contemporary art by the sea


Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011)

Quattrocento (1984) // For Hiroshige (1981) // Book of Clouds (2002) // Mountains and Sea (1952) // Grey Fireworks (2001)

I first presented this piece to the public at L Street Fine Art in 2011 while it was still in progress. Towards the center of the painting there is a large box. In that space, then unfinished, I wrote a secret. I then welcomed people attending the exhibition to also contribute secrets within the same space. When the exhibition ended I took the painting home and finished the painting, covering the large boxed space containing the secrets in the process. In doing so, all of our secrets (some so extreme that the mere thought of them makes the realities and truths we know a lie) are now protected as they lie together beneath the surface. These are “The Secrets That Lie In Truth”-

The Secrets That Lie In Truth. Original and reproductions available. See more at and private message for price guide