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What's the best way to convey contempt and intense dislike through a floral arrangement? Are there multiple flowers that can be used for such a message? I'd like it if it still looked nice, but not a requirement. Thank you!

Hi Nonny-O!

If you haven’t already seen it check out this reply Mod Den wrote to a similar ask.

If that’s not enough for your character here are some more suggestions.

  • Almond tree - stupidity, indiscretion, thoughtlessness
  • Bilberry - treachery
  • Borage - bluntness, rudeness
  • Bugloss - falsehood
  • Bur - rudeness, you weary me
  • Candy tuft - indifference (have them take it as an accusation towards their behaviour)
  • Cherry tree (white) - deception
  • Corn (broken) - quarrel
  • Darnel - vice
  • Lettuce - cold-hearted(ness)
  • Redbud - betrayal
  • Reed (split) - indiscretion
  • Rocket - rivalry
  • Scratchweed - hardness
  • Senvy - indifference (see above)
  • Sorrel (wild) - wit ill-timed
  • Sunflower (tall) - haughtiness, false riches
  • Sweet william - scorn
  • Syringa carolina - disappointment
  • Tansy - I declare war against you, resistance
  • Thorn-apple - deceitful charms (again can be taken as an accusation)
  • Tiger flower - cruelty, for once may pride befriend me
  • Tree primrose - inconstancy
  • Whortleberry - treachery, treason
  • Winter cherry - deception

- Mod Jana

Disclaimer: This is intended as writing advice only. We are not responsible for incorrect messages received by the interpretation of flower language in real life.