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Title: I Pulled a Thorn From His Tiny Paw
Author: bisexualagentcooper / why_didnt_i_get_any_soup
Artist: architeuthis
Word Count: ~8k
Rating: teen and up
Pairing(s): Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne

Summary: When there’s a Superman impostor, Batman and Superman must work together to get to the bottom of it.

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“RGB displays cannot reproduce CMYK colors accurately”

The fanart no one could have anticipated and from which I was therefore never dissuaded, for @steals-thyme‘s Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent story A Few Pages From This Closed Book:

[Clark] squints at the canvas, a painstaking rendering of something that looks like a printer test page. It’s not certain what message it’s trying to impart, but he wouldn’t put it on his wall, personally.

With thanks to @metropolisjournal, who could have put a stop to this at any time.


Alternate Sidecut

This mod replaces the bob hairstyle with a fuller, slightly longer alternative to the base game sidecut, with a larger shaved area and rounder hairline. It does not replace the base game sidecut itself. There is an ear gap for elves; no or negligible ear clipping is achievable for most head shapes. Versions with the shaved area on the left- and right-hand sides are available for all race/gender combinations. Please read the mod notes in full before downloading.


Thought I’d share a work in progress here. (I assume most of y’all recent followers are here for DA mods, and the rest are here for GW2 art. Hello! Welcome to … whatever the hell it is I am doing here.) I still have some clipping and gapping issues to fix, but this is almost ready for conversion. God bless the inflate deformer, which took this from “Have I wasted three days of my life?” to “I can imagine someone actually using this” in two seconds.

I have no idea how I’m going to handle the elf ears.