ID #84637

Name: Jude
Age: 18
Country: Spain 

I’m in love with movies, books, music and basically anything that catches my attention. As for their genres, I basically read and watch sci-fi, fantasy and contemporary and honestly I can’t figure out my taste in music. Anything that makes me want to listen to the song again I’m into (but Twenty One Pilots though, damn).

I’m currently in my first year of an Electronic Engineering degree, specializing in robotics. I’m fluent in Spanish (obv) and English since I studied in a bilingual school for most of my life, and now I’m trying to learn German (might or not be because of the Foxhole Court (read those books, they’re so underrated)).

So yeah, looking for someone with whom I can practice German, well, more like learn it because I can barely say hello. But if you want to practice your Spanish or English, I’m game.

Preferences: 16+ would be nice