contemporary art theory

Jean Baudrillard
Corbières, 1999
Giclée print on pure cotton paper
90 x 60 cm

“Is there still an aesthetic illusion? And if not, a path to an ‘aesthetic’ illusion, the radical illusion of secret, seduction and magic? Is there still, on the edges of hypervisibility, of virtuality, room for an image?”
–Jean Baudrillard, The Conspiracy of Art, 2005

Sven Stilinović
Marx and Stilinović, 1980
one of three black-and-white photographs, sheet of paper with text, corduroy cover encasing the images with title sheet the reads:

“The difference between effective demand based on money and ineffective demand based on my need, my passion, my wish, etc., is the difference between being and thinking, between that which exists within me merely as an idea and the idea which exists as a real object outside of me.” - Karl Marx, 1844