contemporary hip hop

Each house as: a kind of dance
  • Gryffindor: hip-hop – very physical, dance battle champions, amazing solos
  • Hufflepuff: modern jazz – group dance, popular, seems easy but requires a lot of training
  • Ravenclaw: contemporary dance – refined, sophisticated, creative
  • Slytherin: ballet – classic, graceful, disciplined

Kyle Hanagami & Haley Fitzgerald Choreography

Just Dancer Things
  • You have a favourite floor
  • You keep a list of songs you want to choreograph to
  • You spend hours watching choreography videos online
  • You spend hours trying to learn that choreography 
  • You can’t stay still 
  • You can’t have just one favourite style
  • You could dance 3 hours non stop without a sweat but running up a flight of stairs leaves you out of breath
  • You can change into costumes in record speed
  • You find buying new leotards and dance shoes way too exciting 
  • All your socks have circular holes in the bottom from turning in them
  • Forever covered in bruises 
  • Pulled muscles are more annoying than painful 
  • If someone takes the square meter space of floor in the studio that is your stretching spot then world war 3 will start
  • Your legs are significantly stronger than your arms
  • Tap shoes and pointes are your chosen weapons in battle
  • ‘And’ is a number
  • You can only count to 8
  • You have a favourite leg
  • You open doors with your foot
  • You can dance without falling but walking down the street without tripping is a challenge 
  • You subconsciously ponche when bending down 
  • Every bone in your body will crack at some point during the day 
  • The sound of bones cracking doesn’t phase you
  • You’re proud of your bruises 
  • Bruises don’t hurt they’re just annoying and get in the way
  • You always write ‘point’ like ‘pointe’ 
  • You won’t stop tap dancing 
  • Messy buns upset you 
  • Getting your first pair of pointes is a bigger achievement than getting all A*s in your exams 
  • Your hips cracking is the most relieving feeling
  • You have to get new dance shoes because you got blood on your current ones
  • You have a draw specifically for leggings
  • Most of your leggings have holes in them 
  • Your constant tap dancing drives everyone insane
  • You spend more time dancing than not 
  • Taking forever in the loo because you’re wearing a leotard 
  • You envy all the naturally flexible people
  • You can remember loads of dance routines for months but you forgot what you had for breakfast yesterday 
  • You subconsciously spot when turning 
  • “One more time” means 5 more times 
  • Your most embarrassing moment was falling over during a performance or in dance class
  • You love it when routines make you feel sexy 
  • Kicking yourself in the head is something we’re proud of 
  • “Everything hurts.” 
  • You’re most confident when dancing
Choreographers On Youtube the LD Fandom Should Know

 Some known, Some unknown, Some working with LDs, Others not so much

Antoine Troupe: (Hip Hop)

Christopher Rice: (Tap/MT)

Ian Eastwood: (Hip Hop)

Kaelynn KK Harris: (Hip Hop)

Kyle Hanagami: (Hip Hop)

Megan Batoon: (Hip Hop)

Willdabeast Adams: (HIp Hop)

Janelle Ginestra: (Hip Hop)

Jake Kodish: (Hip Hop)

Jojo Gomez: (Hip Hop)

Galen Hooks: (Hip Hop)

Matt Steffania: (Hip Hop)

Phil Wright: (Hip Hop)

Michelle Jersey Maniscalo: (Hip Hop - a little nsfw)

1Million Dance Studio: (Basically everyone but fan of Lia Kim) (Hip Hop)

Anita Sutradhar: (Bollywood/ Fusion)

Tricia Miranda: (Hip Hop)

Mihran Kirakosian: (Hip Hop)

Brian Esperon: (Hip Hop/Contemporary)

Tim Milgram: (not a choreographer but features so many good ones)

Nicole Kirkland: (Heels)

Yanis Marshall: (Heels)

Urban Dance Company: (not a choreographer, but features so many good ones)

Hollywood: (HIp Hop)

Will B. Bell: (Contemporary/Lyrical)

Michael Verre: (Tap)

New Movie Musicals: (Tap/MT)

At 24, Chance The Rapper has already had a career many artists could only dream of. In 2015, he became the first unsigned artist to perform on Saturday Night Live. This year, he won three Grammys for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album. When he spoke to Stretch and Bobbito — who in the ‘90s invited then-unsigned or little-known artists like Nas, Wu-Tang, Biggie, JAY Z and Big L to rap on their college radio show — they asked him to help them dig into the contemporary hip-hop scene.

Chance talks about career, priorities, politics, and his recent million-dollar donation to the Chicago public-school system he attended as a kid in an interview on What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito.

Chance The Rapper On Mixtapes, Politics And Priorities

Illustration: Philippe Callant for NPR

miniaturestudentllama  asked:

can you please do number 20 papyton dancing please! Your art is so great!

20.) Dancing

This is the last of the prompts (at last!) I spent a long time thinking about this one and working on it. The genres are contemporary, tango, hip hop, and swing. I wish I could draw more but I only have so much time:

Also wanted so show MTT’s advanced prosthesis. I wanted to use bolder colors but I realized that would distract from the compositions, so I kept it closer to his skin tone for now.

Songs/choreography that I listened to while working on these:

Contemporary: James Bay’s “Let it go” and Ed Sheeran’s “The A team”

Tango: Moulin Rouge “El Tango de Roxanne” and Cello Guys “Smooth Criminal”

Hip Hop: SYTYCD “Get Outta Yo Mind” and Mashup “Shape of You/The Greatest/Cheap Thrills”

Swing:  “Puttin on the Ritz” and Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good”


Double amputee Amy Purdy: “Contemporary” “Tango” “Freestyle” “Quickstep”

Watching her in competition helped a lot for researching dance, movement, and understanding physical limitations. She is amazing, please check her out!

ID #23408

Name: Lena
Age: 16 (will be 17 on December)
Country: Greece

penship people,
my name is Lena and I’m almost 17 as you can see above. I came back to this website because through it I’ve met some amazing people that I can’t imagine my life without so it would be great to meet some new people that are looking for a serious, longterm friendship. Don’t be scared though, we’ll chat for a bit in the beginning to see if we get along xD So here’s a bunch of stuff about me. I’m a dancer, I’ve done ballet for 12 years, contemporary for 2 years but I dropped them both when I was introduced to hip hop which is what I do right now and it’s my biggest love:P Other than dance, I have many interests like reading books (I’m pretty much addicted to reading, it’s not even funny), writing, playing and listening to music, watching movies, anime and series (skam, ouat, ouat in wonderland, vampire diaries, teen wolf, gotham, skins, pretty little liars, rookie blue and supernatural- yeah, I’m addicted to series too><). I love art, I seriously interpret everything that happens in my life through art and I have a special place in my heart for those who can draw. I also spend a lot of my time with and learing about animals. I have a dog and he is the memeber of the family I’m closest to. If things go as planned, in a year I’ll be in Uni studying veterinary. So, if you can deal with my awkward (mainly in the beginning), clumsy and talkative self I’ll be more than happy to get to know you! I’ll seriously talk your ears off about feminism and human rights and many serious stuff but also you’ll get to see the not so serious side of me that talks about every stupid thing that comes to mind.

Preferences: I prefer someone around my age (15-19) and also, I’d like to talk through fb messenger or tumblr cause snailmail is kind of distant and it’s easier to lose touch through it. I’d definitely like it though, if we exchanged parcels and a few letters now and then!