest planet shown in the trailer)

Single Player Campaign 

There will be a single player campaign featured in battlefront 2 (ea). The focus of this campaign will be about a woman named Iden who is the leader of Inferno sqaud (yes that same one). The campaign will span 30 years connecting ROTJ to TFA and will center around Idens resolve to get revenge on the rebel alliance and it’s heroes for killing her emperor an for the most part destroying her empire “this is where the real war begins”. In the trailer shows of starkiller base are shown and her and the inferno squad dispatching rebels and numerous space battles both with rebels of the OT and ST. Also a very interesting scene of her holding luke skywalker hostage? with a DH-17. So pretty exciting right? it has been announced that this story will be CANON. There is also going to be a tie in novel for the game named Battlefront 2 Inferno squad and that comes out in July. The novel will take place 4 years before the game and give some insight into Iden’s background and life pre the events of ROTJ.

Now lets get into the content that was shown after the cameras went off. 

A lot of concept art was shown for various locations via computer screens people were working on as well as actual pieces shown to us one that I would like to talk about was a scene of the rebel troopers from ROTJ in which the infamous bearded trooper is seen. I thought this was interesting because the picture seems largely focus around the bearded trooper and as it’s been made aware Dave Filoni is currently working to try to make the fan theory that, that trooper is in fact captain rex from star wars rebels. So this brings up the question will rex be playable in this game? 

another piece of interesting concept art was a sea cave map? it’s hard to tell what planet this was on if I had to guess I would say naboo? but it could very well be a new planet. this piece of art was very beautiful though so hopefully it gets turned into a good map. 

There was lots of shots of places and models very obscured because you were looking at them not directly so it’s hard to say exactly what most of them are there very well could be a video of this someone snuck so you’re welcome to look for it to try and pick through it but as for me the only 2 real things that stuck out for me I just mentioned above. I would want to bore you all with my speculations on what obscure images in concept art could mean that I barely remember so I shall not. 

To round it all up 

I am pretty excited for this game, I was not so much pleased with the last installment in 2015. I was a stalwart defender of it during the announcement stage and even during beta stage but now that it’s all said and done and all the content has been released and it’s been left to rot on the servers I find myself forever bothered by why it was even made. If you want my personal opinion I believe DICE used the game as somewhat of a tech demo not only for this game but for Battlefield 1 which irritates me because I had so much passion for it when it was coming out and the return of battlefront even in the face of adversity. At the swco2017 panel tho I saw the passion of the devs when they talked about this game and I admit even in my doubt I still hold for this game to save myself from being dissapointed I believe this game will at least right most of the wrongs that were committed in the first game. 

I hope everyone who is excited for battlefront 2 or just wanted information enjoys my post about it, May the force be with you all.


iBoy Official Trailer (2017)


best quality trailer

  • someone: how are you
  • me, in my head: its been 6 weeks since the last episode of skam season 3 was released. 6 (six) whole weeks without any new content, not even the trailer. people have already giffed the entirety of the season. every single scene in all kinds of coloring and sizes. we have analyzed everything, from the look on someone’s face all the way to the amount of times they blink in a minute. the only thing keeping us alive are the memes.
  • me: im fine

I know we’ve all been hurriedly making gifsets with the lyrics “but I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood” with s4 trailer content of Sana. And the idea of why we do this is clear from the intention of the trailer - playing music to sound like a form of Arabic music aimed to create stereotypes about Sana, but when played in reverse, is all about subverting those stereotypes and making sure we as an audience don’t presume we know her. She’s a muslim girl who faces prejudice and presumptions about who or what she is. I think this much is clear enough.

BUT, when we play the trailer in reverse, where the song can be heard the right way, who is the camera actually focused on the entire time the aforementioned lyrics are played? EVEN.

So whilst the trailer is obviously about Sana being the season four main, there’s a reason we are looking at Even when we hear “but I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood.” Because Even is also a boy who has good intentions and a pure heart, who is scared of being judged or misunderstood by people, likely because of his illness. In fact, the shot switches to Even just when the lyrics say “I seem a little sad.” There was definitely an intention to have that part of the song focused on Even, almost hinting that we might get some more detail as to Even being in that position of being misunderstood???

And if you think that this was just a long winded post to ultimately say that Even and Sana are more similar than we like to think and that they better be best friends this season (because YES PLEASE CAN YOU IMAGINE), you would be absolutely correct.

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the antis are back at it again! remember when they sent (and still send) all the reylos death threats bc someone photoshopped a pic of john boyega and daisy? and the person apologized? well now they made a crappy edit erasing kylo and putting finn on the tlj poster and are spreading it everywhere. i really try to understand, being a multishipper myself, but this is getting ridiculous.

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Even if they try to do some ridiculous nonsense, canon is canon is canon. This is like going back in time and trying to convince yourself that Vader is not Luke’s father- you can yell it to the heavens, scream it into a piece of paper, photoshop it into whatever poster you want to your ass’ content, but the fact is, Luke, Kylo and Rey are on a poster for reasons that have to do with the story and not what some 13-year-old whines about wanting on the internet because  they think they, somehow, have the ability to convince a giant mega-franchise like Star Wars that their opinion is word and law. 

I don’t care what the stupid antis say, or do, or try to do, they are just continuously embarrasing themselves and making their respective ships look bad (unfortunate for the good people of the ships who don’t dabble in such petty squabble because they, to put it bluntly, can’t get their way). That gorgeous poster, the content in the trailer, and the lore behind The Last Jedi has been determined, preset, filmed, shot, edited and approved by KK, JJ, and Rian Johnson, and I am sitting here, with my cabernet sauvignon, my take-home shrimp BBQ (we had a spring/Easter BBQ at work today for the new employees) and enjoying the fact that no matter what anyone says, it is what is is. 

Originally posted by penultimxte

Poe, Finn and Rose will have their own side of marketing and it will be as exposed as Rey, Luke and Kylos. For marketing purposes I feel that it was a smart move to contain each separate plot line for their own atmospheres because as we all learned from the prequels, too many “tones” at the same time are detrimental to keeping a story together. I feel that Finn, Rose and Poe’s plot line (entangled with Leia, Laura Dern’s character, and Benicio’s character) will have their own adventurous, action-packed mood vs Luke, Rey, and Kylo’s darker, more mysterious mood with the Jedi’s history and the Force. 

I trust antis should realize that Luke and Kylo are important characters too? You know, the main hero of the OT? And the son of his beloved twin sister and best friend? Or are they just completely blinded of reason? (I’m guessing the latter, it’s obvious in both image, marketing and advertising and their feelings are just getting in the way). They still think Kylo is unimportant and that Rey is somehow relate to Luke (despite consistent evidence pointing towards a very strong “NO”) but I mean, not everyone has the same capacity for common sense and that’s okay. I just think they look hilarious trying to get their shit together.

Originally posted by lg-joanne