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Contemporary Artist: Marco Grassi

Another recent artist of interest… but one that I have some reservations about… is the phenomenally skilled Italian painter, Marco Grassi:

Not only are Grassi’s paintings masterful examples of “Hyper-realism” but they are quite often stunningly beautiful. There is a classical elegance, a Baroque drama, and a brilliant color.

For some reason, however, Grassi frequently supposes that this is not enough. As a result he adds elements that have been called “surrealistic”… but which strike me as jarring, awkward, and unnecessary… elements such as weirdly glowing tattoos, or strange garments which often appear as if they were Photoshopped into the image:

Honestly I don’t know if Grassi feels he needs to add these “surreal” or “weird” elements to his paintings to fit into today’s market… or whether he imagines that without these fantastic invented elements his paintings will be deemed as nothing more than photographic copies. Either way. I find these elements wholly unnecessary and ironically they are often the least well-painted aspects of his paintings.

Nevertheless… the best of his paintings are absolutely stunning!

Grassi is certainly an artist to watch.