public apologies (2014)

1) i am sorry my kindness became cruelty

2) i am sorry you lived your life like an apology

3) i am sorry i always ate take away instead of your tender home cooked meals

4) i am sorry i didn’t know the difference between selfishness & self preservation 

5) i am sorry i called out your brother’s name when we were having sex

6) i am sorry i promised you gentle realism

7) i am sorry i never learnt to pronounce your name properly

8) i am sorry i shoplifted every gift i have ever given to a friend

9) i am sorry i saw your suffering as something beautiful

10) i am sorry that i don’t wake up when you begin sobbing at 3am

11) i am sorry for comparing ever kiss to the taste of pork

12) i am sorry for only coming up with 3 reasons to keep respiring

13) i am sorry for equating ever relationship with a lobotomy

14) i am sorry i never picked up my mobile even though my dad called me 43 times on his birthday 

15) i am sorry for liking faces with a black eye & hands with raw knuckles

16) i am sorry

~~~(Concept: wearable performance art)::::

Hand embroidered white jumper with black string depicting the concept of a performative and externalised state of being apologetic. Instead of repressing or harbouring feelings of guilt, desire, perversion, etc, the wearer can publicly display their affective state and past events which may hold conflict or trigger tension. Furthermore, historical artefacts which are both intimate and personal are made even more vulnerable by this act of wearing it as an everyday and integrated piece of clothing, challenging the notion of a sacred and internalised state of suffering and remorse. The anecdotal and narrative nature of the sentences also serves to conjure a more personalised and relatable form by evoking a standard post-pubescent mood. Ultimately the wearer can confront and be confronted by their own clothing. 

Made by Zsuzsanna Ihar (Zsusz) - August 2014


TA DAHHHHH! s’cuse the weird lighting (stupid weather). i finished this little beetle so here it is in all it’s gorgeous green glory. 

this one already has a home but if you want your own embroidered beetle, you can have one custom made via my etsy shop


Gao Rong 高蓉 uses embroidery skills learned from her grandmother to create installations, full simulacra of her grandparents’ homes in Inner Mongolia and Rong’s apartment block, from the ‘kang’, stove, ancestral portraits,walls, doors, and rusty pipes. Spending months on the artworks, she stitched every detail of these trompe l’oeils that speak about memory and family.

Source: White Rabbit Gallery


epiphytes never grew around you (2014) 

A lamentation and artwork. Through suspended flora placed woven into a collage, mixed with embroidery imitating plants and stones, a out of context garden is created, creating friction with the bare and sterile plastics and PVC which it relies and grows upon. The piece aims to be a floral choreography of the friction of relationships ripped out of their natural landscape and made to imitate something else. Whilst the garden looks in bloom, a blushing form, it is displaced and without grounding. 


TA-DAHHHHH! finished majora’s mask. i’ll be putting this up for sale on my etsy shop (along with a bunch of other stuff) really REALLY soon. i’m also thinking of doing some prints of it too if people are interested…

in case you missed out on the progress photos and want to take a look, they’re over here


i (finally) decided this was finished so here are some nice photos.

hand drawn from several pieces of photo reference and then hand embroidered in cotton embroidery floss onto calico using mostly back stitch with a little bit of plain ol’ straight stitch and a little bit of turkey work (also called the ghiordes knot) on the body so it’s all fluffy and 3d.