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also this has nothing to do with the movie but i feel like i’ve fully accepted my lesbianism because i saw a happy (ish) het couple in donnie darko, the kind of relationship that i’d seek with another girl, but i could just. tell it would be unfulfilling for me with a man. like even if it was perfect, no problems, i wouldn’t be happy in it. it’s not what’s best for me.

venus- how you effortlessly/unconsciously attract others

aries: with your inner fire and honesty

taurus: with your beauty and inner peace

gemini: with your words/intelligence/voice

cancer: with your caring nature

leo: with your confidence and desire to be loved

virgo: with your cute nervousness and humility

libra: with your charming smile and fair mind

scorpio: with your mystery and intense presence

sagittarius: with your laughter and zest for life

capricorn: with your aloof, unattainable, intimidating vibe                          

aquarius: with your eccentricity and popularity

pisces: with your compassion and vulnerability

mars- what you do when someone attracts you

aries: pursue them fearlessly

taurus: get to know them slowly

gemini: seduce them with your words

cancer: show them you care

leo: make them feel special/shine the spotlight on them

virgo: do little things to be of service to them

libra: charm the pants off of them

scorpio: make them want you

sagittarius: make them laugh

capricorn: plan your future together

aquarius: befriend them

pisces: make them a part of your fantasies 


I’ve been called disgusting because of my OTPs about 15 times last month.

Please please PLEASE don’t treat us less human just because you think shipping our OTPs is not right. NO exceptions. You will not become a better person nor make the world a better place by doing that. We won’t stop shipping it, there will only be more hate.

Update: half of those who reblog it don’t understand exactly what I meant here, so I’ll say it boldly: this comic is for those who receive hate because they ship underage/incest/abuse ships and such, not just ships that are unpopular. You say it’s illegal? I’m desperate to see a screenshot of the law which says “shipping fictional characters is prohibited when…”, including the number of the law, name of it’s country (bc I’m not american) and everything. You say it’ll make us want to have such relationships in real life? Well I’m sure you’ve read a lot of books with criminal characters, and you liked them, and apparently that means you’re gonna be criminals too.

I hate it when my words get interpreted the wrong way, so stop saying shit like “oh of course if it’s not about pedophilia!!!”. Yes. Yes it fucking is.



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

My favorite part of skam is how the boys are SO into their significant others:

  • william flying back to noora after a one line email and telling her they are together after she said they weren’t and also saying he doesn’t believe her parents don’t love her because that’s practically impossible
  • chris insisting that he and eva aren’t together YET and introducing himself to her mom and coming to hs parties after graduation.. for her
  • yousef calling him and sana soulmates, acting like a child around her because of his crush & dropping all other plans for her
  • magnus being stupidly in love with vilde, saying he’ll join the bus if they need more people and calling her VILLY
  • even stealing all the damn paper towels to force isak to talk to him and telling isak how hot/handsome he is