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A Tribute To Zaha Hadid 

One of the world’s most legendary architects, Zaha Hadid, has passed away today. Her influence on aspiring architects and the architecture discipline is unparalleled. Here’s a small tribute to her work, you can view more of her projects that were featured on designismymuse: here.  

The world lost a visionary today.  

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chachachung  asked:

Nice to have you back, Archy! :) While I was commuting the other day, I was daydreaming of how to structure the "perfect" city. What I came up with was a concentric layout, with bureaucratic buildings in the center, residential & commercial areas in the middle, and agricultural zones on the outskirts. Trains would run along the boundaries between zones and also towards/away from the center of the circle. Maybe this isn't exactly an architectural question, but what would be your "perfect" city?

You might have imagined something similar to what has been one of the Utopian models of city planing: the concentric circles city. You can read more about this model and some later adaptations here.

Concentric Zone Model Ernest Burgess

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the house style of Madeira, Portugal?

Its tough to group all the houses of Madeira in one opinion. So, I don’t have a formed opinion of Madeira but like other cities in the Iberian Peninsula it reminds me of the city where I grew up. 

The old part of town closer to the sea with tight 3-4 stories tall rowhouses lining up narrow cobblestone streets peppered with small plazas and pedestrian alleyways. The 20th century city expansion full of 1-2 story houses with painted stucco walls and tile roofs. The contemporary buildings shinny with stucco, glass and metal rising above the old buildings to catch the views. I could be describing San Juan, so I would probably feel right at home there!

Traditional Palheiros Houses of Santana, Madeira

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Welcome To Brakebills (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: 🎃👻Happy Halloween!!!!👻🎃

I honestly don’t know what happened to the costumes, I tried to imagine each of them in the perfect costume. Originially Pietro was going to be a clown but I wanted him to be sexy and I wanted to bring a small agrument between Sam and Bucky. This is an Avengers / The Magicians cross-over. I’m not really proud of the end because I had trouble writing it and the writing became worse as I wrote.

Words: 2449

Trees, trees and still trees. The team has been wandering  in the woods during a good hour now and they lost track of Y/N. Actually it’s a funny story, she left the tower with a big backpack and with the excuse of having a really important meeting  to intend. But none of the Avengers believed it; it was Halloween, she loved Halloween and she was the one who brought up the idea of the horror movie night. With only one look to one another, they all bolted up and ran up to the elevator.  Something was up and they needed to know what  is was. They all entered the elevator, even through they were packed like sardines; that’s how the Avengers’ Halloween night started. When they reached the lobby of the tower and hurried toward the door they got stopped.

-“ Mr Stark!”

Tony stopped while some continued on their way out and some others stopped to wait for him.

-“ Excuse me, to interrupt your night activities but Mrs Y/L/N let something for you.” said the receptionist while fiddling with something under her desk.

Tony and the remaining of the team approached her and she finally pull out the backpack that Y/N had when she left. Tony took it and open it.

-“ What’s inside?” Natasha asked looking over Tony’s shoulder

Tony took hold of the content of the bag and took it out. It was a dress; a typically witch dress. The bag was full of costumes.

-“ She left us costumes, why is she doing? If she wanted to dress up she could have just asked!” Sam grumbled.

Someone cleared their throat.

-“ She said that you had to look at the bottom of the bag” the receptionist add.

-“ Move, we don’t have any time to waste if we want to know what Lady Y/N want us to know” Thor said pushing Tony out of the way. He grabbed the back and turned it upside down, it’s content hit the floor and a paper fell among all the costumes.

Bruce, took it from the floor and adjust his glasses before reading what was written on the piece of paper.

-“ She want us to put the costumes on and to find her”

They all groaned at Bruce statement and looked over at the pile on the floor.

-“ Okay, but I certainly won’t be the one wearing  this buny costume!” Tony said

-“ Well, she also made a list of wich costumes we should wear.” Bruce continued “ And you’re the bunny.

The billionaire let his head fall back and let out a dramatic sigh.

-” Which one is mine ?“ Natasha asked, walking to Bruce to have a look at the note.

-” Sexy Spider" Bruce said blushing a little.

The red head smiled

-“ At least I’m not a bunny” she smirked at Tony before going back to the pile to pick her costume.

-“ Oh which is mine? Which is mine?” Thor aksed cheerily bouncing slightly in excitement.

-“ Hmm you’re the bear” Bruce said

-“ I will have to thank Lady Y/N. A bear is a very good choice, symbol of strength and fearlessness; just like me”

The little group start to rummage through the pile to find their dedicated costumes when the sliding glass door of the tower opened, revealing the rest of the team.

-“What the fuck are you doing !?” Clint screamed panting .

The others entered the lobby just behind him and looked at the five avengers bend over a pile of clothes.

-“ Guys, we lost Y/N” Steve said

-“ No shit, sherlock, she want us to find her, so she obviously won’t stand in front of us, where’s the fun in that!” he scoffed

-“ What’s going on here?” Wanda ask going out of behind the Captain and walking toward Natasha who held her costume proudly.

-“ Y/N let us costume to wear” she said.

-“ And she choosed to make me wear a fucking bunny costume!”

Steve chuckled

-“ Come on guys, let’s put on these and find Y/N”

Once all of the Avengers were dressed in their costumes they all head out of the tower, earning giggles from the receptionist on their way.

-“ We look ridiculous” Sam whined

He has been one of the unlucky of the team to have a lame costume.

-“ Let’s be real, you’re nothing but a clown, she made a good choice, in my opinion” Bucky said, obviously mocking the poor falcon.

-“ Well, nobody asked for your opinion. And she choose to make you a ghost, it’s not better. At least we don’t have to see your ugly face”

-“ If you don’t shut up I will make you eat your fake nose, idiot!”

-“ Will you guys stop. We really need to find Y/N. I honestly don’t understand why she wanted us to wear costumes.” Wanda interrupted.

She, on the other side was wearing a beautiful witch dress with a hat to match. Natasha was also under Y/N good grace because her sexy spider outfit was fitting her perfectly.

Steve was a werewolf, he had a tored off shirt stained wit hfake blood, fake werewolf hands and a mask. Pietro was a devil, he had a jacket and pants in red leather and black shirt and black shoes; he was also wearing  red devil horns on top of his head. Thor was rather happy with his bear onesie, hiding him completely except for his face and some of his golden which escaped all round his face. Bruce was a doctor, nothing too different from his usual outfit, his had a white blouse and a stetoscope, Y/N knew he wasn’t the type to show off and he was grateful for her choice. Clint was wearing a bird onesie, with a beak and eyes on the hood and little wings on the back, his grumpy face described perfectly what he thought about this costume. Tony was cursing and grumbling since he put his costume on. And finally, Peter was wearing a unicorn onesie, the girls had assured him that he was super cute but he was walking with his head down with the hood falling over his face showing the unicorn face that was on the hood and he already tripped over his tail multiple times and decided to put it in the pocket of the costume.

As they walked through the city to find their teammate they got looks and even compliments on their costumes, some of them were sarcastic but the heroes ignored it.

They walked for a good quarter of an hour before they reached a small park with almost dead trees and flowers everywhere. They entered and as they went deeper into the park they found out that it turned into woods.

-“ Hey look!” Pietro exclaimed before zooming over the entrance of the woods and coming back in less than a second. He was holding a piece of paper, similar to the one Y/N placed in the backpack.

-“ Give me that!” Tony snatched the paper out of Pietro’s hand

-“ I’ve had enough of that. My reputation will be tarnished forever because of this thing” he said gesturing to his costume before resuming to reading the paper.

-“ Go in the woods and count fifty steps. Don’t give up yet, we’ll have fun soon XX” Tony read.

A collective sigh was heard before they all start walking again, making the dead leaves and sticks , that covered the ground, crack in their trail. The woods became darker as the time passed and as they reached the deeper side of the forest.

-“ Fifty” Bucky said

They all around, but there was nothing but trees, trees and still trees. Did Y/N made them go all the way through the city in those garments just to make fun of them?

-“ It’s a trick, I should have know it ” Tony screamed and yanked his hood down.

-“ Let’s go home” Steve said and they turned back to where they went.

-“ Hey guys!!!” a voice from nowhere said

The team all jumped and turned back again to see where the voice came from.

Then they saw it.

On the background of trees, suspended in the air, white glowing lines and geometrical figures appeared and the trees became blurry and finally a totally different place. And in the middle of the new background was Y/N, she was wearing a Harry Potter’s wizard gown  and was waving at her friends.

-“ Y/N?!” they called

-“ Come on guys” she said and gestured with her hand for them to join her.

They all looked to the trees around them and to the place Y/N was in and carefully step the magic line that separated the both different places. When the last of them passed on the other side the dark forest disappeared .

They were left to admire the new background. A grassy court was extending before them, leading to  a cluster of late Gothic buildings with contemporary architecture elements. The one in front of them was made in redish brown bricks with a clock at the top. Near this building was a stone panel which in majuscule letters was carved “ Brakebills”. Trees were scattered in the court as well as many people dressed in costumes, drinking, chatting and laughing.

Y/N walked to her friends with a big smile on her face.

-“ Welcome to Brakebills, guys!”

You extended your arms, like you were showing what was around you.

-“ What the hell is this place?” Sam asked

You chuckled

-“ It’s my university ”

-“ An hidden unversity? In the middle of the forest and invisible to outsiders? What kind of school it is?” Natasha asked

- You know, if it wasn’t hidden we would have been discovered and probably arrested or something"

-“ You didn’t answer our questions, Lady Y/N” said Thor.

Your smile got wider

-“ Come on, I’m gonna show you” you said, gesturing for them to follow you.

You start walking in the opposite direction of the building that was facing your little group, in the same direction as the other people were going.

The Avengers walked behind you, still on their defensive mode in case something weird would come out.

-“ Here at Brakebills, we learn how to become magicians, so we learn magic, pretty logical. But not the magicians that you can see at kids birthday’s parties; the kind who can do real magic.”

-“ Like in Hogwarts?” Peter asked in an excited tone with a big smile.

-“ Hum…yeah technically it’s like Hogwarts, we just don’t have wands.”

You continue to lead your teammates to god knows where when out of the crowd of people someone called out your name.

-“ Y/N! I’ve been looking for you, the ceremony is about to start!”

A young woman with tanned skin, brown hair and equally brown eyes was walking toward you. She was dressed as a witch, a kind of sexy witch; her cleavage was showing off her boobs and the dress was short, but it suited her very well.

When she stopped next to you, she put her hand on her hips, waiting impatiently for your excuse.

-“ I’m sorry Margo, but my guests were a bit late” you said pointing to the team.

Margo turned briefly to your friends and then back to you.

-“ Well, that’s interesting but we have a ceremony to attend; so let’s go!” she said clapping at the end and starting to walk back to where she came from.

You rolled your eyes but still obliged and followed her.

-“ Let’s go guys” you said to the team.

Margo led you further from the building where all the student walked earlier. They were forming a circle around something that the avengers couldn’t see yet.

-“ Come on, they’re waiting for us” Margo said and grabbed your hand to lead you through the crowd.

You gave an apologetic smile to your friends

-“  Don’t miss the show guys!” you screamed to them before disappearing between all the other students.

-“This is becoming too weird, even for me” Tony said.

The group walked to the circle to see what was happening in the middle and when they reached the front row of the crowd, they were meet by another circle. You, Margo and some other students formed a circle while holding each other’s hands. Around the heroes the laughter, chatting, and drinking stopped to let a complete silence take over.

The inner circle’s students separated  their hands from each other’s and placed them in front of them. They started moving their fingers, forming shapes in the air  and approximatives movements. A small light was emitting from the tip of their fingers  and the more they were moving, the more the light was becoming brighter. Then, they all stopped and raised their hands above their heads; the crowd mirrored their actions.

All the light from every fingers started elevating in the air and joining each other to form balls of light that floated above the inner circle’s students head. The balls flew high, so high that they became small points, ressembling stars and when they threatened to disappear, they blew up.

The dark, night sky was now illuminated by fireworks, thousands of colorful fireworks. Everyone was watching, their eyes reflecting the lights as they started cheering. When the fireworks had died down, bringing the obscurity back to the place, fairy lights that were previously placed in the trees, magically lighten the place as the crowd cheered again.

Then music started blasting from nowhere and the students started dancing as the avengers looked around with similar smiles as the other people there.

-“ This is beautiful” Wanda said and the other agreed.

They all started to laugh and enjoy the moment along with the students around them.

-“ Did you enjoy the show?”

They all turn to the voice and saw you, standing there.

- “ So…all those magical things were true?” Pietro asked

-“ I’m surprised that you doubted it. Our team has an asgardian god, an android and people with superpowers. ; me being a magician is pretty average.” you said, letting out a laugh.

-“ Now come on, the night is still young and the party’s waiting for us.” you add

Your teammates and yourself joined the other students to drink, dance and chat, for your friends it was mostly asking questions about how the kind of magic we learned at Brakebills worked. This Halloween was special, very special but who would complain, everybody needs a little magic in their life.