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i feel like this one thing could be the subject of an entire modern/contemporary art analysis paper. between the non-sequitur approach to a very familiar holiday setting and traditions and the surreal, collage-like effect of the carefully placed random panels and textures, this is just ripe for examination of why it should be collected into a dadaist zine, or at least displayed in a fine arts museum alongside renaissance masters.

im sure there are people out there who would say it belongs in a contemporary art museum since it’s clearly a product of 2000s-era postmodernism, but i daresay that the juxtaposition of seemingly crude and unpracticed sequential art (a mostly modern thing) next to works that we can tell took a painstaking amount of time and brushstrokes to complete would make its effect all the more clear.

after all, if sweet bro and hella jeff was created with 3+ alternating layers of irony and anti-irony, then it should take nothing less than the finest of the fine art paintings to properly convey that to the viewing audience.

Barbara Kasten
Architectural Site 14, Sunset Blvd. LA Office Bldg, 1987
30x40 inches

Can’t wait to participate in the “Kasten Colloquium” as part of her ICA survey exhibition. Come see this gorgeous piece in person through August 16th in Philadelphia at the Institute of Contemporary Art!