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can you please do number 20 papyton dancing please! Your art is so great!

20.) Dancing

This is the last of the prompts (at last!) I spent a long time thinking about this one and working on it. The genres are contemporary, tango, hip hop, and swing. I wish I could draw more but I only have so much time:

Also wanted so show MTT’s advanced prosthesis. I wanted to use bolder colors but I realized that would distract from the compositions, so I kept it closer to his skin tone for now.

Songs/choreography that I listened to while working on these:

Contemporary: James Bay’s “Let it go” and Ed Sheeran’s “The A team”

Tango: Moulin Rouge “El Tango de Roxanne” and Cello Guys “Smooth Criminal”

Hip Hop: SYTYCD “Get Outta Yo Mind” and Mashup “Shape of You/The Greatest/Cheap Thrills”

Swing:  “Puttin on the Ritz” and Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good”


Double amputee Amy Purdy: “Contemporary” “Tango” “Freestyle” “Quickstep”

Watching her in competition helped a lot for researching dance, movement, and understanding physical limitations. She is amazing, please check her out!

hogwarts!au jimin
  • small, nervous jimin sits on the stool and they put the sorting hat on him, and the sorting hat is just like “?????????????”
  • and for five minutes straight it’s blabbering on like “hufflepuff? gryffindor? hufflepuff/???” and finally the hat places him in gryffindor
  • at first all the gryffindors are skeptical cause this kid looks so delicate and timid and distinctly hufflepuff-y BUT HOO boy are they mistaken bc jimin turns out to be a gryffindor through and through
  • now he’s a 20-year-old third year with taehyung
  • he’s muggle-born and absolutlely fascinated by the wizarding world; he meets even the smallest things with wonder and amazement
  • his favorite subject is transfiguration, by far
  • he just thinks it’s the coolest thing in the freakin world because like, you can turn a bowl into a goat how insane is that 
  • his wand is made from sycamore and has a phoenix feather core, and is 10.5 inches long. it’s a very adaptable wand and lets jimin learn new spells with ease, because he and his wand are extremely well-matched
  • his pet is a lazy ragdoll cat named flopsy, and it’s not the most original name but it’s cute
  • he’s a chaser on the quidditch team for gryffindor, and because of his relatively small stature, he’s very very agile
  • his patronus is a massive lion, which was completely unexpected and very shocking to both jimin and his defense against the dark arts class. he had been able to produce it with relative ease. everyone had been expecting a puppy or a squirrel or something but then a seventeen-foot lion came out of nowhere and roared and one girl pissed herself 
  • when he first came to hogwarts he was so bubbly and joyful and happy and mostly made friends with the people in his class, including taehyung. he was a little bit afraid of the olderclassmen
  • and he did so well in all his classes because he was so passionate about every aspect of the wizarding world, it was all so new and interesting to him
  • but one day he was walking to herbology when he heard an older slytherin pass by and glare at him and spit out a word he had never heard before
  • “mudblood”
  • and jimin had absolutely no idea what it meant, but it was said with so much malice and disgust that jimin felt tears prickling around the corners of his eyes
  • and then he starts hearing it all the time, directed at him, mainly from slytherins but also from a couple of ravenclaws too, and it just makes him so upset because he doesn’t know what that means and he doesn’t know what he did wrong? he’s just trying to be as nice as he can
  • after a few weeks of this, jimin has almost had enough, and a slytherin in the hall hisses a venemous ‘disgusting mudblood’ in his direction
  • jimin turns around just in time to see a terrifying blonde slytherin clocking the other guy in the face and jimin is like ???????
  • and the blonde is like “what the fuck did you just say to him you little prick”
  • and the guy is on the ground like “jesus yoongi it’s not a big deal get the fuck off of me–” but yoongi isn’t having it so he grabs the other slytherin by the collar and forces him to apologize to jimin
  • and that’s how jimin met min yoongi, and subsequently met yoongis friends hoseok and namjoon and seokjin
  • and if yoongi ever hears the word mudblood anywhere near jimin again, someone will bleed
  • people stopped calling jimin a mudblood after that, he noticed 
  • jimin was an absolute ray of sunshine and he started making friends with older students and he didn’t know why he used to be so afraid of upperclassmen, because they were all so wonderful and treated him so well, especially yoongi and his friends
  • eventually he convinced taehyung to come with him and eat meals at the older boys’ table and that’s how ot6 came around (jungkook came later lol)
  • so jimin always had a passion for dance and one day he learned that wizards knew nothing about muggle dancing styles (“popping?? freestyle?? contemporary?? come on guys have you seriously never heard of these”) and so he started a muggle dance club with hoseok
  • and the club absolutely thrived, it was super popular and hoseok and jimin were so talented and such patient teachers
  • and seokjin was always SO wonderful to jimin, he would always sneak food from the kitchen and force jimin to eat when he was studying too much or skipping meals (the kitchen staff knew he was stealing food but lol they weren’t about to let angel park jimin go hungry, so they just let jin do it)
  • when jungkook came to hogwarts jimin was absolutely enthralled by the boy, he always made sure to include jungkook and never missed one of the boy’s quidditch games because he knows how lonely jungkook felt when he first got to hogwarts
  • jimin’s animagus actually turns out to be a scottish terrier, and he thinks it fits him really well. it sounds weird, but he likes it when his friends scratch behind his ears. taehyung has found a spot on his tummy that makes his leg shake. 
  • and namjoon and jimin always have silent reading days in the library, where neither talks or moves from their perch by the window because this is a quiet moment in the chaos of the school and they just appreciate each other’s presence
  • and of course he and taehyung have the marauder’s map and use it to get up to all kinds of 95 LiNeR sHeNaNiGaNs 
  • after he graduates, he becomes a transfiguration professor at hogwarts and sometimes will go help with muggle affairs at the ministry of magic
  • all of the students adore him, he’s so kind and wonderful and helpful, and by the end of the year he’s probably gotten no less than thirty love declarations from his students
  • also “professor jimin why won’t this bird turn into a goblet please help me i’m going to fail this class”
  • in conclusion, this ray of sunlight is one of the best students to ever step into hogwarts and is universally loved by all

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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The dances for next week were revealed. Normani got Jazz for one of them which seems unfair. Contestants usually don't get both contemporary and jazz in one season, but she's getting them back to back weeks. And if she makes the finals she basically has three weeks of freestyle in a row (contemporary, jazz, freestyle)

Well it depends on the season, the person and the theme (since we have so many of them now). But this is a bit different. There was not a real theme this week and there won’t be one next week. The fact that she’s getting them back to back with a freestyle likely to follow is a problem. Because the judges are going to give everyone a perfect score for that judges challenge thing and she has a jazz in the second round, she will be going into the first night of the finals with a perfect 70. Meanwhile David, Simone and Rashad all got some of the hardest dances to master. Tango, rumba and quickstep. Those are all very technical dances. And they are styles that all three will probably have some difficulty with. You see how messed up this is? Normani has been coasting all season. And it’s not her fault. It’s the fault of her pro, the judges and tptb.

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I'm happy with the quickstep for the redo. It will show just how much she's grown during the competition and a rumba and contemporary freestyle on finale night wouldn't be a great combo IMO

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Papadakis/Cizeron seem to want to define ice dance by their own terms. Which I don't have a problem with, but trying to imply floor dance has no place in ice dance makes no sense to me.

right? ice dance has ALWAYS, since its very inception, been rooted in ballroom dance. why are they complaining about it now? its not like it was just based off contemporary freestyle before and they changed it halfway through and they’re trying to adjust to a new system. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS.

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Wait I don't get it what's wrong with getting jazz right after contemporary?

nothing is inherently wrong it’s just that some people don’t like the show moving away from ballroom, and i agree with that anon who said that contemporary + jazz + freestyle back to back to back might get tiring but hopefully val keeps things interesting/fresh

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I thought Val would be doing contemporary-jazz-contemporary freestyle 3 weeks in a row, but instead he did contemporary-jazz/vienesse waltz-vienesse waltz with lifts freestyle 3 weeks in a row. Weird that he decided to have the most in hold in the freestyle. It's like he was choreographing freestyles every week and then for the actual freestyle it was a vienesse waltz

Yeah. It was really odd to me. A real wtf moment

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... So apparently Val is gonna do a slow contemporary for the freestyle? Has anyone ever done a contemporary as both a style in an earlier week and a freestyle in the final before...? I know Ginger got a contemporary in the finals, but for her freestyle they did tap dancing for some reason even tho neither are trained in it?

Yes. Bindi and Derek. Amy and Derek. Janel and Val. Jana and Gleb. Noah and Sharna. In my opinion, it only really worked with Bindi. Amy was fine but it pained in comparison to her first contemporary. Janel’s and Jana’s flopped. And Noah was fine and was never gonna win anyway (because the judges weren’t gonna allow it). I just don’t really remember it. I’m not sure why he’s gonna go for that. It doesn’t work more often than not. And really, what other sad story are they gonna tell? Unless he gets on his high horse and tries to critique society which I’m starting to feel that he might do.

But just think....

A dance “sports anime”.
Troupes entering into showcases
Girls and guys trying to get onto pointe despite being told they don’t have the right body shape
Academies made for all forms of dance
Disputes being solved with dance offs
Troupes with dance puns for their names
“I only dance freestyle”
Come on who wouldn’t love this