contemporary chinese artists


Hong Ling (洪凌) (1955, China)

Abstract landscapes

Hong Ling is a contemporary Chinese painter, and an example of a prominent oil painter within Chinese landscape painting, which typically prefers ink.

He began in a figurative style with explorations of purely abstract art, before during the 90s settling on a style of landscape painting which was focused on colour hues, and reached a level of great sophistication in the 2010s, with different paintings seamlessly shifting between the spectrum of recognisably representative of leaves, depth of field, mountains and fog, to total abstraction while retaining a naturalistic purpose in its colouration representing seasons and weather.


Pang Jiun (龎均) (1936, China/Taiwan)

Pang Jiun is a Chinese painter resident in Taiwan. An earlier exemplar of western influence in Chinese art, his painting with oils reveals his influence of Impressionism and Fauvism, but usually portraying traditional themes in Chinese landscape painting.