Brother, Mine (VI)

Perfect. Was it possible? Mycroft stared into Greg’s eyes, breaking apart inside.

If he’d been asked a month ago what he wanted, above everything, he’d have said peace and quiet. It was the most he could ever have asked for. It was the most he thought he could deserve - to be left alone, peacefully, safe in his solitude.

His fingertips trembled slightly on Greg’s jaw, cupping the other man’s face. He was gorgeous. He was perfection, he was everything, and he was looking at Mycroft like nobody else existed in the world.

Mycroft swallowed, hard; the muscles in his throat worked.

In the moment he started to believe it - to believe it was true, and this was happy ever after - he felt a strange shudder somewhere from his pocket.

He stiffened a little.

As he realised it was his mobile phone, his expression creased.

“Hell,” he whispered. “That’s - … damn it all, if this is work…” He fumbled inside his jacket, trying to find the phone. “Let the damn country burn,” he breathed, located the phone at last, and pulled it out.

An unfamiliar number.

He glanced at Greg, uneasy.

I am not sure if she is pleased to be home with us, or upset that we took her away from her family again.  But she appears healthy, and spent five whole minutes barking at a fire poker when we brought her in, so her curiosity and utter ridiculousness remain unchanged, it seems.

Brother, Mine (VII)

The moment Mycroft’s phone rang, Greg’s heart started to beat wildly.  He knew the Mycroft hadn’t left anything about this encounter to chance, it must be urgent. It was however the uncertainty on Myc’s face that caused his heart to skip a beat.

He laid his hand on Mycroft’s arm, nodding at him, a nod which for all the world in one action, said, “answer it, it’ll be ok…. whatever the world throws at us, however many spanners are thrown in the works, we are together….”

He watched as Mycroft spoked in clipped tones, the pit of his stomach clenching with each word he heard…

chained-to-the-mirror  asked:

I'm so glad to hear that you are back home :) that's the best news I've had all week. I'm pretty sure that seeing Ada again will improve things further. Don't hesitate to share pictures if you take any! I saw a dog today that looked like a small bear, and thought of you :)

Oh?  I wonder what breed it was.  

I’m very glad to be home again too.  John and I have agreed that he will make major decisions right now.  I of course may veto if I find the idea wholly unbearable.  But having to make decisions seems overwhelming at the moment, and I trust John, so I am happier letting him make them.

It was a relief to get up this morning, and have something clear to do.  I am very grateful for John.  I love him very much.



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Bill is very busy at ze moment, working very ‘ard, and I only work part-time at Gringotts for my Eenglish, so he brought me 'ere for a few days to get to know 'is family properly. I was so pleased to 'ear you would be coming — zere isn’t much to do 'ere, unless you like cooking and chickens!