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I Could Do That: The Art Assignment

For those that need a response to “well, I could have done that? Why is that on a wall?” or when you’re questioning “why is this considered art?”

So you look at a work of art and think to yourself, I could have done that. And maybe you really could have, but the issue here is more complex than that – why didn’t you? Why did the artist? And why does it have an audience? We delve into it by looking at work by artists like Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Piet Mondrian, and Cy Twombly, among others. You might find it’s not quite as simple as you think.


Mike Dargas (1983-)
“Fade to Black” (2016)
“Of Wolf and Man” (2016)
“Tony III” (2016)
“Justita” (2015)
“The Unnamed Feeling” (2014)
Oil on canvas

Easily mistaken for photography, Dargas’s work is a testimony to his extremely precise oil technique. To achieve such detailed perfection, the painter studies his models and subjects with intensity and intimacy.