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This Soriel shimeji works on both Windows and Mac. 
For a complete guideline on how to get the program running and for more information, I’ll leave a link to the original post here: http://pomnoichu.tumblr.com/post/138993607124/behold-a-soriel-shimeji-d-this-one-is

Don’t forget to add the quiet.exe file! Other than that, enjoy.

i drew a Smilodon populator. This isn’t a realistic reconstruction (not to the degree of some restorations anyway), though i think the anatomy turned out pretty good and it was fun to make.

I did reference tigers here, mainly for the paws/legs and face, as well as how the musculature might look beneath the skin, fur, and fat.

After looking at some comparisons between a Smilodon skull vs a lion skull, I noticed that the muzzle better resembles a tiger than it does a lion, though many Smilodon reconstructions tend to give it a rather leonine appearance. This is the comparison I looked at: [link] now here is a tiger skull: [link] i also referenced tiger paws/legs when drawing the limbs and feet. legs are really not that easy to draw.

I don’t think Smilodon had a mane exactly, and may have had more of a ruff of thick fur not unlike what Siberian tigers and wolves have. The neck isn’t actually as thick here as the ruff would have you believe.

in fact here is the sketch i did for the muscles shaded in to show how much is fur exactly. The neck is still very strong and muscular, but the fur on the neck is fairly thick.

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the single biggest tragedy of early 2000s fandom is that they all documented wank with links instead of screenshots like imagine the #receipts if these livejournals hadnt all been purged


Kylie Lip Kit V2

I remade the first colors and added the 3 new ones, now they should fit all lip types & I also made them more matte since the last ones had a lot of shine on them!


Kylie Lip Kit #1: [ MEDIAFIRE ]
- True Brown K;
- Dolce K;
- Candy K;

Kylie Lip Kit #2: [ MEDIAFIRE ]
- Koko K;
- Posie K;
- Mary Jo K;

If you use please tag #simpliciaty in your pics!
Thank you ♥