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as a white™ to other whites™ in the omgcp fandom i feel like a lot of y'all are afraid to write poc because you dont want to get shit wrong but like fr. its not hard. just dont talk about being black or asian or latino if you dont know what its like. thats it. you can still write them, and have them be your main character, and allow them to be complex. you can be white and write a black character!!! all you have to do is not write about the black experience because you dont personally know about it. that means that you can still have them be black, like things that are typically associated with black culture (if thats what the character is like), and still have human emotions!! it can be done well, like if you take a gander at @geniusorinsanity who writes an amazing nursey!! and if you REALLY don’t feel comfortable making content like that, you can always reblog it!! support those creators, like @hoenursey and @omgcphee and @duanlarissa and @oluranurse and like a billion others!! follow accounts like @omgpocplease !! dont be afraid to show interest in those characters because even if you get called out, its a learning opportunity man. if someone calls you out then you just learn about what you did wrong like nobody is perfect but if you recognize your mistakes, own up to them, and strive to be better itll be okay!!! like the characters you want to, but dont be deterred from the ones you do because you dont want to make people angry!! its just a process of life my friends, we are all on a learning curve. (make content for non-white characters broski. it will enrich your life.)

Safe Haven.

Love is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person because you neither have to weigh your thoughts nor measure your words. One of the most beautiful things is falling asleep with someone you love, holding them and feeling perfectly safe.

I put my heart into your hands, here’s my soul to keep; I let you in with all that I can, you’re not hard to reach…” Justin’s soft and modulated voice echoed in (Your Name)’s ears as he sang in a whisper while combing his fingers through her tousled hair, tangling them with her luxuriant curls.

The two of them were laying on the couch with their arms wrapped around one another. They were curled up underneath a wool blanket, shielding them from the coldness around them. If it wasn’t for the hard maple wood ablaze in the fireplace and a few candles flickering on the living room table, it would be impossible to see anything and the chilled air would be unbearable.

The heavy blizzard and windstorm growing stronger as time passed outside resulted in a blackout, leaving (Your Name) and Justin in the dark. The heat had also stopped working, so their only solution to keep warm was to bundle up together on the sofa by the fire and wait for the storm to clear and for the power to come back on.

It was almost eleven-thirty at night, almost four hours without heat or electricity and (Your Name) was beginning to feel the icy breeze infiltrate through the comforter. She snuggled deeper into Justin’s embrace, feeling his arms tighten around her. His body heat immediately sent a warm vibration from the top of her head all the way down to her toes, she closed her eyes and let Justin’s calming ballad bring her mind to an ease.

And you’ve blessed me with the best gift that I’ve ever known, you give me purpose.” As Justin finished his serenade, his lips ever so gently brushed along her natural flowing locks. He kissed the top of her head before tucking it under his chin. He held her so close that he could feel the rhythm of her heartbeat pounding against his chest.

Soon a comfortable silence fell between them; it wasn’t awkward nor unsettling but peaceful and contented. With his lips curved into a smile, Justin pulled the blanket up further to cover (Your Name)’s shoulders and closed his eyes, taking in the moment and wishing that time could stand still so that he could lay there and hold her in his arms for as long as possible.

It was moments like this with (Your Name) that Justin cherished and loved to savor every second; holding the girl he loved in his arms brought him a sense of safety and tranquility. Neither even had to speak a word or make a sound, just feeling her was enough. Even now, with the darkness and freezing draft engulfed around them to the point where it was almost overwhelming, she was all of the protection that he needed.

Unraveling (Your Name)’s curls from around the tips of his fingers, Justin’s hand moved underneath the blanket and gently grasped her bare arm, wanting to draw imaginary shapes over her skin. (Your Name) immediately jumped upon realizing how cold his hands were. She hoisted herself up so she was hovering over him.

“Your hands,” she said in a whisper but in a sense that she was startled and grabbed both of his hands tightly, bringing them closer to her lips. “They’re freezing.” She began blowing hot hair onto Justin’s hands in an attempt to warm them up.

Justin laid quietly with his face all aglow, admiring her innocent and beautiful physique and taking in every inch of her. She held his hands together with hers enveloped around them and rubbed them to give them the warmth that they desperately needed.

He could feel her warm, minty breath circulating his hands as (Your Name) brought them up to her lips once more, leaving a gentle kiss on the back of his right hand before releasing them.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” Justin implied. (Your Name)’s skin was glowing under the orange light reflecting from the fire, illuminating against her natural hazel green eyes and changing them to a mysterious shade of autumn gold.

Never before had he ever seen something or someone so breathtaking and no one else had such an affect on him.

(Your Name) smiled, tucking a loose curl that had fallen in front of her face behind her ear. She laid her head back down against his chest, feeling his arms envelope around her.

She could feel her body getting warmer; the more Justin cradled her in his arms, the more secure she felt. The way they held each other and kept one another relaxed brought them both so much comfort.

Together, (Your Name) and Justin found their own little safe haven. Their lives would oftentimes become too overwhelming and experience some dark times, but when they were together, it was like being in a bubble where the rest of the world would simply fade away for awhile.

Either Justin or (Your Name) could be having the worst day ever but when having moments like right now, they could take a deep breath, forget the real world and say, ‘it’s okay now’.

“You wanna know something?” Justin asked, letting his right hand gently sweep across (Your Name)’s cheek. She hummed before lifting her head up from his breastbone, locking her eyes onto his. “I hope the power stays off for the rest of the night.” (Your Name)’s eyes widened as she chuckled, thinking he was just joking. “Why?” she asked. “Do you want us to freeze to death?”

Justin laughed at her comment and shook his head. Taking a second to embrace her angelic face, he cupped his right hand around the base of her neck, tenderly brushing her skin with the padding of his thumb. “We won’t freeze to death, baby, not as long as I’m holding you like this,” he said, sotto voce. He pressed his lips against the center of her forehead, between her brows.

Butterflies swarmed in (Your Name)’s stomach, leaving little goosebumps all over her arms. No other guy has ever made her feel the way Justin does. She smiled and romantically kissed his lips before laying back down into her original position on Justin’s chest. “You make me feel safe,” she whispered in an undertone.

There was another brief silence between them, (Your Name) could feel the exhaustion slowly beginning to wash over her. “Justin?” Upon hearing her say his name, Justin hummed and looked down; he could see through her lashes that she was struggling to keep her eyes open. “Can you sing to me again?” she asked innocently.

Justin’s heart fluttered at her request. Kissing the top of her head, he snuggled them both under the wool throw. “Of course, my angel,” he answered and began serenading her with a calming melody.

When it’s raining, it’s pouring, how do I always end up the enemy?” (Your Name) closed her eyes, letting Justin’s song sooth her like a lullaby; his left hand was once again tangled with her hair while his right hand rubbed her back in circles. “Go to sleep, baby girl,” he whispered and kissed her head once more before continuing with his soft-spoken verse.

How do I wake up in the morning? You’re not right next to me; How could we throw it all away? Guess I’ll move on to better days

(Your Name) felt herself drift away with each gentle word Justin said, feeling nothing but security and complacency. Soon the fatigue took over her and she fell into a deep slumber. She was in her safe haven.

The End ♡

I Want To Paint Your Lips - Seven

“You can’t be serious.” Tyler slammed both his hands down on the table, glaring into Evan’s eyes. The Asian man continued to sip his drink as his friend angrily sat across from him. “I will not let you be in charge of Jonathon anymore, he’s completely unpredictable! He shouldn’t even be below 9.5 at this point. Evan, you cannot be in there alone with him every day!”

Bryce shifted in his seat beside Evan, having met Tyler a few days earlier. “He knows what he’s doing, Tyler,” the blonde said timidly, wanting to stand up for his friend but a slight bit intimidated by the other man’s fury.

“No,” Tyler growled, “he doesn’t, because he’s still sitting around spoon-feeding a psychotic lunatic who is bound to be painting the walls with this dick’s blood tomorrow. You’re insane, you know that?”

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Happy Birthday, Chuuya!

Yup, here’s the obligatory birthday post for everyone’s favorite ginger hat-rack. DT Em @goddamnitdazai because she gave me the idea 💜 and major ups to Choco @bungoustray-imagines for reading it at like 4 AM last night and stopping me from just having 1,000 solid words of boring description with no action, you’re the bomb!

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A Friend To Love (M)

►Character: iKON’s Hanbin || You

►Genre: Smut; Bestfriend!Hanbin

►Word Count: 2, 782

This might not turn out like what the anonie want though but I hope you like it. I’ve been losing inspirations lately and having a problem coming up wth plot so the update might be a lil bit slow. I’m sorry guys >..<

© to picture owner

You sat silently, the car was running at high speed at how Hanbin is flooring the gas with rage. You glanced at him to see that his tense jaw, his grip on the wheel is too tight. Your eyes landed on his knuckles, a scrape of blood decorated his milky skin making you gasp softly… “You’re hurt.” You grabbed his wrist, feeling how tense it is but slowly relax upon feeling your touch. “It was worth it. That bastard really deserved it. I would have cracked his skull open to stuff some sense into his dense brain if you didn’t stop me.” You smiled a bit. The bastard that Hanbin was talking about is your boyfriend, ex-boyfriend now. You two were at a pool party in his friend’s house. You were supposed to meet your ex there but you can’t see him anywhere. Hanbin helped you looking for him although what you found broke your heart entirely. You found him, in a bedroom, almost naked and shoving his tongue down a girl’s throat, his hands were somewhere that wasn’t supposed to be. You’ve seen this coming though. You’ve noticed how your boyfriend changed over the past week. He had been sneaking around, frequently texting on his phone and lied to you to avoid going on a date with you. Hanbin’s reaction was spontaneous, he pushed through you who was too stunned to do anything before grabbing your ex by the collar, punching him sending him sprawling on the floor. You were quick to stop Hanbin before he managed to throw another punch. You glared at your boyfriend who was shocked to see both of you there. “Babe, I can explain…” “Don’t you dare to call her that.” You pushed Hanbin behind you before pulling the necklace he gave you off your neck and threw it at the face of your boyfriend. “We’re over. Don’t ever come to see me anymore.” You dragged Hanbin out of the room, away from the party.

You sighed for the nth time, somehow feeling like a big load of weight had been lifted off your shoulders. “Don’t you wanna cry? Just shout out your frustration don’t bottle everything up inside.” You chuckled at him. “Like you?” He glanced at you, he open his mouth and was about to reply with a remark but decided against it as his gaze met yours. He heaved a deep breath instead, his frown dissolving away. Quietly, you scooted closer before linking your hand around his arm, leaning your head in the crook of his shoulder, releasing a breath along with all the frustrations built up inside of you, now feeling as light as air. Hanbin sighed, his muscles relaxed underneath your touch. “I’m just glad that it’s over.” You mumbled, loud enough for him to hear it. Hanbin peered down at you, sighing before placing a kiss on the top of your head. His action made your heart swell, that your chest ached. “I don’t wanna go home yet.” Hanbin smiled. “Who said we are?”

Hanbin had drove both of you to where you always come to watch the stars and the city lights at night sometimes. A hill at the end of the town, quite comfortable and non-dangerous if it was with Hanbin. Right now, you were cosily cuddled in Hanbin’s warm embrace, his arms tightly wrapped around you with a fur blanket placed on both your hips, another one spread underneath you for comfort at the back of his car, the back seats folded away to make some space for both of you. Because you had been doing this for several times already, he had tucked a few mini pillows and blankets in his car’s boot so it would be handy in a situation like this. Hanbin’s warm breath fanned on the crown of your head, the up and down of his warm chest lulled you in but the recent incident had you wide-awake. You shift so that you could look up at him, drinking in his profile. His sharps jaw that you’ve come to love, being so close to him you could see the fine stubble on his chin, the bridge of his nose that was so high that people sometimes mistaken him for being a foreigner, and his soft, ample lips. Secretly, you craved for them. You yearned for them to graze your bare skin, to leave marks on your body, drawing wanton sighs and moans, claiming you as his. You swallowed. All these times that you’ve been dating that bastard ex of yours but your mind was somewhere else. Always drifted back to Hanbin. He was always there whenever your ex weren’t which is almost all the time. You rarely meet your ex, saying he was busy with his work whatsoever. So most of the time you had, you spent it with Hanbin. He’s the one that knows you in and out. Then realization hit you hard like a bullet, straight into your heart that made it feel like the world had come to a halt. You’re in love with him. You love Hanbin.

“Hanbin.” You whisper was replied with a soft hum, his gaze shifted towards you. His eyes soften upon coming in contact with yours. “Do you love me?” You felt him tense, his jaw slacken at your question. “O-Of course, why do you ask that? We’ve been friends for…” “But I love you more than that.” Your answer halted him midway. His smile faltered. You pulled away from him but his hands didn’t leave your body. “I don’t know since when, but I realized it now. You’ve been with me, laughing with me, crying with me. Why didn’t I noticed it before? And I was too busy chasing someone who treated me like trash that I didn’t notice you and I didn’t even know if you like me too but.” He hushed you when you started to rant nonsense. Your tears-brimmed eyes stared at him, a blur image of him grinning filled your sight. “What?” He shook his head, biting his lips. Your brows furrowed and were about to snap at him for laughing at you but his action next silenced you. Hanbin curled his fingers around the back of your neck before pulling you towards him, colliding your lips with his. His lips that you were so lusting over. Reflexively, you wrapped your arms around his neck, flushing yourself against his warm chest. He wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you in even closer. After a few minutes, he pulled back, his eyes hooded as they stared back at you, breath ragged due to the stolen breath by the kiss you shared. He grinned. “I like you too… I love you too, more than a friend.” You huffed, pulling him in for another kiss, deeper this time, and passionate to wash away any hesitance. His fingers raked through your thick ponytail, cradling your head to have a better access to your mouth, his tongue shyly grazed you lips that you quickly granted, letting him explore the wet cavern of your mouth, battling with yours. By the time both of you separated, your messy ponytail was now loosened, you were settled on your knees in between his legs forcing you to look down with Hanbin tilting his head up. Your fingers gripped on his shoulders, clenching the material of his hoodie. His unoccupied hand was creeping underneath your blouse, feeling the cold skin of your belly encountering his fingertips. His eyes searched yours, asking for your permission which you granted with a curt nod. He smiled before closing the distance again, crashing his lips to yours, nibbling and sucking on your bottom lip that it had gone swollen. He push up your blouse, revealing your torso to the cold air making Goosebumps blossom on your silky skin, he caressed your waist, gliding his palm to the curve of your back, and his nimble fingers unhooked your bra swiftly. His touches never left your body, his lips danced across your jaw to the slender column of your neck, fulfilling your fantasies. He shrugged off his hoodie without breaking away from your neck. His cold fingers grazed your perky nipple before massaging them making you moan, your back curved into his touch as his lips had descended down to your chest.

Abruptly, he wrapped his arm around your waist before effortlessly lifting you up. You gasped in surprise only to find that he had lay you down on the fluffy blanket, your bare back tickled by the soft material. Hanbin hovered above you, his shirt grazing against the peak of your breasts making you shudder, and the cold air did not help it all. Your fingers gripped on his wrists, squirming underneath his stare. He dipped his head to kiss your lips before descending to your neck, nibbling on a patch of sensitive skin there that got you sighing in content. You curved your back to reveal more skin to his lips, moaned when his cold fingers grazed your nipples, tweaking them between his fingers to send jolts of desire through your body. Your fingers flew to the back of his head, lacing through the half moussed strands, tugging on them to anchor yourself when Hanbin’s lips clamped around your sensitive nipple. Twirling the little pink bud with his tongue, Hanbin focus on drawing out the melodic moans out of you, his fingers mapping your body to embed them in his mind. When the tip of his fingers meet the waistband of your jeans, Hanbin fumbled with the buttons before releasing it, pulling down the zippers before pushing the heavy material down. You shuddered when your body was exposed to the cold wind. You heard Hanbin suck a deep breath. Fluttering your eyes open, the view of his dark eyes ravishing your body greeted you, running his dilated pupils from your ruffled hair, swollen lips, the dark marks painted the skin of your collarbone to your lingerie-clad body squirming underneath his lean frame. Hanbin sat back to pull the material of his shirt off, exposing his chest to you. Your heart skipped a beat, although you had seen his body countless times before, you can’t help but admire it every time. Even though he’s not that built but his wide chest and milky skin always made your fingers ache to touch it. Not wanting to waste the opportunity presented in front of you, you reached forward, your cold nimble fingers come in contact with his chest, savouring the feeling of his soft skin underneath your palm. You could feel his heartbeat, beating as erratically as yours do. Hanbin leans down to place a chaste kiss on your forehead.

You closed your eyes, he wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you flush against him. “Are you sure about this?” His deep voice vibrated through your mind, suddenly feeling so petite being wrapped up in his arms. He stared into your eyes, seeking for answers when you smiled up at him before nodding. He smiled back, leaning down to press his lips against yours. You sighed. It feels so right, you should have done this sooner, you should have realized your feelings sooner so that you wouldn’t date that ex of yours. You let his tongue dominate yours as he let your fingers ran over his body, feeling a shiver raking down his spine at the feeling of your fingertips tickling his skin while his were hooked on your thighs, caressing and massaging them. Lodging his body between your spread thighs, he grinned himself onto your core, making you groan into his mouth. You could feel him straining his jeans. Deciding to help him, you slipped your fingers between your bodies, tugging on the head of his belt to unbuckle it. Hanbin parted his lips from yours, leaving you gasping for air as he started to undo his jeans button and zipper, pushing them down. You watch his bulge push against the material of his briefs. Hanbin smirked seeing how your eyes were always glued on his body, pride bloomed in his chest. He reached for your legs, caressing them up towards your hip before hooking his fingers on the elastic of your panties to pull the fabric down. A sudden blush spread on your cheeks, feeling your body flushing at being fully exposed to Hanbin’s eyes. His caressing doesn’t stop there, he started to massage your inner thigh before running his fingers along your slit, feeling your leaking juice coating his fingers. You gasped, your breath hitched feeling him teasing your nether lips. Out of sudden, he pressed one of his fingers into you, sliding it in effortlessly due to you slickness. You took a deep breath, your mouth went slack once feeling his finger deep inside of you. Without another warning, he added another digit, scraping them against your wet walls making you cry out his name. “Hanbin please don’t tease.” He smirked before placing a kiss on your forehead. Complying too your request, he pulled out of you although you frowned at the loss of contact. Hastily he pushed his brief down to let his erection free, standing proud against his lower body, his angry red head glistened with precum. He fumbled around his jeans, in search for a condom. “I’m on pills, Hanbin please I need you inside of me now.” Hanbin paused before returning to your squirming form.

Placing his hand on your hip, he positioned himself against your opening, sliding in inch by inch slowly that made you arch your back at the feeling of being stretched. Once he was fully inside of you, he let out a breath, slumping forward. You circled your arms around his neck reflexively while hooking your heels on his lower back. He grunts, feeling the position allowing him to sink into you even deeper. He let you adjust to his size, his chest heaving with his ragged breath, colliding with your hot breath. The cold breeze caressed both of you although it does not help cooling you down. In fact, you could feel your hair sticking to your neck, drenched in sweat and Hanbin’s chest gleamed with the moonlight that provides ample light for your sight. You moaned his name. “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do this.” He breathed into your ear, his hot breath fanned against the shell of your ear. You bucked your hip making him groan. “Hanbin, move…” Your lewd mewl made him twitch, he let out a shaky breath. Obeying, he pulled back his hip only to snap them back down against you. You gasped with his repeating action, his hip slapped against yours pushing you nearer the edge every time. Feeling the tension built on your lower body, you urge him to keep going. Hanbin was drowning in the feeling of your hot channel clamping around his erection, the lewd sound of your entrance swallowing him and your quivering breathy moan filled his mind. Feeling you tightening around him only encouraged him to keep going, thrusting in and out of you. You felt the coil tightening in your belly, your eyes shut tight as your nails dig into his biceps. After a few more thrust, your toes curled, your body spasm as your orgasm washed through your trembling frame, drawing a loud cry of his name with your head thrown back and your back bow away from the furry blanket underneath you. Grunting, Hanbin reached his peak upon feeling your walls milking him, thrusting deep inside of you to spill his orgasm into you. You sighed. He collapsed on top of you, his sticky skin moulding with yours with his soften member still buried deep inside of you, trying to regulate his breathing. You felt your eyes drop, your arms wrapped around his shoulders and your cheek pressed against his. You could feel his breath on the side of your neck as he could feel the flutter of your eyelash on his ear. With a grumble, he pulled himself out of you before lying beside you, his arms still tightly wrapped around your figure. You scooted closer into his arms, tucking your head underneath his chin as you always did, a small smile crept up your face. Hanbin sighed in content before fumbling around for the blanket to cover both of you, not wanting to share the feeling of your soft skin with the whispering breeze. You let his arms tug you closer into his chest. Hanbin groaned. “I should have done that sooner, and then we wouldn’t be wasting our time for the past years.” You giggled. “That’s what I thought too.”

The Drive part 3

It’s a little shorter than the previous chapters but hopefully just as good! I’m also going to put together a little masterlist of my fics so they’re easier to find. Anyway, enjoy!

The Drive, part 3

Jughead was speechless for a moment, trying to process her unexpected words. He sat up, gently pulling her with him. He spoke carefully, not wanting to upset her. “I think that should wait for now.” Despite his intentions, Betty’s face immediately fell. He quickly added, “Bets I mean you deserve somewhere nice and comfortable for your- our first time. Not in Archie’s beat up truck.”

Betty paused for a moment, her eyes glancing down as a clever angle sprung to her mind.

“We’re not in his truck,” she stated with a smirk. “We’re outside.”

“-In the box of Archie’s truck, and how exactly is being outside a more feasible option than being inside the vehicle?”

“You said I deserve nice and comfortable,” the golden haired beauty began. “The night sky is clear and gorgeous. All around us are trees and mountains, and it’s completely quiet out here. And these,” she sprawled herself out on the thick quilts and comforters underneath them, nuzzling her face into the fluffy fabric. “These are my favorite blankets… and Juggie you know as well as I do that no one uses this road once summer is over. So, all of this is ours. It’s… private,” she shot him a lurid glance, but couldn’t stop a shy smile from spreading through her lips.

It was a combination that made Jughead forget how to breathe. She was so effortlessly stunning, her now messy ponytail with loose golden blonde strands outlining her delicate face, her crown sweater hiked up slightly, giving him a small peek of her hips and stomach. He absolutely trusted her, and wanted her so badly, but this was the last thing he anticipated from her tonight.

“After everything that’s happened tonight, are you sure about this?” he asked carefully. Her expression softened, and she spoke from the heart.

“Juggie, tonight you told me that you love me. You can’t imagine how much that means to me. Everything else is just background noise now. Right now all that matters is we’re with each other, and it’s real. I love you Jughead and I just.. I want to feel closer, as close as possible to you,” a cheeky smile overtook her face, “and after all, it’s your birthday.”

He laughed softly, never taking his eyes off her beautiful frame. Looking at her he felt, with astounding certainty, that she was the love of his life. No one could possibly compare to Betty Cooper. The woman before him was brilliant, compassionate, beautiful, and so full of life. Falling in love with her was so natural, and he found himself thanking his lucky stars that she felt the same way for him. She spoke again, breaking his infatuated trail of thought.

“Of course if you want, we can just cuddle, I’m not trying to push you to do anything you’re not ready for,” she spoke quickly, uncertain if she had overstepped a boundary. He gently leaned down over her, his lips finding hers in a deep, slow kiss.

He pulled back just enough to speak, “Always ready for you, Juliet,” as he crashed his lips back to hers. Tingles ran up Betty’s neck, and down her legs as their lips found rhythm. Without thinking, her hands trailed up his neck, and slid under his beanie which soon fell beside them, leaving his thick black mane exposed to Betty’s wandering hands. Her nails lightly scratched up and down the back of his head, pulling low groans from his chest in response. His kisses began trailing along her jaw, and down her neck. Tentatively sucking at her pulse point, his fingers curled up the hem of her sweater, and moaned affirmations as his palms reached the curves of her breasts.

Somewhere between heavy kisses, wandering hands, and racy groans, Betty and Jughead found themselves tangled in each other’s bodies, breathless at the sensation of each other’s skin. He was sitting up, back against the cab of the truck, drunk in the feeling of her naked chest against his. She had straddled his hips immediately after discarding her pants, giving Jughead only a moment to enjoy the view of her lace trimmed black panties. His arousal was hardly contained by his boxers, occasionally throbbing against her heat causing Betty’s hips to gingerly rock back and forth. Jughead’s hands and lips couldn’t get enough of her breasts as he swirled his tongue around her nipple, and gently tugged on the other with his fingers. Betty’s breaths were timid but sensual, and every lift of her chest against his mouth made his body ache for her. She boldly pressed against his thickness and rolled her hips, the circular movements making Betty’s mouth fall open into a pretty little ‘O’.

His hands made their way down to her hips, gripping in a vain attempt to still her sinful grinding. Reluctantly, he forced himself to pull away from her delicious curves. His fingers traced the hem of her panties as his eyes found hers. She was already nodding in consent, and her own hands were resting at his waistband. Betty lifted herself from his lap and kneeled beside his legs, allowing them both to help the other remove their last article of clothing. Betty reached back and fished out the condom stashed in her boyfriend’s jacket. She was about to tear open the package when Jughead clasped her hands in his. His eyes tenderly locked on hers, and Betty couldn’t help but smile at the tousled mess his dark hair had become.

“Please tell me immediately if you’re uncomfortable or if you want to stop. Okay?” he spoke softly, resting his forehead against hers.

“I will,” she said, kissing him soft and quick before settling herself again on his lap. She opened the little package, and Jughead gently took it from her hands as he kissed her neck, and carefully put it on.

“Shall we lay down?” he swallowed nervously.

“Actually…” Betty whispered against his neck, “Can we stay like this? I like… where we are.”

Jughead murmured a “yes” between his kisses and nibbles down her neck. She shifted her hips, testing his length against her entrance. He rested his head back, keeping his arms wrapped around her waist, and scanned his eyes over her every curve, waiting contently for her to make her move.

His eyes rolled back as she slowly sank her hips down onto him. A low groan escaped him and his grip around her tightened, his body being flooded with ecstasy. The faint sting of fullness between her legs was both relief and temptation for Betty, drunk off the sensation of finally being connected, and craving more from it. She began to lift her hips but he held her tighter, burying his head against her neck.

“Betty,” he panted, “I need… I need a second,”

He was overwhelmed by the rush of sexual desire coursing through him, intensified by every movement Betty made. She draped her arms over his shoulders and planted a soft kiss on his forehead, signaling he could take as long as he needed. He ran one hand up her back and cradled her head, his breath heavy on her neck. His mind was numb to everything but the sensation of being inside her, her body pressed firmly against him as he held onto her for dear life. The pleasure was disorienting.

“Are you okay?” she asked soothingly, twirling a lock of his hair around her finger.

“Yeah,” he said almost too quickly. He exhaled and loosened his grip on her slightly. “I’ve just never wanted this with anyone before. But with you I want everything, so much it makes my head spin,”

“I love you so much Betty” he spoke out of breath, tensing his hips and triggering hers to begin a rhythm. She gasped in response,

“I love you too”