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Time: 13:52. Half time at the Argentina vs Iran match in Belo Horizonte, June 21st, 2014, as it can be read on countless of cups of soda and beer that thousands of supporters hold in their hands, by the stairs in area 334, sector E. In the 6th row of the central stands, three seats away of the glass wall that divides the sector in the middle of 57, 698 people, their relaxed and hopeful faces can be seen, Her and Him, the most important spectators in the World Cup, who arrived just 9 hours earlier, at dawn, to Minas Gerais capital city.

Hello! - we introduce ourselves to Her, Antonella Roccuzzo (26) while Him, Thiago Messi (1), turned his little head to see who was talking to his mother.

Hello! - she smiles when she hears we’re from Gente magazine.

You came!

Sure! For this game and every game that comes after. We were so eager to be here with Leo!!… right, son? - she introduces Thiago to us.

We put together a special cover to celebrate Leo’s 27th birthday so you could give it to him.

Oh my, it’s so pretty! - she looks at every detail - Wow!

It looks like you liked it.

Sure… Look, son! - she shows it to Thiago - It’s your Daddy when he was little, like you!! And the three of us are here - she says. Thank you so much. I will see Leo today and I’ll give it to him. He’s going to love it.

Can we take a picture of you two with the cover?

Ummm, please don’t ask us to pose for pictures. The star here is Lionel, not us. I’m sorry. I know you understand that.

It’s true. She’s never posed for a magazine. And until now, she had never given an interview before. She chose a low profile. She only uses the social network Instagram to make her statements (even without words). She arrived and left Brazil with Thiago and her best friend, Florencia Calcagno, in a charter plane property of AFA and stayed at hotel Ouro Minas, with all the other families of the NT players. Always holding Thiago in her arms, Antonella Roccuzzo behaved the same way her partner does, with humility. When we end our conversation, she does it again.

Will you support Leo and the National Team anywhere they go?

Yes, we’ll be with them wherever they go. We’re going back to Buenos Aires tomorrow but we’ll try to come back to Brazil for every single game. 

With hope, with anxiety, with fear?

We’re anxious and nervous. However, Leo and the NT gives us lots of hope, we have faith in them.

Last one, because the second half is starting. What do you think will be the final result?

I hope we win!!

With Leo scoring the winning goal?

Hahahaha yeah, I hope we win!

And in the 91st minute, an incredible goal from her husband made us lose our minds, in Belo Horizonte and in Argentina.


Leo Messi covers Four Four Two magazine and talks about fatherhood, el Clásico and who Barça’s biggest joker is… (x)

Some quotes: 
"We enjoy every moment with Thiago."

"Mi life changed completely when Thiago was born. He’s the most important thing for me. The first person I think of when I wake up. He’s the best gift I could have wished for, without a doubt. Does he know what I do? No, not really. He’s only two years old. These past few months he’s been learning to speak so he communicates better with us. He understands what we tell him, it’s fantastic!"

"But yeah, about what I do and who I am, he’s not aware yet. But Antonela told me that when he sees me on television he recognizes me and that’s great!"