contemporary art jewelry



Pierced, reticulated & patinated copper.

A metal sample I ended up using in one of my final pieces…and then I realised I liked it a lot more on its own. I think the patina (created using household ammonia) worked really well, such a beautifully deep turquoise colour.


‘Over the Rainbow’ …by Theo Fennell ..

“A rainbow is a wonderful and universal symbol of sunshine after rain, the two great supporters of life. A brilliantly coloured, visual metaphor for things getting better and a perennially fascinating phenomenon. The pot of gold is more a symbol of good fortune, happiness and health than of pure prosperity as that is what we all should want to find at the end of a rainbow…..isn’t it?” (Theo Fennell)

Crafted from 18ct Yellow Gold and set with Pave Diamonds, the body of the ring has been beautifully hand-engraved. The Rock Crystal Dome, carved with clouds, veils a hand-painted rainbow and opens up to reveal a miniature pot of gold!
The ‘wooden’ doors on the sides of the ring open to reveal two idyllic village scenes, both of which have been hand–enamelled.