content rating: e

CS ff: “Wait for the Moonrise” (1/10) (au)

Summary:  Emma doesn’t remember who she was before she was found in the woods, but she knows that she has a few close friends, a good job, and a loyal cat that greets her every day when she gets home from work. What she doesn’t know, however, is that her past is about to catch up to her in the strangest of ways. She learns quickly that not everything is as it seems, not even her cat.  
Rating: E
Content warnings: smutty smut (sorry, not this chapter), brief mentions of the loss of a hand
Chapter specific content warnings: None
A/N: Oh man, where do I start? With thanks, of course. To @clockadile​ for the absolutely beautiful artwork that I can’t believe goes with my story. To @captainstudmuffin​ for the intense beta work and idea bounces and listening at every turn. To @phiralovesloki for the guidance and the love and more hand-holding than I should’ve ever subjected you to, but still you helped. (Edit: I AM THE WORST and forgot to thank @sambethe for her wonderful feedback, which also helped me shape scenes to be better than they were!) Without you all, this story would not be here. I’ve got nothing else. Enjoy!
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The first day that Emma Swan remembers, she is barefoot, in nothing but a cotton nightgown that looks straight out of another world, and she is freezing. Her hair is icing over, the wet tendrils hardening in the frigid weather, and she’s vaguely aware that she should be worried about her toes, her fingers, any of the exposed flesh that keeps getting colder by the minute. Instead, she focuses on putting one foot in front of the other, trying to push away the pain that shoots through each foot as she breaks twigs and finds sharp stones with her nearly-numb soles.

She stumbles over a root, crying out as she falls to the mud, her hands sinking into the nearly-frozen earth as a sob wracks through her body. Icy water seeps into the cotton under her knees, and it is tempting, so very tempting, to fall the rest of the way, to curl up in the fallen leaves she spies to her left below a sprawling tree, and let the elements take her away from the pain and confusion she’s drowning in.

Emma Swan does not, in fact, know that she is Emma Swan. She knows that she is a woman, she is lost in a forest, she is in danger of frostbite, and she is losing hope fast as the daylight sinks closer and closer towards the horizon.

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Welp, here we are! I have officially reached 1500 and I am following through with what I said in my post last night! 🎉 

I will be accepting prompts (nothing too long winded or involved. I’m talking one shot here, not epic saga multi chapter lol.) in my ask box for the next 24 hrs or so, and later tomorrow I will randomly select one to write.

Thanks again to everyone for the follows! And as always, thanks especially to those among the 1500 who truly appreciate my writing! 😘

What’s the best way to come back to Tumblr after a long hiatus?

You’re @mebigbang going live!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t thought this possible… but I did write a 12,000k words story during summer. Thanks to @threewhiskeylunch@nightmarestudio606 and other members of the Mass Effect fandom who got me into this.

It’s a story I *actually* really like and which I want to continue in the near future. Let’s cheer for Out of Darkness and the magnificent art by @bethadastra-art (who I’ll never thank enough for choosing my story)!

Beta(s): @ex-commander and @nightmarestudio606 (thank you! xoxo)

Pairing: Female Shepard/Tiran Kandros

Characters: Female Shepard, Tiran Kandros, Original characters based on the APEX multiplayer in ME:Andromeda

Warnings: Coarse language, violence, sexual content

Rating: E

Summary:  Leaving the Milky Way to make a name for herself in the Andromeda galaxy, Shepard, after a 600-year nap, joins a Nexus militia APEX team, Outburst; a band of elite soldiers giving everything they got for the Initiative. Blowing things up seem enough to be happy. But what if this new adventure brings her more; what Shepard always desired: a family, love and a cause to fight for…

For the full story, it’s here!

For the art masterpost, it’s here!

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kate's kurobas fic rec list

organized by pairing, listed in descending order by length.  if there are any content warnings you’d like me to add, please let me know.  this list will be updated regularly :) enjoy!

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