A Study In Character

A/N: Are you all ready for some lEE SANS? I know I am. Enjoy your stay in sin hell! 
Des: Sans decides to admit something to you, and his laughter from it…fills you with Determination. (Reader Insert)

You had studied Sans character for a long time. You watched him carefully as he reacted to certain situations, took in all of his facial expressions. Sans never gave much more than a mischevious grin, but there were times it failed. 

You loved all of your friends from the Underground, but Sans was the hardest to read and understand. 

From being friends for so long, you had got to know him a little better. He only ate Heinz ketchup from the very back of the shelf, his face lit up if you said anything positive about his younger brother, and he really, really hated tickling.

At first, you figured that was understandable. Not everyone enjoyed it, and they would normally do anything to get away. Yet, Sans acted very…strange around tickling scenes. 

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homicidal-intentions  asked:

Contemplation, 11-11, slumber

Hey, dear~

Contempletion: if you could wake up one morning and everything in your life was perfect, what would that look like?

I would wake up in the dreamhouse my sisters and I imagined, I work a job I actually enjoy and I know I havr enough money to visit my platonic brother often

11-11: what’s something you want, but feel like tou will never have?

A true passion in life? As in something I want make living of it

Slumber: what’s one thing that helps you fall asleep when it feels impossible?

Reading anything until I can’t keep my eyes open