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Epilogue // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Trespassing Restricted Areas, and Fluff.

Song: Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin

Word Count: 3,057

A/N: Thank you for all of the support, kind messages and new followers. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep writing when I first wrote this little series, but you have all definitely inspired me to keep doing so. Thank you for that! 

“Emma, for the love of God, please tell me where we’re going.” Stiles pleaded in the passenger seat and a smile spread across my lips.

“Stiles, if I told you that, it would defeat the whole purpose of the surprise in a surprise date.” I shook my head at his impatience and chuckled when he whined.

“How long will it take ‘till we get there?” He complained, his entire body facing me.

“About five minutes, babe.” I stated and Stiles smirked, his hand settling on my thigh as he approached me.

“I love it when you call me babe.” Stiles pressed his lips on my neck and smiled against my skin.

I smiled to myself at the memory of when he called me babe for the first time and I was so frightened. Now, we both say to each other constantly. It’s funny how life changes in ways you’d never expect it to.

“Well, I love saying it.” I giggled when he got a grip of my thigh and my entire body shuddered with want.

Stiles’ mouth continued to caress my neck with wet kisses and, even though I was driving, I didn’t mind it. I’m complete putty in his hands and I no longer have any shame in admitting to that. It seems so silly to me, now, just how terrified I was of letting Stiles into my life back then. We’ve been together for a while now and he has kept every single one of his promises he made that night of the bonfire. Stiles slowly broke down my rigid walls without me even feeling it and when he rebuilt them, he added windows to let the sun shine through.

He slowly slid his hand higher on my thigh and below my dress when I was too focused on his delicious assaults on my neck. Stiles’ finger lightly danced on my skin covered in goosebumps, gently stroking and massaging. They were innocent touches, only there with the purpose of creating some sort of contact between us since we find it really hard being separated. But, the way his mouth sucked on my pulse point as he kneaded my thigh had my entire body begging for more. I could already feel my core getting damper than before and I internally scolded myself for being so weak towards Stiles’ fingers.

“Stiles,” I moaned and he smiled against my skin, his teeth nipping my neck. “Please, stop.”

“Now, why would I do that?” He mumbled and his hot breath on my body sent jolts straight to my core, wetness already pooling in my panties.

“Because I’m driving and you make me weak.”

“I make you weak?” Stiles removed his lips and lifted his head to look at me, a smirk planted on his face.

I just nodded and tugged my bottom lip in between my teeth, slightly embarassed. A gleam like no other sparkled in his eyes and he cocked an eyebrow, feeling confident at my latest confession. Stiles took his hand away from me and leaned back in his seat, cockiness radiating off of him.

“Am I sexy to you?” He grinned, his posture mischevious.

“Yes, Stiles.” I chuckled, pulling into the location I wanted to reach. “We’ve been over this more than once. You’re hella sexy.”

Stiles let out a sly little chuckle and I, immediately, laughed at how adorable he was. I turned to gawk at him and he licked his lips, extremely satified with how attracted I am to him.

“I love you, so much.” I smiled, playfully shaking my head and returning my gaze on the dirt road.

“I know.” Stiles smirked and I snorted at his use of a Star Wars quote to answer me.

It was when we reached a NO TRESPASSING sign that Stiles stopped grinning so much and turned to look at me with an intrigued expression. Once I passed right by it, completely ignoring its existence, Stiles snickered.

“Seems about right.” He sassed and I smirked at him.

“Oh, you know how I like my illegal endeavors.” I retorted and Stiles placed his hand back under my dress.

“You and me both, sister.” His mouth returned on my neck and he sent chills up my spine, getting a moan out of me.

Stiles’ hands slid to caress me over the fabric of my panties and he groaned into my skin, my core throbbing at the beautiful sound.

“How is it that you’re already so wet?” He asked and I whimpered when he put more pressure, his fingers now touching my clitoris.

“Remember when I said you’re sexy and make me weak?” I smirked and Stiles laughed, his other hand gripping my thigh.

Stiles slowly pulled aside my panties with his pinky to touch me where I wanted him the most and I spread my legs wider for him before he slipped his middle finger through my slick folds. It was strange to have someone touch me as I drove, but I didn’t push away the idea just yet. I accepted it and was already too excited to feel his finger inside me.

I turned the car towards the entrance I wanted and continued to steer us in the direction of our destination. When Stiles began to gently massage my nub with his finger, I gripped harshly onto the steering wheel and had to try my best to keep from closing my eyes. I seriously do not need to get us into a car accident.

He worked my pleasure, letting it build up before pushing a finger inside of me and I moaned at the feeling of him stretching my walls. It was a slow pace and I bucked my hips against his hand, begging for more friction and he chuckled. Stiles added another finger and increased his pace, my body immediately thanking him for it as I clenched around his fingers.

“Oh, my God.” He grunted, pulling my focus off of this sexual trance and I now noticed that we had arrived.

I put the car in park, but Stiles didn’t stop his movements inside of me. Instead, he pumped deeper inside and worked my clit with his thumb. Taking the keys out of the ignition, I threw them into the cup holder and let my head rest against the seat. The feeling of his fingers smoothly filling me at an incredible pace and depth had my core throb with a desparate need to release.

My orgasm was building up inside of my body already and I could sense my arousal dripping down my inner thigh, ready for all of this to take its next step. I bucked my hips against his hand again and whimpered, letting him know what I needed.

“Do you want to cum?” Stiles smirked, his hot breath whispering in my ear and sending shivers down my body.

I nodded, not even having enough strength to speak, before he placed his lips on mine with a passionate kiss as he added more pressure on my clit and hooked his fingers against my walls. It was exactly what I needed for the knot building inside of me to bind tighter and snap, my release falling over the edge. I shamelessly moaned into his mouth as my eyes rolled to the back of my head and my legs shook uncontrollably.

The feeling of euphoria rushed throughout my entire body and I let myself get consumed by the thrill of it all. I was dimly aware of Stiles retracting his hand from my core, too focused on the high he just gave me.

When I had finally come down from my orgasm, I turned lazily to see Stiles happily licking my juices off his fingers before popping them into his mouth and sucking. The sight alone was enough to spark urge in me again and I opened the door to the driver’s seat without saying a single word.

Stiles’ eyes were on me the entire time as I ran over to his side of the car and pulled the door open. I pushed his fingers out of his mouth and replaced them with my own, kissing him with need and want.

“Take me.” I panted, my breath fanning across his lips and he smiled.

“What about our date?” Stiles smirked, his hands on my waist.

“It can wait.” I shook my head, pulling him out of the car and he chuckled. “I want you, right now.”

“Okay, okay.” He smiled, standing and shutting the door behind him. “I know I’m too sexy to handle. I got you.”

I laughed at this new found sense of confidence in him, but appreciated it anyway. It’s about damn time Stiles knows how fucking hot he is. As I thought about his attractiveness, Stiles turned us around and pinned me up againt the car. Excitement seething in my veins at his sudden act and I noticed the enticing grin on his lips.

He reattached his mouth on mine and gripped my ass, telling me through his actions that I should jump up. Following his request, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss to plant some wet ones on his neck and Stiles moaned.

Suddenly, he gasped out of nowhere and I looked up to see what was going on. Stiles’ eyes were focused behind us as a huge smile grew on his face. I furrowed my eyebrows at him, completely confused.

“Stiles, why are you-”

He didn’t even let me finish speaking before quickly placing me back on the ground and letting go of me.

“You brought us to a field of flowers?!” Stiles exclaimed and, before I knew it, he ran out towards the field.

I smiled at how happy he looked as he ran around in the flowers and fell down on them, laying in the flowerbed and just enjoying the feeling of nature around him.

Opening the door to the back seat, I grabbed the blanket and picnic basket I brought for our date. After shutting the door again, I walked towards Stiles and he let out a laugh. His eyes sparkling as he watched me approach him.

“Oh, my God!” He shook his head, standing back up to place his hands on my waist. “A picnic on a field of flowers? You are such a cliché romantic type!”

“Oh, shut up.” I blushed, slightly embarassed and Stiles kissed me eagerly at this information.

“I love you, so much.” Stiles stated against my lips, pressing his forehead against mine, and I smirked.

“I know.” I mocked him, pushing myself away from his grasp and he scoffed at me.

I leaned down to place the basket on the ground and spread the blanket on a patch of grass, determined not to ruin any flowers. Laying down on the fabric with a grin on my face, Stiles slowly approached me. Both of our pupils were black with lust when he began taking off his clothes as he walked. The first to go was his shirt, that now lay gently on some flowers. Next, he unlooped his belt and took it off, I bit down on my bottom lip with how turned on I was. Once his pants were on the ground and no longer on him, he came down and hovered his body over mine.

Stiles’ mouth was back on my own and I’ve never felt more at peace than when his lips caressed mine. I smirked against him when a deviant little idea came to mind and I reached up to roll us over. Stiles’ eyes were wide with excitement as I took over and the way he was looking at me made me blush. Running my fingers through his silky hair, I kissed him again. It’s funny how I’ll honestly never get tired of how addictive his lips are.

Stiles’ hands ran down my body before settling under the fabric of my dress and on my ass. I yelped when he squeezed and a dark chuckle escaped his lips. He did it again just to get the same reaction out of me, but this time took the advantage to slip his tongue into my mouth.

I let him be dominant in the kiss as I gently massaged his scalp with my nails. This act seemed to spark something in him because the next thing I know he’s pushing me to sit up and, immediately, removing my dress from my body. Stiles’ lips attached to my neck and his hands reached behind my back to unclasp the hook of my strapless bra. It fell down on the blanket the same time Stiles blew cold air on the spot he was just sucking on. The contrast of hot and cold on my skin making me melt.

Not wanting to let him be in charge anymore, I pushed him back down on the blanket and straddled his hips. He smirked at me once I placed my hands on his broad shoulders and gently grinded our clothed sexes together. I could feel some of my wetness transfer onto his underwear, wetting his bulge in the process and a strangled noise came out from the back of his throat. His hands grabbed onto my hips, moans falling from both of our lips and I couldn’t take this teasing anymore.

Lifting my body off of him so he could take off his boxers and I could take my soaking panties off, I watched him with lust clouding my mind as he slowly pumped his shaft. Our eyes met and I licked my lips at how damn inviting he looked. Stiles’ member was standing straight, begging for attention, as he spread his precum with his thumb. Not being able to wait anymore, I replaced his hands with mine and Stiles smiled at the feeling.

Straddling back over him, I lined his tip with my entrance and slowly slid down on him. My head fell back in pleasure at the feeling of his width stretching my walls. One of Stiles’ hands was on my hip as the other squeezed my thigh, forcing a moan out of me. I created a steady pace and brought my face back to watch Stiles’ reactions.

His eyes were closed and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration at the pleasure building inside of him. It was a definitely a sight for sore eyes to see him render himself helpess against my doings. Rolling my hips and grinding our bodies together, I let out a filthy moan and Stiles’ eyes shot open.

He grabbed my hips with both of his hands now and I screamed when he jerked himself up, his dick hitting me in a new angle. Stiles’ groaned at the sight of my breasts bouncing in front of him and my fingers pinching my own nipples as he thrusted roughly, his member deliciously massaging my tight walls. It was enough to get a knot quickly building up in me, my body already begging for release.

Once he created a fast and hard pace that satisfied the both of us, one of his hands came down to rub harshly against my clitoris. My core clenched in response and a shameless scream escaped Stiles’ mouth, goosebumps covering my skin at the sound. I leaned down to kiss him, never letting our speed slow down, and he gladly kissed me right back.

Stiles moved his hands to my thighs, squeezed, and spread them further. This new angle allowed his tip to repeatedly hit my g-spot and was everything I needed to have the knot explode, spreading a mind-blowing orgasm all throughout body. My legs shook and I didn’t even try to hide the embarassing screams escaping my voice along with the sound of his name.

My core clenching around him was exactly what Stiles craved to reach his own release and, even though I was still swimming in my own high, I watched in awe. His back arched and I could feel his penis twitch before releasing his pleasure inside of me, the warm feeling making me moan.

It’s no news that Stiles is a very beautiful man. His gorgeous golden brown eyes, plump lips, adorable freckles painted across his skin like stars, and his jawline that could literally cut someone were a few of the many attractive things about him. But, the thing is, Stiles always looks his best when he’s drowning in an orgasm. His eyes are shut and eyebrows furrowed in satisfaction as his slightly swollen lips part in a breath-taking o-shape, letting out the most beautiful sounds of filthy moans mixed with my name. It never ceases to make me smile.

Once we were both back in reality, I got off of him and layed down on the blanket by his side. Stiles’ hands already wrapping around my naked body, my head resting on his bare chest. I smiled to myself when I noticed we made it just in time for what I wanted us to see the most.

“Look.” I pointed to the sky and Stiles’ gazed up. “The sun’s setting.”

“A picnic over the sunset?” Stiles chuckled lazily, caressing my skin with his fingers. “Could you get more cheesy?”

“Well, I brought a heart-shaped box of chocolates.” I shrugged, smiling, and this time Stiles full on laughed.

“Of course you did.” He scoffed, snuggling me closer into him and I shook my head.

“You’re such an idiot.” I playfully rolled my eyes at the man holding me together.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” Stiles smiled proudly, lifting his hands to point to the gold wedding band on his ring finger. “Forever!”

My heart fluttered at the sight before me and it’s funny how he never ceases to make me blush.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I confessed, leaving gentle kisses on his skin at the same time as I kept repeating I love you numerous times.

We watched in awe as the sky changed from the vibrant blue to various different warm tones, pink being the main color. It reminded me of my heart and how warm it is, thanks to the man who has it in his hands. The man who will always have it in his hands.

I bet if someone were to dust my heart for fingerprints, they’d only find his.

As you may already know, we’re having big fanfic-and-fanart-for-charity bonanza from the 17th to the 19th, and I’m gonna be part of it! I’ll be doing fanfic and fanart commissions both—any donation to the ACLU that’s $1 or more will get you something from me.

The only subject matter I will be refusing is NSFW content with a character that is underage during the year GF is set in, and any shipping content that is incestuous, pedophiliac or abusive. This includes all non-joke ships with Bill.

I nearly said “all ships with Bill.” But you know what? If you want me to write a shipping fic involving Bill, I’ll do it. Just keep in mind it’s going to be the fanfic equivalent of asking Alex Hirsch to draw Bill as a human.

To be clear—this is very much a one time deal. I don’t sell fanfic commissions, I don’t take prompts much and I never  ever have such loose restrictions on content. So this is the time to send me your weirdness.

I’d only be likely to do this again if we did another charity drive, and we’d only do that if this one was very successful. So if there’s something really weird you want to see me write or draw, reach for that wallet because this is probably going to be your one and only chance!

If you want fanfic:

  • $1-$5 -  This will get you a drabble. No specific length, probably a couple of paragraphs.
  • $6-$10 - This will get you a short one-shot, about 500-1,000 words.
  • $11-$20 - This will get you a longer one-shot, around 2,000 words.
  • $21-$50 - This will get you a longer one-shot, about 3,000-5,000 words.
  • $51-$100 – This will get you a multi-chapter fic, two or three chapters long. Each chapter will likely be 2,000-3,000 words
  • $100 + – If anyone gives this much, you will get a multi-chapter saga, similar in length to Five Minutes Older or Unfinished Business. Due to the length of a project like this it will take some time to finish, but I’ll do my best to get chapters out regularly.

If you want art (I assume people will mostly want GF fanart but I’ll draw anything SFW):

  • $1-$5 – This will get you a sketch of one character
  • $6-$10 – This will get you a sketch of multiple characters and a simple background
  • $11-$20 – This will get you lineart and flats of one character
  • $21-$50 – This will get you lineart and flats of up to five characters and a simple background
  • $51-$100 – This will get you a full illustration of any subject.
  • $100 + – If anyone gives this much…I dunno, a comic? Let’s say a short comic.

Hi guys its me, juju! So this personal-turned-jongdae-turned-messed-up blog of mine has reached 2k followers and I want to thank all of you who’s been here with me for making my day brighter for the past 2 years. I really really want to follow everyone back but I need to restrict the content of my dash so I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. OTL

For those who made effort to initiate a conversation with me. For those who keep on sending me words of encouraging through asks and message tho I take forever to answer and reply. For those who never give up to tag me in the tag game even when you know in the end I eventually forgot to do it. For those who liked and reblogged my random gifs. For those who actually read and enjoy my tag(!!) and for those who basically exists here, thank you for not giving up on me, xie xie, terima kasih, salamat, arigatou, gomawo mianhe saranghae! 

I might be quiet and not funny to be with like others and my blog is far from what people call as high quality content but I really do enjoy and I’m so happy to be with everyone here even if we never talk before. I’m going to grad and starts to work full time soon so I might not be as active as I am now (pffffttttt you know I’m still going back here like, everyday). Again, thank you guys and I hope we can support our boys together for as long as we can!

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  • australian govt: we must stop illegal downloaders
  • australian tv: considers scorpion 2.08 as "new" in oct 2016, refuses to air like 70% of new shows on free-to-air tv, fills time slots with crappy reality shows
  • netflix au: restricts available content to one or two seasons, has a small library of movies and tv shows
  • me: yeah... anyways *watches new tv episodes online hours after they air in the us*

Frankly, what annoys me most about people who complain about “antis and their purity wank” is that they tend to never understand wider contexts of the issue. It isn’t about restricting content creators, it’s about harming others in the community.

All one asks is that depictions of racism, homophobia, sexism, abuse, transphobic, and so on and so forth come condemned narratively. And, frankly as writers, you’d think people would figure out how to do that in a subtle manner. (Sidebar, this is always asked of major media too. And media, historically, has done this with all SORTS of behavior and also had whole genre conventions, whole GENRES, built around condemning certain types of behavior, the behaviors depending on the social mores of the time. But, I feel like that’s for another post.) Obviously, these are all topics that can be depicted, it is just asked that they be depicted respectfully, properly, and not glorified or romanticized.

We also only ask that such content be clearly marked so that people who wish to avoid it can avoid it. It’s hilarious how gladly people will tag for ships so people can avoid NOTPs but they won’t tag content so people can avoid things that trigger them or that reminds them of the social ills they’re trying to escape from. As for “it’s not my job to be people’s caretaker”, you’re not coddling or being someone’s caretaker. You’re putting up a road sign, and it’s other people’s responsibility to read the sign and take the action they feel best protects themselves.

Why in the WORLD do you want to romanticize and glorify these awful things anyway? If you fight against condemning them narratively, even in subtle ways, that’s the only option left.

There’s also the constant claim of censorship, censorship, censorship. Like, I’m always confused about this one. This is akin to claiming censorship because you’re told you cannot hurl slurs at and berate a stranger with racism, sexism, etc. Hell, this is exactly what it is.

As for claims of “purity wank”, this is placing the call to respectfully and properly depict abuse, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other ills and point them out as harmful on the same level as saying that premarital sex is bad. This is a false equivalency.

Again, to be clear, nobody is saying NEVER write depictions of racism or abuse or sexism or homophobia or whatever, but there’s a way to approach these issues which have hurt and continue to hurt people. And, again, I must ask: why do you not want your narrative to condemn these things?

An observation

I’ve been listening to and reading David’s press over the last few years and noticed something, relationship questions are off limits. No one asks or even suggests that he is in a relationship. I understand it is commonplace for celebs to restrict certain content but David feely offers up info on his divorce, Tea, his kids and lots of other personal topics with no qualms.

Since no one ever questions further it leads me to believe he has asked for that aspect of his life to be left alone. I want to understand why is it so secret? I’ve heard theories that he is trying to protect his kids from public scrutiny, questions that would expose a long running affair (yes I mean Gillian but this isn’t my point), having a relationship with a certain person would overshadow his/her work or his partner wants to keep it quiet.

So if we use any of those theories, wouldn’t his kids know he’s dating or in love with someone. It’s been almost 7 years since his separation and 2 ½ since his divorce. Tea has no problem having a public relationship and she had some bad press of her own during their marriage. So if he has to explain to his kids why he doesn’t talk about his partner and why they can’t bring it up, then they would know the reasons, right. So there would be no need to hide. As far as overshadowing his work, I only think that is would bring more recognition and press. Yes at first, there might be some sort of meltdown but he has successfully nixed questions thus far so obviously the press respects his wishes and would continue to. The partner wants it on the down low. Hummm, could be a private non celeb or a person with young kids that have also been through some tough times. Either way doesn’t hiding create stress?

My observation is that if he has not dated in the last 7 years, why hide it? If he is dating and it’s not some 5'2" blonde, then why hide it? Finally, if he his with a 5'2" blonde he’s known for 24 years, what’s the point of hiding now? The same press is out there no matter which scenario is correct and the longer it goes on won’t there be more questions about his reason for hiding?

I’ll discuss coincidences later…….

Who needs Facebook? Not China!

Wow I must live under a rock! I had no idea that China were so censored by the government with regards to the internet. It has been very interesting reading about China’s Great Firewall and the layers of control they have comprising the monitoring of what people read and post, the restrictions on content including no access to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the numbers of people it takes to implement and maintain this control on such a huge Nation (The Great Firewall of China 2013). So much so I mentioned it to my husband, who says yes that’s correct, so I then mention it to my 15 year old, yes mum that’s in China, we actually learnt about it at school on Friday, of course you did!

Source: expatree 2016 <>.

My next surprise was when I read the statistics on how many users of social media there are in China, it was estimated to be a staggering 514million in 2016 (Statista 2017). With censorship issues, China did the unavoidable and produced their own social networks and platforms; some of these platforms have user bases that exceed half a billion accounts (DLDconference 2013 and Jaimie 2015). Whilst China often copy Western applications, they have created hybrid versions that pick the best features to make a more tailored platform (DLDconference 2013). For example a popular app in China is called ‘Papa’ and it is a vocal photo-sharing app, with a comparison made that it is ‘Instagram with voice’ (DLDconference 2013 and Milward 2012).

Source:  Totem Media 2014  <>.

Social media in China plays a major role in the lives of young people, just as it does in the Western world, however in China youth of today are utilising it for more than just user experience, there are issues with youth identity and social media is helping to explore these identity issues (DLDconference 2013). 

An interesting example of how youth in China with all the restrictions and censorship placed on them, are seemingly creating a new language. They are using the app called Papa and through the use of imagery are making up words based on local content, for example the image of the Lama translates into words ‘F your mother’, these words are censored, so by using imagery it makes it hard for the government to censor such images which speak volumes (DLDconference 2013). In other words the youth are not saying that to their mothers, they are using social media to rebel against the government in a very interesting way!


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Jaimie 2015, 2015 China Social Media Stats and Trends, make a, viewed 4 February 2017, <>. 

Milward, S 2012, Papa is a Very Vocal Photo-Sharing App, Wants to be ‘Instagram With Voice’, TechinAsia, viewed 3 February 2017, <>.

Statista 2017, Number of social network users in China from 2014 to 2021 (in millions), Statista, viewed 4 February 2017, <>.

The Great Firewall of China 2013, Open Democracy viewed 3 February 2017, <>.

Totem Media 2014, ‘China presentation page for app PaPa’ [image], in New Chinese Social Media PaPa, Linked in Slideshare, viewed 4 February 2017, <>.

honestly Vine shutting down is a huge blow to the culture. Having content restrictions like 6 second limits forces creativity that wouldn’t happen otherwise. 

Earthbending techniques: the disc throw

A common technique we see in both The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra is the throwing of a prepared disc. I want to bring this technique into the military context: how do we make it as lethal and as efficient as possible?

The prepared disc

Something you might be wondering: how could the military and the pro-benders use the same technique? Or, why don’t pro-benders die? The answer to that question is found mostly in the composition of the disc. The pro-bending discs would be designed to have minimal structural integrity, allowing them to expend their energy in shattering rather than transfer to another object. Additionally, the discs might even have a “speed/manipulation limiter” in the form of a diluted earth content which restricts the earthbender’s ability to move the disc. But military discs would be designed to achieve maximum momentum with maximum energy transfer. What this requires is really dense stone and to achieve this the discs can’t be the result of soil. Instead they must be purposefully formed.

In previous posts I said that earthbenders could make these discs via compression, but I’ve recently changed my opinion on the earthbender’s ability to compress earth. If we’re talking about something porous, then it seems reasonable that earthbenders could compress it into a denser material. But I find is unlikely that earthbenders would be able to compress solid stone (eg. granite) more than it already is, because the stone has been experiencing high pressure for hundreds of thousands of years. So I don’t think that a piece of granite could be made stronger via compression. Perhaps there are other ways strengthening a solid piece of granite, but I’m no earth scientist so I can only make a layman’s guess. Two possibilities that seem intuitively possible are 1. the use of some sort of internal structure (eg. metal rods) to strengthen the disc and 2. some sort of manipulation of the granite to remove “natural weaknesses” such as potential crack areas.

Throwing the disc

In the pro-bending circuit the technique for throwing the disc is more appropriately thought of as launching. Pro-benders utilise two movements, a lift and a kick, to launch the disc at their opponent. This is useful for rapid attacks, but the Earth Army had a focus on force rather than attack speed.

When it comes to throwing heavy things, our muscles don’t have the power necessary to move the object quickly. This is why we spin a la discus and hammer throw. Spinning allows the thrower to build up energy in the object, which can then be released to result in a flying object.

The best example we’ve seen of disc throwing is in S1E11 of The Legend of Korra, when an earthbender from the United Forces throws a disc at a plane. Without using spin, he throws this disc on a trajectory that looks like it could have made it to the top of a seven storey building. Based on this observation, I make the handy wavy claim that trained earthbenders could throw these discs at least two hundred metres with spin. In terms of force, the show would indicate to us that a skilled earthbender can lift several times their own body weight with their bending: a formidable feat.

Throwing emplacements

The thing that we need to remember about disc throwing is that the discs are big. A single thrower needs ample space to throw, as well as stacks of discs. This is beginning to sound like a static position that requires some defenses.

This is the right idea, but a proper one would be a two man operation. The thrower is protected within the closed cocoon, while an observer on the side of the cocoon opens up slits in the cocoon to show the thrower their target area. This ensures that the bow and arrow are rendered obsolete for the Fire Nation.

The receiving end

A direct hit will kill you, probably instantly. You’d be torn in half if you weren’t wearing armour. But wearing armour wouldn’t help you either – you’d still die from your organs rupturing. In the best case scenario you only lose a limb. This makes me wonder why the Fire Nation bothers wearing armour, which is something I’ll address in the future.

  • Fans of content creators: Yo, could you like, just put a warning for sensitive content? And not use slurs? I don't feel comfortable being subscribed to you otherwise.
  • Youtube: Hmm, lot of people seem to be complaining about this.
  • Fans: We weren't talking to yo-
  • Youtube: I know! We'll make it so that nobody could even so much as swear or make a sexual reference or we'll remove their monitation!
  • Fans: That's going a little bit too far. If you really were concerned then all you would have to do is simply make content warnings more easily accessible, that's all we really wa-
  • Bunch of other people: Damn that safe space crowd is ruining youtube!
  • Fans: But, that isn't what we were asking for!
Where Have All the Snake Emojis on Taylor Swift’s Instagram Gone?
Last week, Taylor Swift’s Instagram was a snake pit. Now it’s not.
By Kenzie Bryant

…it’s not really a surprise that when Kim Kardashian posted Kanye West’s recording of the Taylor Swift phone call, effectively calling Swift a liar, her Instagrams were again flooded with snakes.

There are plenty of comments wondering what the snakes mean or pleas to stop commenting on snakes, but there are no actual snakes. (Swifties had even mobilized, asking one another to leave hearts on her pictures in order to overpower the snakes. Guess which emojis now remain?)

Where, exactly, did all the snakes go? Has Instagram itself secretly taken action and started deleting them? It appears so.

A new notification now pops up when a user tries to post a block of emojis—any emojis, that is, good or bad—on a verified user’s profile. “This comment has too many special characters,” it reads. “Edit your comment before posting. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community.” It also gives you permission to report a problem if you “think we made a mistake.” This has to be a recent occurrence since there are blocks of well over 50 heart emojis that remain on the same July 4 ’gram. New York Magazine’s Select All found that 26 special characters total is the uppermost amount allowed in the comments.

Team Swift actually got Instagram to do a massive clean-up of the comments and Instagram is actively restricting posts now. Evidence that they’re actually concerned about Famousgate? Evidence that Tay Tay is a controlling and demanding egomaniac? Hmmm…
Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Restrictions In Texas
The justices ruled 5-3 that a Texas law setting requirements for clinics that provide abortions — a law that was expected to cause many clinics to close — was unconstitutional.

Texas’s restrictive HB2 bill, which was ostensibly about women’s safety but actually about limiting reproductive choices, has been struck down by the Supreme Court! From Justice Breyer’s majority opinion: 

“Nationwide, childbirth is 14 times more likely than abortion to result in death … but Texas law allows a midwife to oversee childbirth in the patient’s own home. Colonoscopy, a procedure that typically takes place outside a hospital (or surgical center) setting, has a mortality rate 10 times higher than an abortion.“