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two men kissing and two women kissing are some of the purest, most beautiful things in this world. im never going to tag same-gender couples as “pda”. never in this lifetime will you catch me allowing you to filter out that content. if you cant handle two people of the same gender in love expressing it to each other then why the fuck are you even following me?

name a more iconic duo than lightning farron and lesbianism. i'll wait.

i promised a post on how the lightning saga games highly imply and most likely intentionally imply lightning farron to be a lesbian, and here it is!

this will be prefaced with a brief note on the way lgbt content is handled in japanese society and media, which is essential to understanding all of this. in japanese society, acceptance of lgbt issues is tenuous in a strange way. while lgbt people are accepted in theory, in japanese society you are often expected to be at least relatively closeted, especially if you are in the public eye. business marriages between lesbians and gay men are not only common but are what is largely expected. this attitude is less common with younger people, but it is very prevalent in japanese media, especially video games and anime. the concept of “q*eerbaiting” in discussion of japanese media even gets complicated due to the fact that in much of japanese media, subtext is looked at the way that most of us would look at confirmed lgbt characters in western media.
due to the complicated nature of how lgbt characters are handled in japanese media, the common western media argument of “this character is not lgbt because if they were they would be shown in a relationship with a character of the same gender or it would be directly mentioned” is not very valid in discussion of japanese media.

after that, now i will move on to actual discussions of the games themselves! 😊

-Final Fantasy XIII-
-much of the proof in the first game of the lightning saga is the things always pointed out in discussion of evidence for the fang x lightning ship (flight, fangrai, whatever you want to call it). the difference in lightning’s interactions with fang and her interactions with every other character in the game, the romantic undertones there, the looks they exchange, the way that lightning’s pupils dilate when she looks at fang, pretty much everything about lightning’s interactions with fang. i have seen very few people in the final fantasy xiii fandom who try to argue that lightning is not at least sexually attracted to fang.

-in final fantasy xiii, there are two characters who are the personality archetype lightning would be attracted to, and those characters are fang and snow. fang and snow are both the same
heroic protector type of character. lightning is obviously attracted to fang, and obviously not attracted to snow, even after she has accepted him as a friend but before she has accepted him as family. a scene in particular i will point to here is the scene in the estheim house where lightning talks to snow after he wakes up after being injured (before the fight with the psicom airship). snow is shirtless and is what most people who are attracted to men would consider to be extremely attractive at least sexually, and lightning does not notice or acknowledge this in any way, and as i have pointed out before, snow is precisely the sort of man lightning would be interested in if she were attracted to men, because in so many ways snow is male fang, and is the hero archetype that would be lightning’s “type”.

-Lightning Returns-
-this game fucking ramps up alot of the gay, which is not exactly part of my argument but like oh goddess this game is a goldmine of proof for lesbian lightning. nearly every interaction lightning has with anyone in this game screams “socially awkward lesbian”.

-first of all, there is a massive contrast in this game between the way lightning interacts with women and the way lightning interacts with men. in every conversation with a woman, lightning is much more attentive than she is in her conversations with men. lightning often seems nearly interested in women’s troubles, where the troubles of men are listened to in a way that is much more “this is just my job” than “i maybe care”

-there is alot more with fang here, but it has all been discussed in depth in shipping conversations. lightning and fang’s constant flirting, the “it’s a date” line before fang leaves the dunes, the fact that lightning effectively starts to ask fang to go out on a date with her before fang tells her she is going to leave, lightning’s awkward intensified shyness during that conversation, etc.

-there is literally a quest in this game where lightning only agrees to go on a “date” with a man because he says he will pay for her meal at an expensive restaurant, and she spends the entire quest until he starts discussing his backstory complaining about him trying to be romantic instead of just buying her food and letting her eat. one of the lines in this quest is “i’m just here for the steak”. this is not the reaction of someone attracted to men.

-lightning is always obviously uncomfortable when heterosexual relationships are discussed unless the relationship reminds her of serah and snow’s relationship or can be related back to serah and snow. if lightning were attracted to men in any way, she would not be so obviously uncomfortable around straight and straight-passing romance. contrast this to lightning’s visible reactions to romantic dialogue and romantic gestures between fang and vanille. lightning is not uncomfortable around sapphic relationships, but is around straight-passing relationships.

-the dialogue with the ticket seller in yusnaan during the main quest is a big thing. (some slight paraphrase in the quote here because i am pulling from memory but the idea of the ticket seller’s dialogue is there and lightning’s line i know is correct.
ticket-seller: what’s wrong? did your boyfriend break up with you? trust me, i know what a woman wants.
lightning: you obviously don’t know me.

-also, the difference in the way lightning responds to fang’s flirting contrasted with the way she responds to hope’s flirting. lightning encourages fang’s flirting, and literally threatens hope over his flirting.

there are probably some more things i am forgetting from my playthroughs of the games, but those are the key points. if anyone would like more in-depth analysis, i am planning on doing a 100% run of lightning returns soon and could take notes, and i would not mind replaying xiii in the not too distant future. all of this was mostly pulled from memory of having played through the games recently. if you would be interested in some more in-depth thoughts, feel free to ask! 😊

watching luke cage season 1

so far no content I can’t handle, but it’s early in the game after all.  still, I haven’t heard anything to make me think it’ll mess me up. @v@  ANYWAY,

cottonmouth: what do you look at first?

me (out loud): the crown

cottonmouth: the crown

me: (yesssss)

cottonmouth: you know why?

me (getting excited): graphic design!  laws of composition!  it’s bright yellow and everything else is red

cottonmouth: everybody wants to be king

me: okay.  that’s cool too


Riiiiiiight, gather around children, its time for THE TALK.

We have all by now seen Sebastian’s mustache that he is sporting for I Tonya, and both here and on facebook i have seen the resulting discussions as some people aren’t sure how to handle the content of the film, and are worried how the fandom (and those outside of the fandom) will react to Sebastian playing a ‘negative’ role - ie someone who in real life is a very horrible person.

This very much reminds me of about 2 ½ years ago when Tom Hiddleston signed on to play Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, a movie about the tragic singers life. He transformed physically, he lost a drastic amount of weight and a few people did not find him attractive. Others were concerned about romanticising aspects of a persons life that were far from pretty or kind, in fanfiction. Well, what happened was a pleasant surprise. There was very little to no erotica fanfics written about Hank. There are some out there which are AU Tom ones, the kind where someone hooks up with him in his trailer after a days shooting etc, but generally everyone just kind of thought as a collective ‘smut aint right for this’. And THAT is what i am sure will happen in the Standom. You can however do as you damn well please as its your blog and no-one can/should/has the right to, police a fandom.

I personally am looking forward to Sebastian really pulling on those acting muscles (yes i know there technically isnt a muscle but just shhh), as I Tonya is the kind of film that would hopefully do the Festival circuit, and be the kind of thing that gets labelled with that ‘Critical Acclaim’ tag, perhaps even win some awards. And dammit that boy deserves it, he’s been working so hard, and i think this coming year will really prove that he is more than Bucky (a role we all love), as we’ve got what, at least 4 independent movies coming out that all cover darker tones and genres? When you look at his TV back catalogue, with Political Animals, Kings, even Once Upon A Time, all were roles with deep characters, and he was completely believable in every. single. one. 

So a big thumbs up from me for the mustache, and an even bigger double thumbs up for that boy doing some awesome movies

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the thing with the manga is that LGBT content is handled somewhat differently in Japan due to different cultural values. what would be considered just subtext in the west would be considered outright confirmation there. so that's probably why Shirow Miwa upped the ante with White Rose in the manga (along with his own personal preference) [1/2]

WB Japan also /really/ push Bumbleby, with the events of Heroes and Monsters featuring very heavily in the ads for the Japanese dub of volume 3, and deliberately editing screenshots to focus on just Blake and Yang for the lyric booklet that comes with the soundtrack. while it’s only heavily implied here, for Japan it might as well be canon [2/2]

That’s cool, and these things are confirmed/consulted on by the writers and folks over at Rooster Teeth so they have to know that these pairings are being pushed/elevated over there. 

Thanks for the info! I don’t actually follow the manga so I’m not sure what the context of any of these scenes are lol.  

Minimum item level exists. It does not exist bar people from entering content at that item level. It exists to give people a starting point at which they can handle the content gear-wise. It will be a bit harder for them yes, but every player has a right to enter any content once they reach the item level for it and fuck you if you think barring those players from going into content (especially a PUG) at minimum is a good practice. That mentality is like saying I shouldn’t queue up in raid finder for A9S to learn as a DPS because my SMN is only ilvl247. Regardless of the fact that my ACC is perfectly level to hit 100% on that fight should I choose to do that. Regardless that I gave myself some extra cush with VIT materia on my right side to survive some attacks without sacrificing too much of my DPS.

We were all at minimum item level at some point (case in point: me and my old FC doing the fist tiers of Coil in fucking Darklight gear). Just because you advanced first doesn’t mean jack squat and if you have a problem with these innocent players in your duty finder, then take your venomous attitude back to your pre-made and stay there.

– Mod Mhi

for some reason it really bugs me when people say it isn’t, so just so we’re clear: animorphs is a children’s series. it’s written expressly for children and preteens. it’s young adult lit at the most. it’s goofy and full of holes and ridiculous plot lines sometimes. yes there are dark and fucked up parts, but there are dark and fucked up parts in 98% of novels and series targeted to that age group. i mean, look at harry potter! those are meant to grow with the reader, but it’s still a kid’s series. it’s made for kids and kids read it and can handle the content and it’s good. you don’t have to say “these aren’t for kids!!! they’re SO MUCH BETTER and DARK and GRITTY!!!” to make people take you or the series you enjoy seriously.


I’m in a bit of a tight spot because my salary hasn’t been paid yet, I got bills to pay, money I owe people to, and a financial plan that went down the drain because I was lied to by my employer, coworker, and even my mom (she’s an investor in the company) into working there. A bit of more explanation can be found in this post.

Without further ado, my commission info can be found down below:

I draw:

  • Fan art/OC
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  • Kemonomimi/simple fursona

I don’t draw:

  • Extreme kinks (scat etc)
  • Mecha
  • Animals
  • Complicated backgrounds


  • Non-commercial use (for commercial use, please contact me first)
  • NSFW additional charge 10USD per pic
  • Max 3 characters in 1 pic
  • Drawings are in 300DPI A4 size (custom size on request)
  • Price range mentioned is based on the complexity of the character
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I cannot handle the content
  • Payment via PayPal
  • You can track the progress of your order and view samples of previous commissions by visiting

Commission price list and samples:

Any question please contact me through:

If you’re interested, please include in your email:

  • Commission type
  • Image reference
  • Additional note (about poses etc)

Please consider commissioning, and signal boost is v v appreciated!!


James Marsden is an interesting actor. He has leading man good looks but seems content in handling supporting roles. That actually might be a good long term strategy - it’s better to be a long term working actor than a flavor of the month star.

I’ve liked Marsden in most movies I’ve him in. He stole “27 Dresses” away from Katherine Heigl. I especially liked him in “Superman Returns”. It could have been a thankless role, with the audience naturally rooting for Lois to dump him, but he seemed genuinely good for Lois and her son. It made the love triangle especially different.

Here’s hoping for his continued success and a large role in season 2 of “Westworld”.

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How is it a public figures responsibility to censor themselves for the "poor children that may misunderstand the joke" and not the responsibility of the childrens parents to watch over what their kids do on the internet. A youtuber doesn't choose their audience, the audience chooses the youtuber.

but once they are aware of their reach and just how public they are, they should respond accordingly. by wishing to cultivate a public access, a large following in the millions, and monetized content, they are greatly multiplying their responsibility to not do harm.

like, again, a person who makes content only they will digest has only themselves to worry about. a person making content for twenty has twenty people to worry about, from how they speak to them to what message they send. it’s easier to manage a small group and ensure they are of an age to where they can handle certain content. a person making content for millions has millions to worry about, and has another factor in that their publicity actually gives them social impact, in the form of young folks who love to imitate controversial behavior that has not been explained to them.

if a person wishes to keep millions of followers and not cause damage, they have to consider what viewers will be imitating from what they do and what messages it is they are sending out.

without setting a framework of self care, personal boundaries, and responsibility in how your actions and behaviors affect others, it is very easy to create a culture of harm.

many of these online stars are unwilling to recognize their impact and their responsibility to manage it and make amends when they do hurt others with their actions and behavior.

while it’s true parents should monitor their kids and DISCUSS these topics to establish a safer framework, that does not erase the fact that many online celebs and even mainstream celebs spread very hurtful words and actions and refuse to do the responsible thing and discontinue their harm.

160124 ~ BTS 2nd Muster [TRANS]

A fan said Yoongi gave a hint to release a slow-jam version of 고엽 (Dead Leaves).