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River loved nothing better than hanging around the Chili Peppers,“ reports a long-standing music-business friend of River’s. “They were his big friends, and Flea was his man”. I remember how happy River was when he was with the Peppers. His beaming face said to me, ‘This is where I wanna be.’
—  US Magazine [Oct 1995]
Art is...

I read a text this morning, which had interesting elements, but so many others that were false, and new restrictions, as if the art world wasn’t giving enough already.
Art students, art spectators, are fed with, and directed towards, what HAS to be art, what HAS to be photography. The results are that speaking with them is BORING, they become clones, thinking that to repeat their teachers’ mantra is the panacea. By the way, all that they say is boring, on society, on politics, whatever.
Once again, as the about of the mag says it, do WHATEVER you fucking want in art. Just be creative, and precise, or not if you manage to develop a lo-fi vision. Just be careful of bad lo-fi, and if you want to be precise, be really precise. And don’t copy. Don’t even inspire yourself. Live, watch the world, empty your mind, and things will come. This is not the “inspiration” we hear about everywhere, which is very, very close to stealing. This is receiving, and giving in your OWN way, with who you are. Also, don’t try to be meaningful because you’re ordered to be so. Most people are shallow and factitious, so please, don’t play the Jean-Paul Sartre, the Kafka or the Luther King because it’s extremely visible for non-pigeons that it’s overplayed.

Basile Pesso, YWAMag director
Nirvana, Come as You Are, Unplugged live, 1 994

Balls Out #2.

When you have some talent, sometimes immense, false humility is definitively useless, except to be accepted by people who might play the exact same game as you. Know your value, even if the official world negates it with the greatest, the blandest, and the most snobbish manners and scorn. We are not them….we are not the elite, which is often composed of money spoiled zombies and people offering places to each other as reward of a good ol’ fellatio in the corridor or under the desk. You are brilliant. Don’t say you try, don’t permanently bow before famous ancestors. Praise yourself if you’re worth it, without bragging, but objectively, praise the others if they deserve it, give and give again even if the feedback is slight or sometimes inexistent. The world needs a revolution, all over, inner included. Art is here, permanent, rich, vivid, unrewarded. Make it live proudly even if the system might never change, cake shared between the same ol’ zombies, fellatios in the corridors and under the desk, and us, working hard to offer presents which are rejected by absent-minded, empty-eyed false connoisseurs.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona/FreeLand, 20 April 2 017
Absynthe Minded, Papillon

30 Days OOTD -The Rewind- by @mxfsims

Day 10: Victoria’s Angel

Model: Morgan

Lingerie: Saliwa - Romantic Love Babydoll Lingerie
Wings: @jennisims - Wings Cupid
Necklace: Toksik - Sayit Necklace
Bracelet: Toksik - Jaguar Cuff
Boots: @madlensims - Casilda

Left Pose: @a-luckyday

Our Empty Dedications

We arrive somewhere, we’re enthusiastic. We discover new places, new people, we think we found peace after hell, then a fucker comes, then another, then they rot everything, they start to slander, to transform the stories according to what they remember and which is false, or by real will of destruction.

My examples on the web platforms are significant, but it also happens in life, to strictly every fucking one. After having been erased from Aminus3 where I had spent one year and a very, very successful half, I went to Blipfoto, in January 2 014.
Really, there, has been the best mood I had. Globally, the writing level is excellent, as well as the ideas’. It’s more based on comments, is only for English speakers, like that it avoids the French, among which are a very serious bunch of huge pains in the ass, it’s a kind of national spirit to piss off people there. It badly ended three months ago, as many of you know, with the destruction of three years of passion and work, after a harassment and a manipulation of the staff by a harasser.

In June 2 014, two months after my Aminus’ erasure, I found Fotoblur. I invited some of my Aminus’ best friends to come with me, which they did. In the first days, I told one : “Hey ! It seems that we have found THE place”. It was just a start, and I couldn’t know what would happen in the days after. There is, there, a stupendous bunch of psychos, a real asylum. Among this shit, I managed to be successful there, and to direct the group Eroticism and Abstraction. This platform’s level is extremely high, and it was one of the pleasures. This group, for example, was a permanent stunner. Many people trusted me, but the little hands, backstage, were acting. A slander, and I was erased in September 2 014. When the boss, some months later, discovered he had been fooled, he didn’t apologize….and I came on Tumblr, on which I was, but without ever interacting, which I started to do. The experience has been extremely fine for two years and a half, until hell.
We dedicate and we offer, but you know….it’s always fuckers who win. They eat the best of us. All we can do is try to keep on among the vampires, or outside, if we prefer to be quiet.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 14 April 2 017
The Smashing Pumpkins, Bullet with Butterfly Wings

BTS~ YG Magazine First & Special Edition of 2016 Interview [TRANS]

Rap Monster’s Real Charms

Strength: Physique, rap, brain

Weakness: Dancing

Secret Charisma: He can always accomplish anything but doesn’t always tell everyone.

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Learning choreography

Happiest Moment: When the choreography is over

Goal: Become the strongest rapper in the universe!

Jin’s Real Charms

Strength: Positive

Weakness: Too positive

Secret Charisma: He can always live happily and freely

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Dancing

Happiest Moment: Eating

Goal: Buy a house!

Suga’s Real Charms

Strength: Ability to compose

Weakness: Lazy, doesn’t like cleaning up, hard to focus

Secret Charisma: Has a lot of beard/mustache (facial hairs)

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Dancing

Happiest Moment: Sleeping and composing

Goal: Become a great producer!

J-Hope’s Real Charms

Strength: Good at creating (positive, I’m guessing) atmosphere, amazing and dancing, real and humble

Weakness: Loves to hit V and Jimin, nagging

Secret Charisma: Smile

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Can’t sleep/insomnia

Happiest Moment: Performing in front of ARMYs

Goal: Make lots of money!

Jimin’s Real Charms

Strength: Self-confidence

Weakness: Too much self-confidence

Secret Charisma: Eye smile, firm thigh

Hardest/Saddest Moment: When he’s nervous and cannot do anything right

Happiest Moment: Eating

Goal: Fulfill all the goals he wrote down

V’s Real Charms

Strength: Can be friends with everyone, kind

Weakness: Always getting into trouble!

Secret Charisma: Cute/adorable but also cool/charming/handsome!

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Worrying about a lot of things

Happiest Moment: Being with Jimin and Jungkook

Goal: To never stop challenging himself and to always improve himself

Jungkook’s Real Charms

Strength: Muscles!

Weakness: Too much muscle, tries too hard

Secret Charisma: Actually a bad boy!

Hardest/Saddest Moment: When he cannot go to the gym and work out

Happiest Moment: Hitting V

Goal: Join the Iron Man Triathlon 

T/N: None of these translations are mine as I cannot understand Korean. All credit goes to  (twitter user) “givemekookies” whom I would like to thank for letting me use her content!

A Needed Reminder : Come as You Are #3

A needed reminder : this magazine (see, again, the about…) has an international and universalist goal, in particular of expanding the role and effects of beauty and art to give a delicate yet ballsy balm to the harshness of some realities we have to endure.
In this optic, I am again reiterating my wish and request to artists from the less considered and represented parts of the world to send submissions or to open some Tumblrs.
In a period in which so many people are lost in front of the absolute paradigmatic transformations and when hates grow and swell, often even exploding in violent outbursts between ethnic communities and political opponents, art imperatively has to stand firm, loving, combative, poetic and sensual. Come, as you are, peaceful, fighting, and respectful.

Basile Pesso, YWAMag director,
Barcelona, 18 April 2 017
Amy McDonald, This is the Life

anonymous asked:

Not saying he would, but what if he just acts the same as he has been and how he was when Another Man came out? He didn't say anything, didn't thank people for their support, didn't talk about the content of the magazine, there was just very very little conveyed outside of the actual magazine. I want to hear every thought he had while putting this album together but I just worry that's never going to happen anymore.

This is about to slightly miss the point but I’m always utterly floored about how people act like he HAS to thank fans… What, are you his 80 year old grandmother??? It just rubs me the wrong way when people essentially demand gratitude on their terms.

Which…the few times Harry has taken to social media recently it’s almost always been to thank fans?? Like he actually does that quite a lot?? I’ve never doubted that he loves and appreciates us?? He’s not obligated to do so the same way that other people do, and if that’s a deal breaker for you then…let it be one.

Anyway. Harry does not have to conduct his public life/how he talks about his work to the approval of some of his fans. It’s OK if you disagree with that. If it gets in the way of you enjoying his work maybe you don’t have to be as dedicated a fan as you were in the past. That would be more productive for everyone involved, if people knew when to step back from celebrities they’ve outgrown or who have changed their styles (and that goes for ALL the boys). Like, if all you’re going to do day in and day out is bemoan what a celebrity ISNT doing to please you, I think it is very much worth reevaluating why you’re spending so much energy on something that’s come to upset you.

30 Days OOTD Challenge by @catus-sims and@mxfsims

Day 23: Date Night

Model: Morgan

Dress: Spring Model Dress - @mayhem-sims
Sweater: @sims4-marigold
Choker: Josie - Toksik
Earrings: EA
Purse: Kelly - @theslyd
Shoes: Ankle Strap Flat Shoes - @sims4-marigold

Ten Years After - Emily & the Hand.

For ten years she had been dreaming of him, his long black hair going to the torso, caressing it as her hands had done in the dark and in the light everyday, but alone, alone, alone, and alone, again. He was tall and muscled, his body solid without heaviness nor ostentation in the offering of the musculature, and his cock huge, and so often ready to share love, in the ass sometimes, but not in excess. He had been making her wait, wait, and wait again, and her situation was so hard that she couldn’t force destiny.
Finally they could meet, and believe it or not, the desire was as burning as in the start of their love. Syd had told Emily that he had a secret, but she didn’t want to hear. They met each other, she was as superb as ever, dark hair too, dark skin, big, and incredibly sensual lips. She had a raincoat, and high heels, a mixture of simplicity and sensuality. He was as fantastic as she knew he would be, until the moment when his right arm disappeared. The eyes of Emily opened as plates, her heart close to exploding. He told her “This is it. Are you ready for me” ?

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 20 April 2 017
P!nk, You and Your Hand

favourite rap monster photoshoots

this boy is model material AF and if you aren’t convinced then prepare to wack yourself on the head after reading this post. to those who well and truly already know this, enjoy this post to your hearts content. :)

1. GQ Korea Magazine (2015)

i would do chem just for him

ummm ya boi was sporting some hella hot-nerd + skaterboi looks pls appreciate

2. Nylon Magazine (2015)

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Daniel in Front of the Truth...

-“There is nothing I want more than being right”. Joked Daniel. But actually it was exactly the truth, even if presented as a joke. Did he know it ?

-“So, you mean that even when the bomb number 25 in 4 years explodes, or the truck number 6 in 2 years and a half runs into the crowd, what you want the most is…to be right….I knew it.” answered, absolutely despaired, Christina.

-“Ok, first, there hasn’t been 6 trucks. What’s this fucking propaganda ? You should work for Trump and his team of fucking liars !! What are these trucks ???” Daniel had become red, and was actually belching. Something he often did each time someone dared contradict his Majesty.

-“Do a little work of research, will you. Netherlands, Scotland, France, December 2 014, and add the new ones”.

Hotly and shakily, Daniel typed the infos on the screen of his Iphone. Quickly, he found them. He belched again, something weird, not really understandable, all we could really hear was “motherfuckers”. He went out of the restaurant to have a smoke. Ten minutes later, he came back, and said to Christina that he never wanted to see her again. He left her crying in front of the apple pie.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 12 April 2 017
The Breeders, Safari

anatawadare  asked:

Can I ask you what's the different between BL manga magazines? Do they have special categories/theme each magazines? Thank you.

That’s a really interesting question that a lot of people ask me. And I always say that I’m gonna answer it… But I keep procrastinating on this one because it can turn in a really long post. 


There are 2 ways to think about how you choose the magazines you want to buy.

  • You follow some specif artists and you buy all the magazines they’re in. You follow Ogeretsu Tanaka? You’ll only buy Dear+, Cheri+ and BexBoy. You follow Scarlet Beriko, you buy Cheri+. The more an artist is popular, the more she can be in different magazines. Example: Ogeretsu Tanaka, Kurahashi Tomo at the moment. These Artists are the Call Artists of the magazines that make people buy them. You can check the evolution of a magazine by seeing who are the call artists. 
  • You only want a certain type of stories : Fluffy, Hardcore, Omegaverse (new trend here in Japan, there’s magazines for it now)…

Anyway, buying magazines, is alsways a good way to discover new authors or authors that aren’t big.

For me, I’m buy according to the first category. if I like an artist, I tend to buy EVERY magazine she can be in. 

There’s at least 20 different BL magazines published every month in Japan. Every publishers has at least 2 or 3 different magazines. For example, Shinshokan has the monthly Dear+, the bi-monthly Cheri+ and the digital Cia. And it applies to every publisher.


But now, what could be the difference between all these different magazines?

I told you earlier, Every publishing company has different magazines with different line-up (but usually the same artists) for different people.

They all have the “mainstream” magazine, usually monthly. It’s like the display of the company: Dear +, Be x Boy, Gush, Drap, Chara, Ciel. They’re the main magazines of a company, the offer comedies, fluffy and sexy stories with a bit of angst and take place most of the time in the daily life. Daria, Rutile are also “mainstream”, Rutile is all about shounen ai and fluff while Daria offers a bit more mature stories.

After that you have bi-monthly magazines : Cheri+, Be x Boy Gold are mature complement for Dear+ and Be x boy. You’ll find more adult theme. ONBlue, Canna, Opera or Cab also have a more mature content. 

If you want want hardcore content, you can buy magazines from Takashobo like Qpa, Reijin Uno or Reijin. There are also a lot of Anthologies available where authors usually write stand alone stories Libre’s Label X-Bl and Daria also have regular anthologies.

I could write a lot more about it but would be too long. I hope this helps you a bit though.

After the Tears.

Of course, people had seen the state of Christina. The waiter came to see her, and offered her a lemon napkin, exactly the same that they give you in East-Asiatic restaurants. The gesture brought real relief to Christina, and as the waiter had added a true smile and a wink, she, little by little, stopped crying.
As soon as she was going better, an old woman with a lot of jewellery came to see her, and wanted to speak to her.

“Young woman, I heard the discussion, and, I’m sorry to tell you that, but the man was right !! This is SIMPLY intolerable to let people like you blather their far-right shameless propaganda without firm reactions. I know you’re very young, girl, but do you know what happened to the Jews during the second world war ?”

This shit looked like a sketch, but unfortunately wasn’t. It had already been a little miracle to be able to stop crying and the burn all over the chest under Christina’s gorgeous pair of boobs, which she had for the dinner with Daniel, particularly highlighted with a magnificent low-cut dress. On this evening, she had been ready for anything, and hadn’t put panties, waiting for Daniel’s mastodon to do its manly work in her orifices after the restaurant.
All she wanted was to insult the old bling-bling wrinkled crow, but she thought she had to answer. She started with one single and short sentence :
“How many genocides has there been during WWII, polymath ?”

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 12 April 2 017
Counting Crows, Round Here