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Alternate Sidecut

This mod replaces the bob hairstyle with a fuller, slightly longer alternative to the base game sidecut, with a larger shaved area and rounder hairline. It does not replace the base game sidecut itself. There is an ear gap for elves; no or negligible ear clipping is achievable for most head shapes. Versions with the shaved area on the left- and right-hand sides are available for all race/gender combinations. Please read the mod notes in full before downloading.


Thought I’d share a work in progress here. (I assume most of y’all recent followers are here for DA mods, and the rest are here for GW2 art. Hello! Welcome to … whatever the hell it is I am doing here.) I still have some clipping and gapping issues to fix, but this is almost ready for conversion. God bless the inflate deformer, which took this from “Have I wasted three days of my life?” to “I can imagine someone actually using this” in two seconds.

I have no idea how I’m going to handle the elf ears.


Drossel von Flugel is a character from a Disney Japan show called – Fireball? Fireball Charming? There may have been shows by both names, because I know she’s been through a major redesign, and this is the “Charming version”. Anyway, apparently she’s the … duchess? Princess? Of … somewhere? I want to say Neptune.

The important thing is, I took one look at her action figure, fell in love, and bought it immediately, as a reward to myself for getting through the holidays at work. And then waited three weeks for it to get through customs. Have some shitty iPhone photos of her! The sun touches the inside of my cave basement apartment for but a few terrifying um, glorious(?) hours each day, so the light left me almost immediately and these are mostly lit with my tablet, which is unexpectedly much less bad a light source than the overhead light.

One of the reasons I bought her is that her eyes give her, I thought, a perfect personified-id “did I do that?” Impish quality, so of course now that she’s in my possession I’m taking a lot of strange pathos-laden contemplative photos of her. This is because this is the only kind of photo I have ever manged to take of any subject.