I’m included in a new Forbes article about Artist’s studios and their artwork price ranges. I’m in some good company. feeling lucky. here’s the photo of my studio and the link to the article:


Crazy busy and messy in here today, re way I like it! Been at it since 6 am, love what I do! #art #artist #painting #creative #artistsoninstagram #abstract #abstractart #abstractexpressionism #abstractpainting #debbreton #artgallery #instaartoftheday #instaartist #instaart #contemporarypaintings #contemporary #wip #artstudio

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15 incredible new photos of Liu Bolin, China’s ‘Human Chameleon’

No, he doesn’t have magic powers or an invisibility cloak. What he does have is great artistic ability and extreme patience.

The 100 shooting - 01/22/2016

It didn’t rain so much yesterday, which was very nice because I’m not Canadian so I almost froze to death on Thursday.

They were filming on a sidewalk in front of Canada Place again, this time a series of shots of Clarke walking among the mysterious-maybe-Grounder-maybe-not Extras In Overcoats. Clarke was walking through the crowd looking very confused, and apparently no one could see her. At one point they all stopped walking and looked up, including Clarke. This is on the video that I posted yesterday.

Shit got really weird in the next scene. Jasper came by and he was wearing contemporary clothes – not business suits like the extras, but casual – and he was eating a pretty pink strawberry ice cream (which I hope was from Bella Gelateria, one block from where they were shooting and also the best ice cream place in town). Devon Bostick seemed to be doing some method acting or whatever because he kept dancing and smiling and laughing during the breaks.

Jasper sat down on a bench, eating his ice cream, looking around and smiling like if he was high as a kite. Clarke walks to him and stares at him, but he doesn’t see her. She doesn’t even try to talk to him and keeps walking down the sidewalk. Now I get where all your LSD theories come from.

After that sequence they did some other shots of Clarke walking on the sidewalks of the city. There were a lot of extras; some of them the same ones that were there on Thursday and got their asses kicked by Lexa.

A lot of theories about season 3 have been going on and the best I can do to help is share the one piece of information that I heard on set: while directing the extras, the director said “You are really happy. You’re in the City of Lights!”.

So yeah, Downtown Vancouver is pretty much the City of Lights, which could be not a place, but a state of mind/a drug induced Matrix situation/something else. For what I’ve seen so far, Clarke could be trying to save Jasper and the others from this city, which could be created and controlled by Allie. Lexa, on the other hand, seemed as aware as Clarke about her surroundings, and they can see and touch each other, something that Clarke couldn’t do with Jasper.

In the afternoon/night they moved to an underground parking lot, where they would stay until late, so I left because we couldn’t see anything. But we got to see a glimpse of Alycia inside one of the cars, and I’ve seen some pictures of her so she was on set yesterday for sure.