contemporary acrylic


More from the selfie series, 2016.

No. 5 is a self portrait from a photo taken back when I had long hair and No. 6 is yet again modelled by @hishap. I deliberately had the shirt backwards to show the view piont from the camera.

Please do not repost on this or other sites or remove caption thank you. All images are copyright to me, Alice Christine.


Yuji Moriguchi aka 森口裕二 aka Namida Zubon (Japanese, b. 1971, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan) - 1: お月さまのラプソディ (Rhapsody Of the Moon), 2009, Acrylics on Paper  2: Le Muguet aka Lily of the Valley, 2013, Acrylics on Gesso mounted on Canvas  3: 黒い服の女 (The Woman In Black Dress), Acrylics