Impressive video taken at Contemporal 2013, created by Beat Down Boogie and Distractotron.


ConTemporal 2013 steampunk convention. Video by Beatdownboogie. Yes, it was as fun as it looks. I had a great time.

So I had a bit of a tumble at the post-costume contest shoot-‘em-up, and kinda… dislocated my right knee. Fortunately, it relocated on its own.

Fortunately, Sal the martial arts instructor (and former EMT) was nearby, and was able to do some quick triage. The Con staff acted quickly to contact local medical services and saw to my needs.

As the EMTs wheeled me out, I waved at everyone like passing royalty. It seemed apropos.

Am now at the hospital (conveniently across the street from the convention center), awaiting x-ray to make sure there are no bone shards or slivers lurking about.