contemporary art in toronto


MERCY No.1 / Tondo 32x32.  HYPNOSIS No.1 / Tondo 32x32. 

Stev’nn Hall at work in his studio (Hamilton, Canada).


A long overdue hello (left painting)
An unwanted goodbye (right painting)
Acrylic, sprinkles, and reflective mylar on canvases
Each 10″ x 10″

This diptych commission is my first international sale and is off to Toronto, Canada! I was really inspired by this commission because I was informed that even though I was treating these paintings as a diptych, the paintings ultimately were not fated to be together, as they eventually will be separated and go to different homes. Even paintings sometimes cannot have happy endings, but if you would want to keep 2 paintings together in your own home, send me a direct message or email *:・゚✧