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I  got  an  ask  over  on  @valorslainpsds  about  how  $3  or  $4  was  too  much  to  ask  for  a  psd.  do  people  not  realize  how  much  time   &  effort  goes  into  those  things ?    if  I  were  making  minimum  wage ,   then  psds  would  be  anywhere  from  $11  -  $22  usd.       and  my  themes  would  start  at  around  $120  usd.

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hey i hope im not bothering you but i just got into watching dan and phil and i don't really know who to follow on here, can you recommend me some good blogs about them?

there are so many good content makers and i will try and rec you a few tumblrs i follow and as many mutuals as i can

here are some of my gc pals

Nut Supreme Phannies

@glomplester / @htmlvore@dnpbake | @royaltydan@earlgreyphil | @lightninginthenightsky / @illogicaldan | @byeloverz | @softdnp | @phillester | @sharkdan | @pansexualphil

Rich Daddies 

@theylikeboys | @prettyphil | @llguori | @nasa-howell | @heckydizzle | @moosehat | @creatiivity | @heckydizzle | @2k17rebrand | @hazyphil | @artistphil | @dantea | @glomplester / @htmlvore | @buzzlester | @philpov | @pliquori | @higayimmom 

Pheej Net 

@phanamored | @pugjumper | @dnpbake | @phtl | @buzzlester | @royaltydan | @hydratedhowell | @glomplester | @ironicallester | @prettyphil

Good Gif Makers (that i know of) 

@hazyphil | @buzzlester | @doinganap | @theylikeboys | @pseudophan | @theanomex | @arcticlester | @greenlester | @huphilpuffs | @phansterdam | @pugjumper | @phtl | @phursonas | @astronautdan | @philpov | @prettydan | @danisnotoffice | @glowinghowell | @dantlers | @hwlle | @danhowellgifs | @dantichrist

Art hoe Blogs/ blogs that occasionally post art

@moosehat | @ironicallester | @dawniel | @beeken | @maddox-rider | | @alinaispandi @incaseyouart@doinganap | @phursonas@incaseyouart | @maddox-rider | @wishfullester | @cringe-attacks | @dantichrist |

Blogs With Comedic Content (that i know of) 

@furryphil | @plntphil | @doinganap | @cringe-attacks | @rebloggingphan | @bondange

Blogs With Aes Stuff

@roseyboys | @softdnp | @fuckinlester | @plntphil | @pugjumper | @writerdan | @prettydan

Icon Makers (that i know of) 

@dnpbake | @energeticwarrior | @howelles | @dangoghs | @cloudyphilip | @danopoly | @2k17rebrand | @furryphil

blogs that make really good edits 

@phillybeans | @danyphil | @dannyhowell  | @phiru | @cloudyphilip | @httpsdaniel

These are a few of some really cool blogs i follow

welcome to @dailybungou!

Hello y’all! We’re Christa (@akutagawah), Astral (@buraihas), and Jen (@sarukui) and we’d like to announce the launch of @dailybungou! We’re a new fanblog dedicated to the animanga series, Bungou Stray Dogs.

We will be tracking #bsdedit and #dailybungou!

A goal of ours is to become a platform uniting all content makers in the BSD fandom! Feel free to add either #bsdedit or #dailybungou to the first five tags of your post, and we’ll reblog your work onto the blog! This includes graphics, gifs, fanart, fanfics, official news, translations, etc.!

Feel free to help us out by signal boosting this post! Thank you everyone for your support! c:

bangtan asks!
  1. what was first intriguing about bangtan?
  2. describe in detail the moment where you fell in love with your bias(es)?
  3. top 5 fave squishy/adorable moments
  4. the moment you knew that you wanted to commit to them
  5. top 5 ’nOOOO STOP IT B YE’ moments
  6. favourite kimdaily and why
  7. favourite hope on the street dance and why
  8. favourite eatjin moment and why
  9. how did you feel when yoongi dropped his mixtape?
  10. when did you realise that you’re in too deep?
  11. the first moment where you’re watching a video of them and think ‘ah crap, i love you’
  12. have you ever doubted bangtan’s love for armys? if you did, what did you do to overcome it?
  13. the first moment where you truly felt that your relationship with them wasn’t like a typical fan-idol one.
  14. top 5 ‘you’re lame but i love you anyways’ moments
  15. the very first moment where you felt their sincere passion for music
  16. the moment where you felt ‘aw, kook is all grown up now~’
  17. top 5 ‘please get out of my face’ moments
  18. first time you’ve seen jimin sulked?
  19. if you’re a content maker, what made you decide to dedicate your work to them?
  20. the first moment where you felt ‘wow… the boys actually do love and cherish us’
  21. what was the reason that you believed that they would make it big one day?
  22. what do you think is their biggest charm?
  23. how did they impact your life positively?
  24. were there negatives in stanning them? if there was/were, how did they?
  25. what kind of role do you wish to see taehyung act as?
  26. a song of your choice that you wish for any of them to cover?
  27. a song of your choice that you want the dance line to dance to?
  28. most touching/sentimental moment of them
  29. the proudest moment of them so far
  30. “lets keep running forever” will you keep running with them till the end of time?

hey!! so yesterday i hit 10k followers and i’m so shocked?? and happy?? i still can’t believe it, thank you so much for following me, reblogging my gifs and saying nice things about them and me you have no idea how much it means to me i love you all :((

it’s been so long since my last follow forever so i thought i’d do one for this great milestone :’) not all of these are mutuals but i wanted to include them as well because i love their blogs a lot; 

the poeople who i consider friends and/or admire for the content they make are bolded, but all of these people are amazing and great content-makers and i’m so glad i follow them, they make this website a better place :’)

thank you again, you’re close to my heart ♥

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Who would you recommend to follow???

here r my close pals:

@danschode @ratinof @forgetfullittleguy @goincrazyfast @pseudophan @bondange @cringe-attacks @vintagephan @rebloggingphan @dailybooth @rosylester 

really good content makers / good people that are good:

@dansucc @fuckinlester @agapelester @lesterstans @phiru @thunderhowell @arcticlester @lsterr @danteko @wokephil @lattehowell @adziedoodle @dansomniac @cozydan @ghostphil @philversusdan @wispyphil @phtl @dawniel @hibernationhowell @softdan @softdnp @artsyphil @backin2009 @actualdanhowell @djnof @dimplydan @creamphilled @howelljesus @htmldan @philiplesty @wafflydan @hobbithair @crystalhowell @oops-phan @qanhowell @momhowell @feministdan

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Okay, but omgbigbangtanboys hasn't taken credit for the GIFs, not in one post. She's mentioned that the credit goes to the owners and if people want a link, it's mentioned under the GIF. Isn't that enough?

It seems like you and many others – including Sky and people on her blog – are confused.

To start off, crediting a content maker means that you link back to their original post and claim that it’s not yours. Sky didn’t do this in her recently deleted gifset posts where she took gifs that weren’t hers and compiled them into different posts. All she said was “credit to the owners” and “gifs aren’t mine.”

This is wrong. “Credit to the owners” does not give credit to the owners! Did that little phrase link you back to the owners? Did it even tell you who the owners are? No. That’s not credit.

“Gifs aren’t mine” is the same exact thing. The owners are not credited nor acknowledged nor for their hard work.

Secondly, Sky has posted gifs in two ways. When you say “if people want a link, it’s mentioned under the GIF,” then you’re talking about this:

Originally posted by jackseunie

This is okay! This is great! This is encouraged!!!

Why? Because that’s using Tumblr’s “insert gif” feature, which automatically links and credits the original owner without reposting their content. Sky does this when she answers ships, which is good!

The issue us gif makers have (and other content makers) is that on Sky’s gifset posts she reposted gifs without crediting, meaning she did not use the “insert gif” feature. AKA, she did this:

“credit to owner/gif is not mine”

As you can see, there is no link to the owner (me, in this case). This is not okay. This is not great. This is discouraged. This is stealing.

You can go on about how the gif isn’t yours, but as far as the internet is concerned, that gif is yours because you didn’t link back to the actual owner. So who’s the closest to being the owner if you didn’t tell us? You are. Because we don’t know who the actual owner is but you’re the only person we see posting it without us having to search for it.

Besides this issue, there’s another major one: lots of content creators don’t allow reposting. Meaning don’t just save and post a gif or edit you found without checking with the original owner to see if it’s okay. Using the “insert gif” feature isn’t reposting, but what Sky did on her other posts is, and that is wrong and disrespectful, especially since she didn’t credit the owner and may not have even asked them if she could take their content. When you repost something without permission, you’re disrespecting the creator and clearly not following their content rules. And if you get caught doing so then just kindly follow their requests rather than trying to make matters worse. There’s no need to further disrespect content creators (as shown here) after you’ve already stolen from them. You may feel targeted or whatever, but keep in mind that it’s not your hardwork being stolen, and the content creator has every right to be upset about it.

From a writer’s perspective, this is like someone taking Sky’s fanfics and posting them, then saying “credit to owner.” Did Sky really get credit for it, though? That re-poster can easily get all the compliments on that post even if they weren’t the author simply because the re-poster didn’t give proper credit for Sky. 

Supporting someone for reposting without credit/stealing is just as bad a doing it. If it’s not yours, don’t post it without asking and without crediting. No matter what anyone says, that’s stealing. If you’re someone who believes these kinds of things are okay, then please unfollow me. You try working on a high-quality gif/gfx/fic/etc. and tell me you wouldn’t be fucking upset when someone takes it and doesn’t give you credit. And then if you still believe that stealing content is okay, definitely unfollow me. 

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this isn't a request or anything just a slightly bitter, very exhausted icon maker who is so tired of people not liking or reblogging the post with my icons and just downloading them. it's ridiculous that there's 15+ downloads and like 3 likes / reblogs. it's not too much to ask that you like / reblog where you're getting your icons from. sorry if it ruins the ✨ aesthetic ✨ of your blog.

You know, the ikonic fandom is small. Within our small fandom there are even fewer content makers. Fewer still people who share the (many) (and expensive) DVDs that iKON has.

So when we get content, when we get free things. It shouldn’t be rocket science to thank and credit.

Since iKON isn’t active (other than these expensive DVDs) the content we put out now is the only way we can interact. This is how we can get curious new stans who have only known iKON as a touring group and missed their debut.

By allowing reposters to get away with thief and disrespectful behaviour we are actively destroying our only way to interact with each other and potential new stans.

It sounds Dramatic™ I know but honestly, think for a second where we would be without the people who share DVDs. What would we have without @ikonis @bi-ai @hwan-tastic and the other gif makers who stay up late to give us content. Who spend their money and time giving us links so we can enjoy content.

Think about what life would be if all we had was fansite photos? The official Instagram? Even fansites have closed because people couldn’t stop reposting their videos against their wishes.

Basic respect goes a long way.

Gratitude goes a long way.

Both are free of cost, and in return we get to enjoy content that would be otherwise completely unavailable to many.


Guys I am.. speechless.

This edit is 38 seconds long, and tells a whole story.

How YouTube was desperate enough for profit they would push three content makers over the limit.

This is so amazing, I have watched it so many times just to catch all the dialogue and oh my…

Please, anyone watch this, it’s so amazingly made..

@therealjacksepticeye, @markiplier, @pewdie

You may not see this, but you should, you really really should.

I found this on IG, then YouTube

The IG is justadde

And you have the YouTube

I’m leaving this right here.

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Hi there ~ I started following you yesterday and I'm in need of monsta x blogs to follow (mostly content makers, like gifs and edits), so if you could please, recommend me some good blogs to follow, i'd be really happy! thanks in advance!

sure thing!!! i might be missing a few people tho ;-;

these are the blogs that make content for them:

@hotseok / @93kihyun / @bunnywonho / @sh0wnu / @jookyun / @kittyminhyuk / @hyunqvwon / @hyungnu / @babywoon@monstaexo / @ckyun / @calemiel / @imchangki / @kihqun / @kyunie / @m-onstax / @minhyukie / @wonkkung / @wonhontology / @wonhobe / @ukihyunnie / @94wons / @changkyunsfw / @hyunwoo / @wonho@lostinmonstax

and here are some that don’t or rarely do but are my favs!!

@glokyun / @amohyunwoo / @hyungmon / @chorapper / @1leeminhyuk / @ki-hyunie / @mmonbebs / @wonhosgf / @liimchangkyun / @kihyunswife / @youkihyuns / @yookihyeun / @changkyuun / @heonies / @kihyunsbb / @shitwonho / @minhyuukk / @minpuphyuk / @jooheonypup / @hyungwon

im looking at you rpc

stop making graphic commissions if you don’t have permission to use those resources. With resources I mean fonts, textures, stocks etc. This is SPECIFICALLY meant for those who ask real money for their graphics.

No, I don’t care about the whole “BUT I NEED MONEY” because it’s not an excuse. You can still be a decent person and ask for a permission if that’s what you need. In most of the cases these people say it’s okay to use their resources free for PERSONAL use but NOT FOR SELLING. Usually, these makers ask for some type of payment if you’re using them to make money. You can’t just go to google, pick a picture you like and use it in a graphic someone is paying for.


Why do I care so much you might wonder?? because the people who make these things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Making fonts, textures and stocks might be a way for someone to earn their money. And whenever you’re taking them without even reading their rules on how you can use them, YOU ARE HURTING THEM. ONCE THEY NOTICE YOU’RE TAKING SHIT FROM THEM FOR FREE TO SELL THEM THEN THEY MIGHT STOP MAKING THESE RESOURCES.

Not only that but it’s a legal thing too. You don’t just go to some store and instead of grabbing the free sample, you take the whole product that you’re supposed to pay for.

Be decent to fellow content makers. Please.

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The phandom isnt great, yall are gross. Everyone is rude and annoying and all yalls content sucks. everyone's gifs are ugly, the fanfics are disgusting and creepy, and the art is awful. Not to forget you guys have disgusting ships like phevin and tht dancest ship too thats fucking nasty. You guys have all these meet ups and constantly reblog selfies saying how cute yall are when you guys aint even cute? You guys constantly start drama, the phandom is fucking toxic and I hate all of you :)

okay wow, you need to calm the fuck down. first of all, everyone is rude??? people are usually only rude to you if you’re rude to them, and i wouldn’t be surprised because you’re so damn salty. also content makers??? the only good. the gif makers? i aspire to be as good as all the gif makers in the phandom, everyone makes theirs differently yet they’re all so beautiful. the fanfiction writers? i can’t write at all, they are so damn creative, they develop great stories that can make you emotional. umm the artists? awful? i’m sorry, but that is in fact false. the artists work hard on their drawings, everytime i see any art, it makes me sad that i stopped drawing, i wanna be as good as them. if you can insult the content makers, how about YOU show me what you got… show me your amazing gifs, write a fanfic that will make me emotional, and show me your drawings because they must be good 🤔 as for the disgusting ships, PHEVIN WAS A DAMN JOKE LET IT GO. DANCEST WAS ALSO A DAMN JOKE THAT EVEN DAN JOKED ABOUT. we make j o k e s in the phandom. annnnd the meetups, the only reason to hate is because everyone IS in fact cute :/ it’s funny that you say all these rude stuff on anon… as for the drama? umm i honestly can’t argue with you on that, but i don’t know a fandom that doesn’t have drama once in while, you’re acting like it’s not common. have a nice day (((((: