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the 1975 - somebody else

new release from one of my favourite bands. the band have been nothing but ambitious so far with their new songs indicating a complete change in direction of their musical style. their very laid back, post-modern, electronic, over-romantic sound is really fitting well in my life. the album ‘i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ is out on feb 26th, roll on!

David Tudor’s chirping, clicking, ringing installation Rainforest V (Variation 1) is comprised of 40 objects chosen for their distinct auditory properties. Read the story behind this immersive new addition to our collection.

[David Tudor and Composers Inside Electronics. Rainforest V (Variation 1). 1973–2015. Sound installation of 20 objects, dimensions variable. Installation view, Broadway 1602. Courtesy Broadway 1602, New York]


so this one time Chase O’Neill and i went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then for an assignment we wrote a piece about one of the exhibits and honestly i’m not sure this counts as composition but i am weirdly fond of it so here it is!

Play a tone for so long
until you hear its individual vibrations

hold the tone
and listen to the tones of the others
-to all of them together, not to individual ones-
and slowly move your tone
until you arrive at complete harmony
and the whole sound turns to gold
to pure, gently shimmering fire

—  Karlheinz Stockhausen, score to “Set Sail for the Sun” from Aus den sieben Tagen (From the Seven Days). Listen here.

Raglani. The Exploded View. First single from the Editions Mego record. Real Colors Of The Physical World.

Raglani. Re-entry With Entity. 2009. HUSK 2012.

“I just approved the third attempt (or was that the 4th) at a test pressing. Covers are printed and I believe these should be out within a month. It’s been a LOOOONG process with mishaps at every stage of the way. I know I’ve been saying it’s any day now for awhile but now it truly is any day now. This double LP is a kind of "best of” and covers a lot of material from 2004-2009. Culled from cassette releases such as Oneism, Vanity Well and Classically Sprained as well as a few unreleased songs and demos. Re-Entry was a cassette 4-Track demo I started before the may 2009 tour in which all my music equipment was stolen. So I decided to leave it just the way it is.“

- Joe Raglani

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Artwork by Robert Beatty.

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Keith Fullerton Whitman. Testing his live performance setup, 1/12/12.