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broduce 101 boys breaking stereotype boundaries getting their vogueing ON as well as a certain two wonderful babies that instead of competing, collaborate in a wild but gorgeous contemporary duet that through its performance raw emotions are portrayed by the snap of a finger or the gentle meeting of stares


#1. “You’re the Last Thing on My Mind” (Marko/Koine contemporary), Mandy Korpinen and Elizabeth Petrin

Gonna be honest, when I saw that these were new choreographers and I heard the concept, I thought this was going to be really awkward. This show really broke my trust with brand new choreographers after that whole sexy fish fiasco. Thankfully, this was nothing like that and I hope we see Mandy and Elizabeth back if they have more to offer like this!

This is definitely the most memorable contemporary routine of the season. For once, the props weren’t super distracting and instead added a really cool layer to everything and created some beautiful pictures, like when Marko held Koine up by the waist and her legs were outstretched, and when they both held on to the hanger and swung around. There were a few parts where I was scared Koine would smack her face against the bar up there, and I feel like Marko caught her super late when she went flying off the bar and landed in front of him, but maybe it was supposed to look scary or something lol. 

And do I really have to mention their chemistry? They always look like they’ve been dancing together for years and years, even in the quiet moments when all they do is look at each other. This was just really gorgeous and I loved everything about it and Koine is everything.

(But who leaves lingerie with their ex-boyfriend? Like of all things to accidentally leave behind in the closet? It’s usually like an old t-shirt or a pair of jeans she never wore anyway lmao.) 

Okay if I was going to write another long au fic after switchblade it would obviously be the Foxes as ballet dancers enrolled in PSU’s infamous ‘half-way house’ of a performing arts program:

• Kevin was one of the best dancers ever produced by Edgar Allen’s prestigious performing arts program, second only to Riko Moriyama, until he broke his foot in a skiing accident and abruptly transferred to PSU.  Edgar Allen produces ballet dancers who all go into professional companies, ultra-strict and dedicated and obsessive – so not at all different to canon!Kevin. he didn’t think he would ever dance on demi-pointe again so he took a job as a teacher at PSU under Wymack (his father), but every night he goes to a studio and pushes himself until he can’t anymore so he can get back out on the stage where he has to be

• Dan knew she needed to be a good enough dancer to get into a college program on scholarship, so she threw herself into it with single-minded determination even if people told her that she wasn’t the ‘right type’ (black, short, not the ‘right’ body type because she isn’t willowy, from a poor upbringing). she spent her time a school wincing whenever someone called her a dancer, unsure if they knew that she was working nights at a strip club – not because she was ashamed, but because she knew it would affect her chances of getting where she needed to go to get out of her tiny dead-end hometown. she’s a ballet dancer, skilled and graceful, but her sisters taught her a few tips for the stage that she uses even now. not just dick-punching assholes with high heels, either

• Allison was sent to ballet lessons right from when she was a tiny tot in a tutu, but when her ambitions for doing it professionally started to grow her parents tried to steer her into a more conventional career; namely, the one they picked for her. Allison chose her own freedom at the price of her family and went to PSU instead. she still drives a pink convertible and kicks ass, a picture-perfect blonde ballerina with a talent for ballroom – she makes Matt partner her because they make such a pretty picture

• Matt got into dance through ballroom classes that his father suggested he take for ‘culture’ but his talent meant he was encouraged into ballet pretty early on. he’s going places, but it’s only after Kevin joins the Foxes that he really starts to flourish into the best dancer the Foxes have. he’s the favourite partner of all the girls because he’s not a solo-focussed douchebag like Kevin and Seth or a regular douchebag like the monsters

• Renee started dancing later in life, introduced to it by her foster mother Stephanie, so she learnt a lot of styles in rapid succession before focussing on ballet. she really likes historical dance and liturgical dance as well. she isn’t the ‘right type’ either, but she was too good for Wymack to turn down – she had good teachers. she probably does at least one routine with Andrew where they mimic each other perfectly

• Nicky took up dance even though his parents didn’t really approve of it – they thought it was too ‘flamboyant’ but after he’d renounced his sexuality they were so proud that they let him rejoin the school program. his dance teacher was the one who got him into the program in Germany where he met Eric. he’d given up on it for a few years living with the twins, but the offer of returning to it while getting all his college fees paid off and keeping his family together was too good to turn down. he can be elegant on stage, tall and athletic, and he learnt a whole bunch of Latin dances because everyone said he should. he’s the most likely to be goofy at practices, and he has a whole list of unusual dance styles that he’ll imitate to get a laugh

• Aaron only got into dance because it kept him out of the house and away from his mother, but he’s not too bad either. more importantly, it was fun and he liked it – more than school, more than the booze, more than drugs. he did classes in ballet and contemporary but obviously he prefers street dance despite being a five-foot blonde boy because he has a thinly-disguised attitude problem as bad as Josten’s and he likes music that sounds like a fight

• Andrew. did one of his very early foster-parents get him involved in dance? yes. did later foster-parents deride him for his interest until he pretended to hate it, and then until he actually did hate it? yes. did Cass encourage him to get back into it? yes. was it his lifeline through drake, through juvie, and through aaron and tilda? hell yes. would he ever admit that to anyone? hell nO.

• he’s pure grace and power on stage when he chooses to actually dance, but the drugs they put him on to control him mean he usually won’t. even when kevin threatens him (especially when kevin threatens him). he’s mind-blowingly talented but will only dance contemporary

• Neil is a mish-mash of different styles, picked up all over the show while he was on the run with his mother.  dance was easier to to than play exy, even if he had to lie about it to his mom. he loves it, he loves it, he loves it (and he’s obsessed). his true love is contemporary, but the video of him doing ballet routines in Arizona is what caught Kevin’s eye. Kevin knew they needed to recruit this man who poured out everything on the stage. and you can bet that Neil was still HORRIFIED to see Kevin Day when they corner him and offer him a place with the Foxes because the Butcher is still the Butcher, and Neil still needs to Kevin to stay the hell away from him so he doesn’t get murdered

• he stills signs tho – Neil still wants a home, and he wants to dance. he and Andrew probably still fight like crazy, and then do a tension-heavy contemporary duet and make-out in a practice room in front of the mirrors because why tf not

• do the Yakuza care about ballet? I do not know??
• there’s no plot to this because I am NOT writing it

Not Particularly Intimate (Part 3)

I kinda suck at naming. I normally go for puns or stuff in the story but for this particular series… I have no clue what went down.


Part 1   Part 2

You pulled up to Theo’s driveway and sat in your car, replying to a message from Malia. You were about to hop out when you saw the Dread Doctors walk by and continue down the street, ignoring your existence. They’d come out of Theo’s house and you wanted answers.

You went inside and saw Theo getting high. He clearly heard you coming because he called out to you.

“Hey babe,”

“Hi,” you bit out.

“What’s the matter babe, I can hear the bitchiness in your voice.”

“The problem is, I came over here to see my boyfriend and instead I get the freaking Dread Doctors.”

“Did they bother you?” He asked walking over to you, shocked.

“No, they didn’t even look at me.”

“Good,” he sighed.

“What were they doing here anyway? Are you a chimera?”

“No, of course not,” he said reaching for you.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Y/N, baby.”

“I’m not your freaking baby.”

“Don’t do this.”

“You know the shit storm these freaks have brought down on all of us. Why the hell are you talking to them?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Are you passing information to them? Stiles was right.”

He opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off,

“Just don’t. We’re through, I won’t tell Scott about what I saw. I trust you’ll tell him yourself.”

“Y/N, you can’t break up with me,” he pleaded.

“You can’t stop me. Goodbye Theo,” you said walking out.

You heard several crashes and bangs followed by the sound of breaking glass and a loud roar. A part of you was tempted to check on him but yyou just kept your head held high and walked towards your car. You looked up and were greeted by Theo’s tortured face staring out at you. You blinked back tears and pulled out of the driveway.

You ignored Theo at every turn and he tried to do the same to you but you knew he was practically stalking you. You couldn’t be around him so when everyone was at a pack meeting, you stood in the dance studio trying to dance away your frustrations to Dead Inside by Muse. Your teacher had assigned it to you and this other boy as a contemporary duet and after two weeks, you’d been unable to connect to it, until now.

But despite the fact that you were finally connecting to it, you couldn’t bare to dance. You felt sick to your stomach, you were falling for Theo and you couldn’t believe he’d betray you like that.

You held your final pose and panted before you were overcome with the urge to spill the contents of your stomach. And you did, you ran to the nearest and heaved as you kept on throwing up. Suddenly everything had begun to fall into place, you and Theo had been having sex without condoms for weeks because you were on the pill; you’d missed your period a while back but being a dancer, you were used to it, so you thought nothing of it. But there you were, hunched over a toilet bowl, the cool porcelain creating a beautiful contrast for your hot and sweaty skin.

“Theo freaking Raeken,” you groaned.

You heard someone enter the bathroom and knew that was impossible because you were only one in the building at this time. You heard heavy footsteps stop right in front of the stall you were in.

You stood on top of the toilet lid and crouched down, to make it look as though no one was inside but that plan didn’t work because you saw two very large pairs of boots stop in front of the stall door causing you to hold your breath.

The heavy thudding of another pair of boots filled you with dread (not intentional but come on, it’s pretty good.) you knew it was them, and they knew it was you.

“Open the door Y/N,” one of them said gruffly. “We know you’re inside,”

You didn’t move, or breathe, you remained completely still until you heard, saw and felt the door being kicked away from it’s hinges. Everything happened in a flash from then you were being dragged across the floor by your hair then you woke up strapped to an operating table. They’d drugged you because you were dazed, but even in your haze you could recognise Theo’s voice. He was yelling and spitting profanities.

“I thought we had an agreement? I told you not to touch her!” he continued.

“You said not to touch your girlfriend, she’s not your girlfriend.”

“Why the fuck do you always have to think so literally?” Theo asked. “You know what, fuck it, don’t answer that. I’ll take her and we’ll forget that this ever happened.”

“She’s not leaving,”

“What do you mean she’s not leaving?”

“We require the child inside her.”

“Child, she’s pregnant?”


“That’s my kid,”

“Yes, we want to begin experimenting on werewolves. Why do you think we sent Belasko after Scott McCall.”

“Just let her go before I rip you apart.”

“Choose your battle wisely, she’s just a girl. You can find another one.”

“No, I can’t. I love her and I’m dead serious right now.”

You tried to keep your eyes open but you couldn’t and sleep over came you.


You woke up in the hospital and saw the entire pack sprawled out in different places across the room. Everyone was there with the exception of Theo.

“Guys, she’s awake!” Liam yelled.

“Y/N,” Stiles said rushing to your side.

You remembered Theo’s conversation and you shot up,

“Where’s Theo?” you exclaimed.

“Uh, let’s just focus on-”

“Where is Theo? I wanna know where he is!”

“He’s- It’s bad Y/N.”

“Is he-”

“No, not yet at least.”

Not yet?

“Y/N, he’s at Deaton’s. In a coma.”

A coma,” you asked.

“Yea, he brought you here and collapsed in the parking lot. Malia and Kira found him. He lost a lot of blood and-”

“Can I go see him?” you asked cutting off Scott.

“As soon as my mom gives you the go ahead.”

As if on cue, Melissa came in and ran the usual checks on you.

“Well Y/N, you seem to be fine to me. If you’re in any pain just drop in, we couldn’t really prescribe you anything because the baby-”

“Baby,” they all asked in unison.

“Yes baby,” you groaned.

“You’re pregnant?”

“No shit Stiles,”

“But how?”

“Well Stiles when a boy and a girl-”

“Shut up Liam. I know you’re eager to show off what you learned in Biology this morning but now isn’t the time.”

“Stiles, what the hell is your problem?”

My problem? You’re pregnant.

“I’m legally an adult.”

“What about your dreams? You’re supposed to be a dancer you-”

“Stiles, it’s my problem. Not yours. And it’s not a problem. It’s my child and I’m going to love it and care for it.”


“Theo can help if he’d like. I’d love to raise a child with him if not, then whatever.”


“Now can I go see him?”

“Yea, Dr. Geyer signed your release papers so you’re free to go.”

“Thanks,” you smiled weakly.

The atmosphere was somber as you got dressed and hopped into Lydia’s car. You were depressed and nervous and wanted to hide under a rock and drown in your own tears.

When you finally got there, you practically ran inside and found where Deaton was keeping him. He was lying there shirtless, hooked up to a bunch of machines with a huge stitched incision running down his chest.

“Why isn’t he healing?” You asked Deaton with tears in your eyes.

“They did a number on him. A toxic blend, mercury and mistletoe.”

“Mistletoe’s what Jennifer poisoned Cora with right?”


“But she didn’t wake up until Derek transferred his powers to her.”

“No, she didn’t.”

“What about him?”

“The mistletoe slowed down his healing process and the mercury attacked his nervous system.”

“What’s going to happen to him?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve extracted the metal but the mistletoe is practically untraceable. I’ve done all I can. We need only wait.”

“Okay,” you sighed.

“I’ll give you a moment alone,” Deaton said walking out.

“Oh Theo, you stupid sweet idiot. Why’d you do this to yourself? I hate you so much right now,” you said holding his hand. “You’re the biggest idiot I know, I mean going up against the Dread Doctors by yourself? It’s so stupid. And it’s all my fault for dumping you. I’m such an idiot.”

“No you’re not,” Theo groaned from beside you.

“Oh my God, you’re awake!”

“Yea,” he chuckled.

“Your chest wound hasn’t healed.”

“One step at a time babe. How are you?”

“I’m fine, better than you at least,”

“Yea, I guess you are,” he moaned. “How’s our baby?”

“Our baby’s fine,” you smiled.

“Good, I don’t know what I’d do if something had happened to either of you.”

“I was worried about you,”

“I’m tougher than I look,”

“I love you so much Theo.”

“I love you more Y/N and I want you to know that I plan to stand by you and our child.”

“Theo, that means so much to me and I love you but to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust you again.”

“I understand, and don’t worry, I’ve got eight months to change that,” he smirked pulling your head down and kissing you.


The Path
Choreography: Slawomir Wozniak

Sophia and Jack’s Round 2 contemporary piece!


“Duet” by Terri Best

Choreography by Terri Best
Dancers: David Contreras and Anh Dillon



Sarah Pippin and Jake Tribus performing “Out of Darkness”

Choreography by: Sonya Tayeh

anonymous asked:

with this lee hi thing, can you tell me what songs jjong has done for people that aren't with sm? and is like... common for sm idols to compose songs for people outside of sm or just jjong?

this is going to be the fourth song that he’s composed for a non-sm artist. his first was “우울시계 (a gloomy clock)” for iu (who’s with loen) in 2013 (or, technically, he wrote it for himself and shared the demo with iu and she asked if she could buy it from him), followed by “red candle” for son dam bi (who was with pledis at the time) two months later. the third was “no more” for lim kim (mystic) which was released early last year and now we have “한숨 (breathe)” for lee hi (who’s obviously with yg). i guess you could also count the songs that he did for monthly live connection as well? “가을이긴 한가 봐 (it must be autumn)” which he composed / wrote with soran’s (who are with happy robert) go young bae, and “애월 (愛月) (aewol)” with jung joon young (who’s with realive). so, that’s four that he’s either done with the artist in mind (the second and third), was asked to do (the fourth) or asked to buy from (the first), and two on the side that he did with.

as for your second question: it’s not common at all and, unless i’ve totally missed a song, i’m pretty sure that jonghyun’s the first and only sm artist that’s composed a song for a sm-artist at this point. some are probably going to think differently about this but: i feel like jonghyun is responsible for setting a lot of artistic trends within sm over the last few years and especially over the last year. there’s plenty of sm artists that compose their own songs (amber, boa, donghae, henry, etc.) who are looked over, but it seems like jonghyun’s made the biggest wave so far. it became pretty blatant to me when sm referred to him as their “representative singer - songwriter” with the press release confirming that he did a song for taemin’s album. but it doesn’t just link back to composing / writing songs: i also feel like he helped to change sm’s reluctant (or stinginess) toward their artists collaborating with non-sm artists after the digital success of “déjà-boo”. before this point, with the exception of nell’s kim jong wan collaborating with boa and random more “respected” contemporary artists doing duets, there hadn’t been any other non-sm collaborations on the roster. sm was known for bringing in their own artists to collaborate and feature on songs by … you know, their own artists. (see henry and zhou mi’s debut albums which featured chanyeol, kyuhyun, tao, taemin and victoria despite them both having connections out of sm.) after it’s success we’ve seen an influx of sm + non-sm collabs (and this isn’t even including how jonghyun was also able to collaborate with iron, wheesung and younha on his debut mini): amber + eric nam, boa + gaeko, boa + eddy kim, taeyeon + verbal jint, f(x) + zico, ryeowook + dindin, taemin + g.soul, yoon mi rae being artist for station, wendy + eric nam, taeyeon + crush, luna + zico, baekhyun + suzy, chen + punch, tiffany’s upcoming song with zion.t, etc.

i’m not gonna say it was just him because other sm idols obviously probably had influence in their own ways (especially people like amber who have multiple strong connections) but i think he helped pave the way a bit.