Disney’s Big Hero 6 (2014)

The internal antagonism comes from the grief that Hiro is having a hard time processing over the loss of his brother. This is the focus of the film, and Hiro’s bonding with Baymax (his brother’s invention) 

The external antagonism comes from Yokai, a mysterious figure in a mask who steals Hiro’s invention and uses it for his own purpose. He is later revealed to be Professor Callaghan, a teacher from the school Hiro and his brother were enrolled at

“At the showcase, that guy in the mask stole my microbots and set the first to cover his tracks. HE’S responsible for Tadachi. We’ve got to catch that guy.” 41:00 - 41:15

Hiro is driven to catch the person who killed Tadachi, however the main conflict of the film is Hiro getting over the grief of losing his brother.

“We’re under attack from a super villain.” / “It’s classic villain, we’ve seen too much” / “This… is a revenge story.” - Fred, character who reads comics, awareness of genre

He grows in his adventure by getting support from his friends and interacting them.

Hero/villain parallels: both are driven by the loss of someone close to them and trying to bring those responsible to justice

Hiro gives into his anger at the loss of his brother when attacking Professor Callaghan when he’s revealed to be the villain 1:10:00 - 1:11:00 - Scene is lit with a red light, grey setting, representation of character’s emotional stated the physical danger.

Subsequently abandons his friends on the island, he refuses to heal his grief

The following scene is lit with a singular blue light in which Hiro acknowledges his grief. Baymax is forced to rebel against Hiro’s commands and confronts him

(“Do you want me to terminate professor callaghan? Will terminating professor callaghan improve your emotional state?”)

When Hiro finally opens up and acknowledges his grief can he resolve his internal antagonism.

He learns by processing his grief and comes to terms with the death of his brother, all the while knowing that his brother is still alive so long as Hiro helps people with Baymax

In coming to terms with the loss of his brother can he be able to confront the villain and reason with him about his own grief of losing his daughter. The villain chooses to ignore this, stick with his violent methods and so his brought to justice.